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I was watching a bit of rugby union at the weekend. I’m a Lithuanian wallaby through and through but the chance to watch England lose was too good to miss. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the game was as dull as ditch water. That was until a furry friend ran on to the pitch.

Yes, ladies and gentleman it was a fox and I am now a bingo convert – in fact I’m a bingo pro, I’m the greatest in the whole of Lithuania. Play Foxy Bingo now if you’ve got the balls! (Foxy’s got the charm but what happens when he gets older? Does he turn into a silver fox?)

Stopped partying and is looking years younger

I have been getting ready for the WPT’s in Vienna and Bratislava at the end of the month. There are rumours my old friend the Devilfish is coming, he’s finally stopped partying and is looking years younger – he’s been in hibernation, nobody has seen nor heard from him in quite a while. I also heard that former plastic surgeon Michael Keiner is also going to come along…

It will be great to see the Fish, all I can say is watch out as I hear the organizers are installing some karaoke machine where his vocal abilities will be completely outshone by Mad Marvin Rettenmaier, Germany’s new poker pop idol. Dave – Marvin doesn’t do rock and roll, he’s more of a Westlife fan.

I’m playing WPT Bratislava! You can be there too! Start with a daily freeroll and win your $7,000 package for free! – Tony G

Always thought that Marvin’s art school scarf was a bit dodgy. Watching that and maybe participating myself is definitely on the schedule for Vienna. I’m also playing heads up against a winner of a competition from German poker magazine Royal Flush – or is that Royally Crushed like the winner will be…

I haven’t played poker in Bratislava before but i heard the WPT there is great fun and party central. I can guess which players will be there and I know I will be right! Won’t be the boring types that for sure! If you cannot qualify online you can buy-in directly these days online for WPT events in Europe and the States. Join me!

PartyPoker Big Game V at Dusk Till Dawn

Big news this week though is that the Big Game V is going to be held at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham from April 15th – 17th. There will be plenty of people who ‘qualified’ and are waiting to be taken out by this big Aussie crocodile with Lithuanian stripes. Nine onliners coming – Yum! Yum! Try grinding it out when you’ve got me in your ear.

One person I haven’t heard is playing is Roland de Wolfe – I thought he may have gone into some Devilfish retirement or Andy Black retreat (either that or he’s broke) but he popped up on my Facebook asking me to not talk about two wheel forms of transport.

I offer the floor to ideas on what my walk on record for the Big Game should be. Last year it was Bicycle Song by Queen – I made my entrance to the table to the strains of Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May et all. $50 goes to the best suggestion for this year. What record should I enter the Big Game too?


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