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Here at partypoker, we believe that anyone can learn how to play poker, even if they don’t have the faintest clue about this marvellous game, which is why we’ve launched Big Bluff where four British celebrities are being taught the ropes before being set loose on a live final table held at the Grand Prix Poker Tour Brighton leg.

One of those awesome celebrities is none other than Melinda Messenger.

Born in Swindon, Wiltshire on February 23, 1971, Melinda is the middle child between two brothers, and a mother of three children.

Melinda spent six months working as a flight attendant for Britannia Airways, before starting her meteoric rise to fame in 1997 as a model, the same year that Melinda won Rear of the Year! Television roles followed, including starring in Channel 4’s Eurotrash, and being the assistant in Fort Boyard, a gameshow testing contestants’ physical and mental agility.

After the birth of her first child in April 2000, Melinda left modelling behind and concentrated on developing a career as a television presenter. Two years later, Melinda appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, before roles in Age Swap, To Buy or Not to Buy, Dancing on Ice, Live from Studio Five, hosting the Health Lottery, and Cowboy Builders followed.

Melinda has approached the Big Bluff masterclasses with a smile on her face, but we have a feeling that under that smile and bubbly personality, lays a poker shark waiting to pounce and devour her opponents! Her time spent waiting around on television sets, and being a mother of three, should mean Melinda has plenty of patience, which is a great asset to have at the poker table, and let’s not forget that your mum always knows when you’re lying, so Melinda’s opponents had better perfect their poker faces!

Win a T-Shirt Signed by Melinda Messenger

If you want to win a partypoker t-shirt signed by Melinda Messenger, simply read this article, and answer the following question by tweeting at us with the correct answer and the hashtag #BigBluff before midnight BST on Thursday 22 July, 2016, and you will be put into a random draw!

What was the name of the building show that Melinda hosted? Was it Cowboy Builders, Queen Builders, or Ace Builders?

Good luck!

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