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I’ve now been in town nearly 48 hours. I’ve been up for the last 24, got so drunk I can’t remember what happened, had a great bowl of Pho, a gourmet dinner in the Wynn, cheered on the Devilfish, and scared away Brian Townsend. Feels like Las Vegas.

Poker has gone ahead and grown up without me

It’s only been two years since I was last here for the WSOP, but I feel like poker has gone ahead and grown up without me. The space in the Rio for the tournament is so massive!

I didn’t get to watch as much poker as I would have liked to yesterday, but I did have fun sweating Dave “The Devilfish” Ulliot from the rail for a while at the last three tables of the 10k PLO event.

Show 2 (July 4th) is online now! Click the play button to listen:

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The Devilfish is awesome to watch when he’s deep in tournaments. He always plays to the crowd, getting up from his seat in between hands to go and charm ladies on the rail, keeping up a steady patter with Tom Dwan, and acknowledging familiar faces with his eyebrows over the top of his sunglasses.

He was carrying around an advance copy of his new autobiography, due in stores in September. It’s a thick looking book, but then again the Devilfish has had quite a life. From the rough edges of Hull to the biggest games of Las Vegas.

Is it as good as Checkraising the Devil?

“Is it as good as Checkraising the Devil?” I asked him, referring to Mike Matusow’s recent autobiography that has taken the poker world by storm for its brutal honesty. “This first page here is better than that whole book!” Devilfish laughed, pointing to his blank title page. “And there’s nothing on it!”

Today is July 4th, and I’m headed over to the Rio this evening to try and meet up with some of the Party Poker qualifiers, who will be getting a seminar courtesy of Mike Sexton, Kara Scott and other Team PartyPoker pros. Those words will be worth their weight in gold.

Mike is tied for second on the list of most cashes in the Main Event, and Kara has only played the Main event twice, yet made it deep into the money on both occasions. The Main Event is special, it takes a lot of patience, nerve, and timing. I can’t wait to hear what Mike and Kara have to say about it. And I’d bet on both of them to cash again this year.

It is hot in Vegas, but only just over 100 degrees. The last couple times I was out this time of year, I remember the thermometer tipping 120. 100 degrees is fairly manageable. I can’t wait to get over and see the new Aria casino and poker room, which everyone is raving about. There’s always a new and bigger and better in Vegas, that’s part of its charm!

Tune into the Poker Show with Jesse May!

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