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Chuck Palahniuk once said “Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night.” I for one sure hope he’s right, with the WSOP 2012 underway it’s once again time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, but just where did the time go?

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

I’ve really got just one question here:

Is the Monopoly machine in the Bellagio working? No no no scrap that…I mean what will this year’s WSOP bring us? Will we see Vince Van Patten diving into the fountains wading for coins just to get home?

It’s unlikely, I mean we’d love to see it but it’s probably unlikely. Will we see a higher turnout than before? There’s really probably more chance of the Pixies bringing out a new album although anything’s possible. But that said the last couple of years the numbers have been pretty respectable it has to be said, so really who knows? I for sure don’t.

A date with destiny?

3’s the Magic Number

What I do know is 3 things:

  1. Mike Sexton Rocks after cashing in two events played simultaneously, what? I have enough problems cashing in one!

  3. The PartyPoker Blog will of course be there in full force for the Main Event letting you know about every sick bad beat we see, every high and low that comes with the great game of poker and all the wild card room antics. You’ll know so much about our team you’ll feel you we’re on it. Heck why not try qualifying for it? With the amount of fun we put into a live event you’ll wish everyday was WSOP. Honestly you’re going to feel you’re there with us joining in on all the hustle and bustle of what happens when you ram nearly 7000 people into a room the size of an Zeppelin hanger for 12+hrs at a time over the course of next to two weeks just trying to see which one cracks first. So keep tapping that F5 key kids.

  5. And lastly the other piece of insanely good news is that over the course of the WSOP there’s plenty of sources out there but the real sickly maple syrup sweet sweet news trickling down our chin is:

“During the 2012 World Series of Poker,, the official website of the World Series of Poker will be the exclusive home to live video of all 60 of the final tables of the official WSOP gold bracelet events”

Live Live Live!

Erm excuse me?

“Whattt!” You ask right? Which of course made us so giddy with excitement that right we’re like like Ferris Bueller asking ourselves “how could we possible handle work on a day like today?”:

Here come the “quotes”

Ok now it’s time for some more quotes from our lovable friends over at the Rio in Las Vegas:

“Up to three final tables a day could be streamed, but in most instances, two different final tables will stream, with scheduled start times of 1:00 pm PT and 2:00 pm PT.”

Jack Effel

“All live streaming will begin when the official final table gets underway, thus hard start times are difficult to predict but announcements will be made via the WSOP’s official Twitter feed

2 Streams, double the pleasure, triple the fun

The good fellas over at the WSOP are going to be putting on two quite distinct streams for your entertainment:

“The primary stream will feature six different cameras along with announcer/analyst commentary.  These webcasts will feature flop games in most instances and be streamed from the main WSOP stage inside the Amazon Ballroom at the Rio.”

And as Seth Plansky of Caesars in a press release noted:

“We anticipate the primary stream to feature 34 WSOP gold bracelet events over 45 days of coverage, beginning with Event #1 on Monday, May 28 and continuing through Sunday, July 8.”

The official voice of the WSOP is…

As well as all of this the even better news is that David Tuchman will be acting as the WSOP’s official announcer for these primary streams, when asked he said:

“It doesn’t get bigger or better than the World Series of Poker,” said Tuchman.  “I am excited and humbled to be working with the WSOP to bring the live stream to a hungry and growing audience.”

Final Table Action:

“The Pavilion Ballroom Stage will serve as the secondary final table location, with a set-up in front of the Media Press Box in the Amazon Purple section housing the third final table location, during the two days this WSOP where three final tables are scheduled on the same day.”

Last but not least!

But wait there’s going to be a couple hours delay right? I mean this is all too good to be true? Nope:

“All live final table web streams will be on a 5-minute delay without hole cards, to conform to gaming regulations”

So I don’t really know what the 2012 WSOP will be bringing us, except it’ll be Live! and I for one sure hope to see you all there. Qualify to the WSOP2012 today only on PartyPoker!


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