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There’s a lot of talk in the UK at the moment about a politician who ranted because they wouldn’t let him ride his bike out of Number 10 Downing Street. The media have responded with the following headline but are you sure this isn’t the headline marking the end of my triathlon with Phil Hellmuth at WPT Malta?

I biked him in the basketball (he can dodge baskets baby!) and running, while he sent me on mine in the swimming (that’s what happens when you are attached to the backside of Michael Phelps). If you haven’t seen the videos yet catch up on the true athletic prowess of us both! Big thanks must go to Jesse May for adjudicating and Andras Fekete, a Hungarian Hellmuth troll of true character and my PA for the week. He is proof that Phil Hellmuth did ride a hot dog! I packed Hellmuth off to Cannes with the hot dog and spiderman suit – let’s hope we see them again!

All in all I can say that spending a week in the company of the brat wasn’t all that bad. He talked about talking to ‘Condi’ (Condoleezza Rice) and debated the merits of the G5 private jet way too much but he’s alright in small doses and clearly doesn’t have the bankroll to play in the super high roller games. He clearly doesn’t forgive me for a perceived ‘angle shoot’ on the Big Game in the States but I do forgive myself for sending him on his bike there and in the triathlon. This time he also didn’t decide to wear his ipod in a nightclub so progress is being made with his mental health.

I finished 10th at WPT Malta and was bitterly disappointed not to have made the final table – I had to smoke multiple shishas after that exit.

Next up? I am weighing up going to Cannes for WSOPE (will Robl be there with headphones on?) and I have been on a yacht off Croatia. I am also spending plenty of time on my new project – Lithuanian Rowing (nice gold medal at World Rowing Championship last week). I have committed myself to WPT Copenhagen too.

Then of course there is Tony’s House – thousands of you are raiding my house with the online grand final on October 7th. I intend to fight to the death that day to stop all these looters and if it is on Fast Forward tables then so be it as I hate nits. You can take my tvs, my ipads…even my Volkswagen – but you will never take my FREEDOM!


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