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To many Stu Ungar is regarded as the greatest raw talent the world ever saw grace the poker tables.

Holding the record for being the only 3-time WSOP Main Event champion in history, banking over $2 million during his WSOP career and an estimated $30 million at the poker tables.


From his back-to-back titles at the birth of the 80s until his incredible comeback win in ’97, the Kid’s life took a downward twist due to his personal addiction problems. However in a fine example of the human spirit fellow poker pro Billy Baxter bought the hugely in-debt Kid a seat to the 1997 WSOP, this was also the only WSOP main event to be held outdoors.

Hat Trick

Ungar literally beat the odds collecting a third WSOP title and an even $1 million, which was split between himself and Baxter. Within 12 months he was broke again, and in late 1998 Stu ‘The Kid’ Ungar passed away in a Las Vegas hotel due to a heart condition caused by the years of abuse. Yet he remains to this day as one of the greatest poker players (and personalities) of all time, period.

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