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The WSOP 2012 Main Event will soon be upon us and a young Aussie named Micheal Weiss is getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime. I caught up with him to find out how he was getting on:

Hey Michael thanks for catching up with us, okay so the basics where you from and how did you get into poker?

I’m from Canberra in Australia, I first started playing poker at 16 after watching the WPT on TV.

So what kind of games would we usually find you in?

The games i play online are predominately $5-$10 and $10-$20 6max and HU, however will play up to $25-$50. As for live anything up to $50-$100. I have had a lot of live experience earlier when i was 18-19 years old. it was only around 20 when i started playing full-time online. However i still like attending the bigger events such as the Aussie Millions and plan to do a lot more traveling to the bigger events around the world.

So have you ever been to a live event before?

The Aussie Millions has been the only event i have been able to attend, as i just missed out on age at last years world series.

Nice, well any hobbies you want to let us know about?

Interests outside of poker: Golf and tennis are my favorite sporting hobbies playing  a few times each week. I also trade the stock market though in-spite of recent events haven’t been doing to well : ) Also like to cook and i love eating out, I also try to balance poker with some sought of a social life, so going out is something i will to do on a regular basis.

So is poker a full time gig for you now?

I have been playing poker full-time for the last 2 years. Prior to that i was studying psychology at university only finishing one semester. at which point i started a cleaning business and worked in retail. all that lasted about a year until i was ready to move to poker full time.

So when you walk into the Main Event next week and sit down who would you love to have at your table?

Favorite pros would have to be Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan. I would like to play cash against any of these pros one day but it might be a while before that happens. However if it were to be in a tournament i think Ivey would be the guy i would fear the most.

Fair enough, well Las Vegas is going to provide you with a few interesting stories and we wish you all the best there Michael! Good luck at the tables!


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