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We’re now heads-up in the Premier League VI as Antonio Esfandiari has been elimintaed in third place .Dan Shak opened to 40,000 with , Esfandiari moved in for 324,000 with pocket nines and after tanking Shak called it off.

Antonio got his mum on set and gave the dealer very clear instructions for there to be no aces, less his give his Mum a heart-attack. The flop was an Esfandiari friendly one, although it did give Shak more outs. The turn was a very good card for the Magician, but the river card was the nut worst and Esfandiari is out in third for $150,000.

Heads-up chip counts are 1.709.000 for Dan Shak and 871,000 for Sam Trickett.

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