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Carlo Citrone has doubled up through Elior Sion, but he is still the shortest stack at this final table.

The very aggression Elior Sion opened to 25,000 and the action passed to Citrone who three-bet all in for just 7,000 more chips. Sion made the easy call and we get to see what Sion has been raising so frequently with.

Citrone turned over and Sion had opened with the lowly . The board ran out and Citrone doubled up.

Shortly after, on a flop, Sion check-called a 30,000 bet from Reece Lewis. The turn was the and Sion check-called a 62,000 bet from Lewis, who held that had improved to a full house. The river was the and Sion checked his to Lewis fired a third barrel, setting the price to play at 125,000 and Sion folded his ace.

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