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Claus Grether is a fan of our Daly Legends and Legend of the Week promotion. The talented UK-based German grinder has received $5,000 worth of tickets from Legend of the Week in 2021 alone! Last week, Claus finished in first place in Leaderboard 5, the leaderboard reserved for players competing in the $55 Gladiator and $55 Masters.

Claus’ latest haul is made up of a $1,100 and $530 ticket, giving him two shots in high stakes tournaments where we would not bet against him securing a massive payout. We caught up with Claus earlier this week and asked him a little bit about himself and his poker story.

“I am 43-years-old and have lived in England since 2014, having spent the first 25 years of my life in Germany where I finished my studies in business management. I started playing online poker in 2007, mostly low stakes cash games and sit & go tournaments. After approximately six months of low stakes and studying poker theory, I was able to quickly move up stakes. Two years later, I left Germany and headed to Gibraltar as a poker pro.”

Learning New Poker Formats

Claus continued grinding heads-up cash games until the games started drying up, which forced his hand and led him to learn other formats, including multi-table tournaments. Things have turned out more than OK.

“In Gibraltar I played a lot of heads-up cashes games at the NL100 to NL2,000 stakes, and my bankroll was growing. It was at this time that I was regularly considered to be one of the top five heads-up cash games players at mid-stakes according to the posters on the Two Plus Two Forums. However, after 2015, traffic in heads-up cash games dried up, so I had to learn other formats and variants, including No-Limit Hold’em ring games, SPINS, multi-table tournaments, and Pot-Limit Omaha cash games. This year I have won a $320 World Cup of Cards tournament at partypoker for $23,000.”

Leaderboard 5 of the Legend of the Week sees players earn points for playing in the $55 Gladiator and the $55 buy-in Masters. It was the latter where Claus sone brightly last week.

“I am very happy to have finished in first place in the Legend of the Week leaderboard. I won the Masters for around $3,000 last Monday, and that was the key to first place. There were several other deep runs in Daily Legends tournaments but they ended with me falling short of the final table. However, they earned me points for the leaderboard.”

Major Value Awaits Daily Legends Players

Regularly cashing on the Legend of the Week leaderboard has made Claus a big fan of the ongoing promotion, as you would expect. However, it is not only this promotion that Claus thinks brings incredible value to him and his fellow partypoker players.

“Legend of the Week is a very good promotion; I like it. I have made the top three on three occasions this year, so in total, I have received around $5,000 worth of tickets from the promotion. This is a nice added value for playing $55 buy-in tournaments.”

“I play all the Daily Legends with buy-ins of $33 and higher, it is great to receive additional rewards thanks to the new Legends Club.”

Before Claus headed off for another poker session, he was kind enough to share a few hints and tips for new poker players looking to make a name for themselves in this crazy game.

“It is important for new players to start at low-stakes because everybody makes mistakes as a beginner. Take 10-20% of your playing time and use it for studying the game to become a better poker player. Only move up stakes with the money that you have won instead of doing so from big deposits; those are my times for up and coming poker players.”

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