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Hal Fowler caused probably the biggest upset and stir the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) has ever seen well that’s what some people believe at least. But why?

The First Of Many

Fowler is of course often considered to be the first amateur poker player to win the WSOP. A relatively unknown player at the time, he went on to win the 1979 WSOP Main Event despite nearly being busted out in the first day. So how’d he do it?

He Nearly Didn’t Make It To The Party

Well first up let’s get the entry fee bit sorted. It’s also been said that Fowler down on his luck right from the get go couldn’t get the entry fee together and was in fact loaned the amount by Benny Binion himself.

Down But Not Out!

However by the end of Day 1, Hal was down to just $2,000 in chips this out of $500,000! It was looking like he was going to be in debt Binion for quite a chunk of change.

And yet incredibly he never gave up the fight, he won the odd pot here and there and managed to chip up and up and up, fighting his way back the hand at a time.

Heck he fought so dam hard that he went on to get to the final table that would include such great poker legends as Johnny Moss and Bobby Baldwin.

Here’s How He Did It!

Here’s the Final Hand of the WSOP 1979 Main Event went down, don’t blink now!

The WSOP 2013 Main Event

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