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It has to be said for the most part our qualifiers had a rough start to their World Series Of Poker Experience. What can only be described as a ton of bad luck, coin tosses simply not won and blinding away due to being card deal really caused us to lose most of the team yesterday.

Normaly I’d be the first to blame it on wild kids ripping it up in Vegas and not getting a decent nights sleep, but I have to say our opening party was quite the calm affair:

Bad Beats

One bad beat story I heard later on in the day was from our Finnish player Kristian Johansson who told me that he wasnt coming back day 2 as “No Dany I didn’t make it, I busted pretty late though in the 10th level getting in my last 10 big blinds with AQ against A7 off suit. Only to see My opponent make a flush on the river.” Such are the breaks when you’re playing a tournament like this.


And so whilst the rest of team are enjoying the thrills of the WetNWild waterpark (video to come soon) two of our guys are taking this poker seriously. And are doing pretty well out there today. We’ve got the young German Ingo Paulus sitting on roughly 65k and the Spaniard Alvaro Gorriz sitting in top 5th on around 200,000 in chips.

In The Money

Some Numbers for you from Event 56: The bubble was at 199 with a minimum cash of $4,462 we’ll have to wait until they get down to 162 before we see another pay jump. Still they are both looking healthy enough to survive a good few levels.

Ingo Paulus

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