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Whilst 13 is unlucky for same it’s been anything but for Dan Shak. In the first quarter of the year he’s racked up almost $1,000,000 in tournament winnings and currently sits top of the 2013 Global Poker Index. If any of the part-time poker players in the Premier League can best the pros it might just be Shak. “I’m in it for the challenge, the tougher the line-up the greater the challenge and the more it means to me if I do well. This is the toughest line-up I’ve ever played in.”


With almost five million in lifetime earnings the chances of the pros underestimating Shak are slim, “I do fairly well in high roller events which are a similar line-up,” says Shak. “But the Premier League is tougher than high roller events. But I think I’m at the point where the underestimation is a little less than it used to be.”

And Shak believes that it’s through mixing it up with the cream of the world’s poker talent that he’s got better and earned respect. “I’m always trying to improve my game, I believe in looking and following what’s going on in a hand you’re playing and through sitting there and watching the better players and learn from them. No matter what happens in this competition I’m going to take something out of it as I’m going to be playing with the best players in the world.”

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Wise words from a very successful man and something that you’ll be able to do all this week as every minute of the Premier League VI is being live streamed here.

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