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James “HullJimi” Greenwood takes a knock in his PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge quest – to turn $25 into a fortune. 

Now, last time I wrote I was up to around $70 after starting the Bankroll Challenge with $25. Well, now I’m not! Instead, I’m back at $40 due to a combination of bad play, bad beats and a change in style.

I spend a lot of time reading and (trying) to learn about poker, and I was reading about cash game styles and thought that a change of tactics from my previous ABC to a more LAG style would mean a quicker rise through this challenge.

Um, it didn’t, but it very nearly did me in.

Saying that, I have seen some awful poker being played. I had a hand beaten by 62 offsuit! He actually called a raise with 62 off! I want these players in the game as it’s “free” money in the long run, but it’s just that at the moment I am not fully rolled for the level I’m at, so dropping a “buy-in” (I’m still buying in short) really, really hurts.

I had one awful session where I did $10 very quickly, getting my chips in to the middle when I was in front but getting sucked out on. I should have turned the laptop off. I didn’t and I lost more. T.i.l.t.

So, I’ve slapped myself down, I’ve remembered “ABC” and I’m going to hit the tables hard.

Add me to your buddy list and come sit at my table – say hello, then give me all your money. You know you want to!

Starting roll: $25

Current: $40.03c



  1. Reading your story made me have to reply. I sat at the laptop about a week ago getting sucked out with pocket rockets…. laptop off… go have a fag… that would have been the best thing to do but t.i.l.t kicked in and I lost the lot after getting $50 to turn to about $350. So I’m climbing the ladder again, too, quite fast which is cool. Anyway, TILT sucks, that’s about it – really stating the obvious, and as long as you’re a good player you’ll win more than you lose as luck only gets people so far and can’t always be relied on… Over and out

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I’m having a better week of it this week and starting to climb back up – it just takes so long at this level though!

  3. Hey, I was wondering how can you play .2/.4 no limit if you start off with $25? 5% of $25 is $1.25. Where am I suppose to start if I want to do this challenge?


  4. Hi hopewinalot
    Thanks for the comments. When you start you obviously have to bend the rules a little bit. So, yes, buy in for the $2 and stick with that until you grow the bankroll sufficiently to buy in higher – eventually sitting down with the full $4 buy-in when you have climbed to a bankroll of $80!
    It’s a long road, but this is an excellent way of learning poker discipline, especially because you’ll eventually be moving up the levels and discovering different types of player.
    I’m sure HullJimi will also come by to add some advice.
    Best of luck,
    Simon Young, PartyPoker Blog

  5. Hi “hope”,

    Simon is right – you have to cheat a bit at first!

    I’m at $50 right now so am buying in for $2.50 – you can do this on lots of tables though!

    For me, the magic number is $100 – you can start to not worry about a 3 buy in losing session then!

    Planning on a monster session tomorrow so hopefully I can move upwards a bit more!