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The 2016 partypoker WPT500 UK has crowned its champion and it is Ben Winsor holding the winner’s trophy aloft, that and a cheque for £150,000, which is the pro’s second six-figure score of his career.

2016 partypoker WPT500 UK Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Ben Winsor £150,000
2 Keith Cummins £90,000
3 William Davies £60,000
4 Jav Javed £40,000
5 John Bonadies £27,250
6 Marian Flesar £20,000
7 Andrew Hulme £15,000
8 Jack Hoffmann £12,000
9 Charalampos Lappas £9,000

Day 3 saw such luminaries as Alex Goulder, Jack Allen, Shola Akindele, Edmund Yeung, partypoker ambassador Tony Dunst, and Rob Tinnion crash out before the nine-handed final table was set – Tinnion burst the final table bubble – depleting the tournament of some star quality, but the final table was still a stellar affair and any of the nine players would have made a worthy champion.

2016 partypoker WPT500 UK Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 John Bonadies 3,825,000
2 Keith Cummins 9,350,000
3 Jav Javed 2,700,000
4 Andrew Hulme 6,900,000
5 Jack Hoffmann 8,025,000
6 Charalampos Lappas 1,500,000
7 Will Davies 3,850,000
8 Ben Winsor 7,975,000
9 Marian Flesar 10,725,000

Six hands into the final table action, a very short stacked Charalampos Lappas open-shoved from the small blind with and Will Davies called in the big blind with . A final board reading sent Lappas to the cashier’s desk to collect £9,000.

Twenty-six hands later, Jack Hoffmann looked down at and moved all-in from the button for 10 big blinds. Davies isolated Hoffmann with a re-shove with pocket nines, which held to send Hoffmann to the rail.

Almost immediately after Hoffmann’s demise, Andrew Hulme bust. The man known as “stato” shipped in 17.5 big blinds with and ran straight into John Bonadies’ . The ace-high board provided little in the way of drama, and Hulme was gone.

Marian Flesar went into the final table as chip leader, but couldn’t keep that momentum going, falling in sixth place for £20,000. Flesar opened to 1,100,000 at the 200,000/400,000/50,000a level and Davies called. A flop saw Flesar move all-in with and Davies call with . The on the turn was followed by the river, busting Flesar and leaving five players in the hunt for the title.

Five became four with the exit of Bonadies who pushed all-in with and was called by Keith Cummins and his dominating . Bonadies looked to have gotten lucky as the flop fell to gift him two pair, but another six on the river counterfeited Bonadies’ hand, sending him for an early bath.

Three hands later, Jav Javed committed the rest of his stack with and was in bad shape against the of Davies. Neither player improved on the board, Davies’ ace-high being enough to reduce the player count by one.

Davies then had his queens cracked by king-three and never managed to fully recover. The last of Davies’ chips went into the middle with after Cummings had limped in with . A queen on the flop gave Davies hope, but a king on the turn locked up the hand for Cummins and sent the tournament to the heads-up stage.

After only three hands of one-on-one action, Winsor raised to 2,000,000 with and called when Cummins moved all-in with . A few seconds later the board was in view, Cummins had bust, and Winsor had won the 2016 partypoker WPT500 UK.

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