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Want to know why Punta Cana really was the best poker experience of my life? Keep reading.

I’ll admit, I document a lot of things. So let me share my memories of the amazing people I met and the beautiful things I saw in Punta Cana during the Caribbean Poker Party.

Before this trip, I didn’t really know anyone from partypoker with the exception of Patrick Leonard. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit scared. But it turns out you have nothing to be worried about when you are part of the best poker team in the world.

The partypoker plane flew from Birmingham in the UK, so I had to fly there first from Hungary on my own. Believe it or not, this was the first time I’d flown solo. Flying is one of my biggest fears, but for Punta Cana I faced it. And I’m very glad I did!

Beata Jambrik

Patrick Leonard, Beata Jambrik and Natalia Breviglieri

On the right, you can see the beautiful Natalia Breviglieri. She is not only super cool, she’s helpful, caring, understanding and a great friend. We will meet again in February and I cannot wait!

Beata Jambrik


When we were about to land, the pilot said: “There is a big thunderstorm above Punta Cana, so we will disappear in the Bermuda triangle.” The funny thing is, he didn’t let us know he was just joking!

After arriving in Punta Cana we headed to the Hard Rock Hotel. Everyone had a jacuzzi in their own room, plus some all-inclusive room service. Not to mention the food was just delicious. Check it out!

Beata Jambrik

Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana


Beata Jambrik

Beata Jambrik

Amazing food at the Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana


The resort was so huge that people were going around on mini trains and golf cars!

Beata Jambrik

Beautiful Punta Cana


It wasn’t only food and poker, there were some fantastic excursions to enjoy, too. My favourite was the catamaran experience.

Beata Jambrik


I also snorkelled for the first time. I was afraid at first and almost didn’t do it, but after I went into the water I loved it. There were so many beautiful fish and it was super relaxing.

Beata Jambrik

Boat trip and snorkelling in Punta Cana


There was a crazy pool party too, these partypoker peeps really know how to party!

Beata Jambrik

A crazy pool party!


The last night in Punta Cana was really special to me. Instead of joining the farewell party, I went to commentate on the final table of the partypoker Million with Tony Dunst and Paul Zimbler. It was my first experience of live commentating and we had so much fun together during it.

Beata Jambrik

In the commentary booth.


I closed the whole trip by watching the sunrise, how beautiful is this?

Beata Jambrik

Sunrise in Punta Cana


I’m thankful for this trip for teaching me things about myself, which just couldn’t happen without meeting all these wonderful people there. I’m also grateful for the lifelong friendships I made.

Beata Jambrik

Various photos from Punta Cana


On the following party picture montage, you can see the cream of the people who work behind the scenes at partypoker and who do an excellent job. They are seriously awesome and very, very nice people; I have never met such a great team before. Can’t wait to travel with the partypoker crew again!

Beata Jambrik

Check out some of the fabulous partypoker staff and ambassadors.

Beata Jambrik


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