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Wow! Let’s start off by thanking everyone that entered the latest Sunday Party tournament on February 26 because 2,014 of you bought in for $109, and created a $201,400 prize pool. We had boosted the $150,000 guarantee to $200,000, and all your entries ensure that the guarantee was not only reached but broken, which is incredible!

Want to know which of your fellow PartyPoker heroes and heroines walked away with big prizes from the Sunday Party, Sunday Carnival, and The Big Saturday events this week? Sure you do, so keep reading to find out.

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The Sunday Party Results
The Sunday Carnival Results
The Big Saturday Results
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A bumper crowd of 2,014 players bought into the $109 Sunday Party and fought it out for the largest pieces of the $201,400 pie. Team PartyPoker stars Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples and his brother Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples were among the entrants, although neither reached the money places. Matt went the deepest, finishing 517th and winning $37.50 from the bounty prize pool.

Everyone was guaranteed more than $1,000 by the time the final table was set, more when you added the bounty payments to the main prize pool award. “CanYouFold” obviously couldn’t because they fell in ninth for $1,966 in total. “Paspalho” ($2,421), “Scoobyduuu” ($2,930), and “A222C760E” ($2,891) joined the list of busted players, leaving only five grinders in the hunt for the title of champion.

Those five became four with the elimination of “AyyyKaramba” ($5,414) and then three after the untimely demise of “Emaxxi” ($5,385). The tournament progressed to the heads-up stage when “Vittor_R0d” bowed out in third ($8,170).

Both of the last two players locked in five-figure scores from the main prize pool, and fought it out for the last bounties. “Nepomniachtch” defeated “Takafogonela” in the one-on-one battle, securing a $13,014 bounty payment to take their total haul to an impressive $23,999. The runner-up headed into the night with $13,634 extra in their bankroll.

The Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Nepomniachtch $13,014 $10,985 $23,999
2 Takafogonela $2,670 $10,964 $13,634
3 Vittor_R0d $1,104 $7,066 $8,170
4 Emaxxi $732 $4,653 $5,385
5 AyyyKaramba $2,259 $3,155 $5,414
6 A222C7600E $489 $2,402 $2,891
7 Scoobyduuu $1,188 $1,742 $2,930
8 Paspalho $1,035 $1,386 $2,421
9 CanYouFold $881 $1,085 $1,966

Spakman0888 Secures Sunday Carnival Title

The Sunday Carnival also enjoyed a guarantee boost, one going from $50,000 to $75,000. A huge crowd of 3,436 players ponied up $22 for the chance to become the Sunday Carnival champion.

All but two of the PartyPoker players that navigated their way to the final table returned home with a four-figure haul for their efforts, vastly improving their return on investment. “AKA-4777” ($552) and “suerteloka” ($736) were those two players, although their scores were healthy returns for a $22 buy-in affair.

One by one the players fell by the wayside, the pay jumps increasing with every eliminated star. “LuckyVenom87” ($1,064) ran out of luck, “emiledel69” ($1,224) fell in sixth, and “EscravoDoPipos” ($1,829) busted in fifth.

Then came the eliminations of “loverboybr” ($2,088), and “JonSlowroll” ($3,244) before “Spakman0888” defeated “d1bg” heads-up to bank a juicy $7,154 and leave the runner-up to reel in a $4,743 consolation prize.

The Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Spakman0888 $2,900 $4,254 $7,154
2 d1bg $500 $4,243 $4,743
3 JonSlowroll $566 $2,678 $3,244
4 loverboybr $306 $1,782 $2,088
5 EscravoDoPipos $626 $1,203 $1,829
6 emiledel69 $332 $892 $1,224
7 LuckyVenom87 $421 $643 $1,064
8 suerteloka $243 $493 $736
9 AKA-4777 $160 $392 $552

laston76 Wins Big in the Big Saturday

Before the Sunday flagship events took place, “laston76” was busy helping themselves to the $5,882 top prize of the Big Saturday. Some 145 of you entered the mix, and fought tooth and nail for the lion’s share of the $30,000 prize pool.

Like the Sunday Carnival, all but two of the final tablists secured four-figure prizes, but the night belonged to “laston76” who brushed aside “Average At Best” to become the latest PartyPoker player to be crowned the Big Saturday champion.

The Big Saturday Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Iaston76 $5,882
2 Average At Best $4,104
3 Betinthedrk $2,899
4 Eriksson1 $2,005
5 Festival_ $1,497
6 AlbertoBalsalm $1,245
7 Porrporrporr $1,044
8 Double_black $894
9 MWolFFS $771

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