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Another Sunday evening, another $300k Guaranteed.
As it was the case a week earlier, there was a slight overlay after 1,418 players bought in for $215 (or qualified for a lot less).

It took almost ten hours to determine the winner, and once again there was a deal made when heads up play started. But lets rewind.

Early Leaders Falling

When the last ten players took their seats at the final table, Falchen_DS and Mike FagDonald had a decent lead over their opponents. Nevertheless it was Mike FagDonald, who had to leave first. His jacks where no match against EynomiYa’s aces. The very same EvnomiYa took out the other early leader Falchen_DS, giving himself a substantial lead.

It’s All EvnomiYa

When EvnomiYa used his to take out cocicoli () on a board, he had more than 60% of all chips heading into 3-handed play.

At this point the discussion for a deal started, but before the talk got anywhere, shortstack kristinlee3 had to leave the table on 3rd place.

After that it went fast. EynomiYa and HenrikX__ agreed on a deal, thus ending the latest edition of the 300k Guaranteed on PartyPoker.


Here’s what the players at the final table cashed for:

1. EvnomiYa – $44,984
2. HenrikX__ – $39,916
3. kristinlee3 – $17,700
4. cocicoli – $14,250
5. Voltax – $11,250
6. Falchen_DS – $8,250
7. KIClark – $5,550
8. BoysDontCRAI – $4,050
9. SLEESTAK – $3,000
10. Mike FagDonald – $2,550

Qualifiers for the upcoming $300k Guaranteed are running ’round the clock on PartyPoker. $1 is enough to start your journey towards what might be a life changing cash.


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