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Heads up poker is becoming a more and more popular medium and it is not only relevant when it comes down to the last two people standing in a tournament. Most pots even in full ring are heads up (or become heads up by the turn) and a strong foundation of heads up play will help all aspects of your game.

1. Open up your game – Heads up poker is a totally different kind of animal than full ring poker. Most hands that were previously unplayable are not only playable but may even become premium so you are going to need to play a very wide range of starting hands. This concept remains true throughout the hand as the relative hand strength of one pair or a high card will often be the best hand.

2. Position is everything – in most situations you should be coming in for a raise on every button for a hand which you want to play. This is because acting last is a big advantage and you would be wise to build bigger pots for the hands where you have the advantage.

3. Stay aggressive (even more so than usual) – in poker in general, the more aggressive players tend to have an advantage over a less aggressive player. This is especially true in heads up poker as most of the time neither one of you will make a strong hand so whoever makes the most convincing argument will win the pot.

4. Mix up your play – I am hesitant to add this in because even though it is true, it should not be taken as carte blanche or justification to make bad plays with weak hands. You should be taking different lines in marginal spots…so most of the time you should be playing in a similar fashion, but sometimes you should change your play. For example, don’t always reraise preflop with the same types of hands or don’t always check raise a flush draw on the flop.

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