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Sometimes evolution is better than revolution, you don’t always need to take drastic measures to improve. The little things can make all the difference try this starter for five:

1) Concentrate on the fundamentals: Don’t fixate on situations that don’t crop up very often such as ‘could I really have folded my full house’. Instead focus your energy on improving fundamentals: position, pre-flop hand selection, pot odds and understanding stack sizes aren’t a bad quartet to start with.

2) Raise or fold: The cry of mums the world over to their children is that they never call. Well if you take that attitude to the poker table you just might hit pay dirt. We’re not suggesting you take this approach for every poker mission but try it occasionally and you’ll soon realise which hands you should be calling less frequently with.

3) Less tables, better decisions: Sure being able to play 20 tables at a time might sound cool, but too often it leads to robotic decisions and a stagnation of progress. Try cutting down the number of tables you play and focus on making better decisions on the ones you have open.

4) Good buddy: the wisdom of crowds is a theory that opines that the aggregation of information in a group of people results in better decisions than any individual member of the group could make alone. Seeking opinions of other poker players can often uncover leaks you didn’t even know you had and show you different ways to approach hands.

5) Practice makes perfect: ‘the more I practice the luckier I get,’ is a phrase attributed to various sportsman and it also applies to poker. Sure you hear of those players who won the first big tournament they played but they’re the exception not the rule. Simply logging hours at the virtual felt is a great way to improve.

The all new partypoker Sunday tournament schedule

The all new partypoker has introduced a new Sunday tournament schedule. The key changes are the addition of an action-packed fun $10K Super Bounty and a wide range of new low buy-in tournaments featuring the best of the old but also new speed, rebuy, add-on and PLO tournaments – a great Sunday mix if you want to win top prizes and have fun playing tournament poker.

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  1. Becoming a good poker player is definitely very challenging. To become a good poker player, you need to understand the game very well.

  2. Nick, evolution is always better than revolution. The micro-moves can bring major improvement sometimes. Anyhow, nice tips you have made. The last one is the most fundamental tip as we all know this age-old cliché holds true in every sphere of life. Thanks for sharing Nick!