Almost all of the  World Cup of Cards Main Event Day 1s are in the bag and only 128 players have made it through to Day 2 so far. That figure will rise once the Turbo and Hyper Turbo flights kick off at 16:05 BST and 18:00 BST on July 5. $851,000 of the $1,0000,000 guaranteed has been accumulated, will the in-the-money players be enjoying a juicy overlay when the prize money is dished out? We do not have long to wait to find out.

Ioannis Angelou Konstas has done his chances of bagging that six-figure top prize no harm at all because is the overwhelming chip leader going into Day 2. Angelou Konstas finished his flight with an incredible stack of 5,097,753, over a million more chips than anyone else in the field. Victory is far from assured, but you should expect to see Angelou Konstas in the thick of it when the biggest prizes are awarded.

Dinesh Alt, the Austrian superstar, enjoyed himself during his flight as is evident by the 3,609,481 stack he amassed. Alt’s stack places him third going into Day 2, one spot ahead of the Day 1A chip leader Christoph Vogelsang.

Seven players who won their seats into the World Cup of Cards Main Event via the Day 1C Mega Satellite progressed to Day 2. Two of them performed so well that they find themselves armed with stacks larger enough for a spot in the top ten.

Andrew Hedley finished Day 1C with 3,114,454 chips, which are enough to place him eighth when play resumes at 20:05 BST on July 5. Hungarian grinder Jozsef Liszkovics returns to the fray in ninth place courtesy of his 2,646,600 stack.

WCC Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Ioannis Angelou Konstas Ireland 5,097,753
2 Julian Lozano Mexico 3,997,226
3 Dinesh Alt Austria 3,609,481
4 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom 3,363,472
5 Diogo Da Silva Brazil 3,287,184
6 Rodrigo Selouan Brazil 3,248,223
7 Thiago Crema Brazil 3,235,609
8 Andrew Hedley United Kingdom 3,114,454
9 Jozsef Liszkovics Hungary 2,646,600
10 Jon Van Fleet Canada 2,631,652

Twenty One Mega Satellite Winners Progress

Twenty-one of the 128 returning Day 2 players won their seat via a $109 buy-in Mega Satellite and are now guaranteed $2,498. As mentioned, two of those returning players, Andrew Hedley and Jozsef Liszkovics, have top ten stacks, so will have one eye on the massive prizes awarded at the final table.

Do not write off the chances of any of the satellite winners because there are some other substantial stacks. Even those players who are not chipped up have bags of talent and can tun their fortunes around, especially with the structure being so good.

  • Andrew Hedley – 3,114,454 (Day 1C)
  • Jozsef Liszkovics – 2,646,600 (Day 1C)
  • James Whittet – 2,386,653 (Day 1A)
  • Dejan Zvikart – 2,295,622 (Day 1B)
  • Mikhail Mikheev – 2,269,677 (Day 1B)
  • Armin Rezaei – 2,214,071 (Day 1A)
  • Charles Whitehouse – 2,145,697 (Day 1A)
  • Dan Catalin Oltean – 1,649,397 (Day 1B)
  • Danilo Pires Maritani – 1,372,744 (Day 1C)
  • Chris Day – 1,370,688 (Day 1C)
  • Daniel Smyth – 1,154,794 (Day 1C)
  • Patrick Corcoran – 981,663 (Day 1A)
  • Gary Hasson – 817,148 (Day 1C)
  • Andrew Aspinall – 798,737 (Day 1C)
  • Gary Gallacher – 723,804 (Day 1A)
  • Pavel Kucher – 713,087 (Day 1A)
  • Dean Hutchison – 708,056 (Day 1A)
  • Manuel Fernandez – 610,926 (Day 1B)
  • Ludmil Ivanov – 525,090 (Day 1A)
  • Simon Dick – 416,168 (Day 1B)
  • Diego Zeiter – 165,175 (Day 1A)

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