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Sorry for the lack of updates, but we just hit the buffet at the Casino Barcelona. Let me tell you: the food the WPT players enjoy at this event is definately one of the best to be found on the poker circuit.
That said, lets go back into the action.

Say Goodby To Toby Lewis …

Toby Lewis had a rough day at the Big Game VII. Tony G trying to get under his skin sure didn’t make it a more enjoyable experience. At some point it was enough for Toby and he called it a day.

Toby Lewis

… and Welcome Niklas Astedt

The open seat has been taken by Niklas Astedt. We saw the young Swedish player at several big tournaments, but have no idea about his cash game skills.

He should feel comfortable in Barcelona, as two years ago he won a €500 event at the European Masters of Poker II here.

There’s One More

As there was another open seat at the table (the one left by Max Pescatori), local player Jonathan Concepcion was able to join the game. As for now we have more or less zero info on him.

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