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The final $200,000 Guaranteed tournament of the year took place on Sunday 28 December and saw a crowd of 969 players take to the virtual felt at partypoker to mark the occasion. As always, the $200 buy-in spectacular kicked off 19:00 GMT and some nine hours later that ample crowd was reduced to the final table of nine, WestCliff21 being the tenth place finisher and missing out on a final table appearance.

$200K Guaranteed Final Table (December 28, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 Jugi6 452,558
2 wywrotx 249,270
3 cramipoker 635,615
4 DJOKERRRRR 670,037
5 da ape 557,381
6 drugs0rme 984,023
7 hotredball 697,296
8 ZumbaaaQueen 246,420
9 rodthebod99 352,400

It didn’t take long for the final table to lose its first player, 13 hands to be exact. The action folded to ZumbaaaQueen in the cutoff and she raised to 35,000 at the 7,500/15,000/1,500a level with in her hand. Next to act, on the button, was rodthebod99 who decided the best play for his was to re-raise all-in for 285,500. ZumbaaaQueen called off her last 166,420 chips and when the board ran her queens had been cracked and she danced her way to the sidelines.

Almost 50 hands played out without incident, then a real cooler of a hand all but busted robthebod99. drugs0rme, who finished eighth in this tournament on November 2, min-raised to 40,000 from the button and rodthebod999 defended his big blind with a call.

The flop fell , rodthebod99 led for 20,000 chips and then called when drugs0rme raised to 60,000. The turn proved to be a crucial card, one that saw rodthebod99 initially check, drugs0rme bet 72,500 and rodthebod99 leap into action with a check-raise all-in for 462,825 in total. Rugs0rme instantly called and turned over for a full house, leaving the of rodthebod99 – which had made a straight – drawing dead. The inconsequential completed the community cards and left rodthebod99 with only 102 chips in front of him.

Rodthebod99 managed to double up on the next hand, but then crashed out when his couldn’t get there against da ape‘s .

Twenty-seven hands after rodthebod99 crashed out, DJOKERRRRR followed him to the sidelines. Down to 283,487, DJOKERRRRR raised all-in from the cutoff with and the deep-stacked drugs0rme called from the small blind with . The flop kept the nines in front, with the turn locking up the hand for drugs0rme. The rolled off on the river and the tournament was left with only six players in contention for the $32,200 first place prize.

Those six became five with the untimely demise of cramipoker a few hands after DJOKERRRRR busted. Jugi6 min-raised to 60,000 from under the gun and after one player folded cramipoker raised all-in for 678,040 in total. Da ape, on the button, moved all-in for 815,486 chips and everyone else folded.

It was the of cramipoker facing off against the dominating of da ape and when the five community cards fell it was game over for cramipoker.

It was then game over for hotredball who lost a crucial coinflip in a hand with drugs0rme. The latter raised all-in for 599,099 chips at the 20,000/40,000/4000a level with and hotredball looked him up with . The flop gifted hotredball a pair of jacks, but also gave drugs0rme a flush draw as outs. One of those outs, the , appeared on the turn to leave hotredball drawing stone dead and rendering the river meaningless.

Ace-jack made another appearance a short time later, but this time it remained the best hand. From the button, wywrotx moved all-in for 420,218 with and looked set to win the blinds and antes. That was until drugs0rme called in the big blind with . Both players missed the flop, although drugs0rme paired his jack on the turn. The river had to be a 10 otherwise the talented Canadian wywrotx was gone. It wasn’t, it was the and the final table grew more empty.

Four short hands later and Jugi6 fell in third place to send the tournament into its heads-up stage. It was da ape who opened to 80,000 from the button and then called with when Jugi6 three-bet all-in for 434,607 from the big blind with . Jugi6’s sixes stayed the best hand on the board, but the on the river improved da ape to a pair of nines and sent Jugi6 to the rail.

That last hand gave da ape 2:1 chip advantage over drugs0rme and it proved to be a gap too far to bridge. On the fourth hand of one-on-one play, da ape raised to 80,000 and drugs0rme called. The flop fell , drugs0rme checked, da ape fired a continuation bet of 73,323 and drugs0rme called.

The turn brought the into the equation and drugs0rme check-called a 165,433 bet. The river was the and now drugs0rme led for 370,000 and then called when da ape set him all-in for the rest of his 1,312,541 stack.

It was a real nasty hand because drugs0rme held for a full house, but da ape held for a higher full house! Drugs0rme crashed out in second place and da ape had won the final $200K Guaranteed of 2014.

$200K Guaranteed Final Table Results (December 28, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 da ape $32,200
2 drugs0rme $22,900
3 Jugi6 $16,360
4 wywrotx $12,650
5 hotredball $10,280
6 cramipoker $8,280
8 rodthebod99 $4,360
9 ZumbaaaQueen $3,320

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The $200K Guaranteed Sunday is an amazing tournament, but the $200 buy-in is outside the constraints of some poker players’ bankrolls, but it doesn’t need to be out of reach any longer.

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