Six of our qualifiers played in Day 1a, but only one survived to play day 2.  That was Tony Keomany, who will take his $73,800 chip stack with him when he joins up those qualifiers who make it through days 1b and 1c.

Team Party bad boy Tony G made it to the final table of the $100k Challenge.  Eight players, but only five got paid.  nad that’s where Tony fell, in 5th place, which was good enough to collect his $100k buy-in back.   After sending both Tom Durr and Howard Leaderer out of the tournament on his bike, giving them his catchphrase “On your bike!”, he finally had to ride out on his own after being eliminated by Dan Shak, the eventual winner of the tournament.

On Tony’s lasy hand, he raised to $70,00 under the gun with folded action to Dan who went all-in. Tony made the call with his pockets tens and was up against AK. The flop was anything but good to Tony coming down AK5. Turn J, which gave Tony a few more outs to a straight but the 3 on the river sealed Tony’s fate and off on his bike he went.

By placing 2nd in the $100k Challenge, Phil Ivey vaulted into the #1 spot for most money won in live tournaments.

We hade 23 qualifiers play on day 1b.  Among those are’s sponsored pro, and last years main event winner, Stewart Scott, who played with his own mental coach Jamie Glazier to the left of him. It will be interesting to hear what advice Jamie gave his student.


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