stewart scottI left the days of endless sun and golden beaches at home to arrive in Auckland on a cold wet rainy day. There was a good turnout at Skycity for the APPT event including notables such a Lee final table Nelson, Raj Ramakritsin (who finished an unlucky 4th to me in the Aussie millions) and Tony Hachem.

The main event had starting stacks of 20k with a good structure. I hit the ground running chipping up to 30 k within the first 30 minutes then went card dead for a long period. My stack took a big hit when I made a call to a re raise shove with 88,the board counterfeited my pair and was beaten by A 10

I managed to double my way back to 30k by the 500/1k level when the action folded to me in last position I looked down at K 10 suited and made it 2300 to go, it folded to the guy on the button who had been running really well playing aggressive and had accumulated around 110k or so he made it 5100 and the size of the re raise and the dynamics I figured it was a good time for him to raise me light so I shoved and he snap calls with AA no help from the board and so it was GG Auckland and back home for me.

Good Luck on the felt

Stewart Scott


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