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The 2020 KO Series has got off to a flying start with almost $2.8 million paid out across the first 29 events. Players have helped themselves to massive scores and some Team partypoker players have been fast out of the blocks.

  • Events completed: 29
  • Prize money awarded: $2,793,837

2020 KO Series #03-SHR: $300K Gtd 8-Max

  • Entrants: 147
  • Buy-in: $2,100
  • Prize pool: $301,350

KO Series #03:-SHR: $300K Gtd 8-Max is one of the biggest events so far. A field of 147 players exchanged $2,100 for 50,000 chips and the chance to become a 2020 KO Series champion.

“Edoiler99” burst the bubble when the fell in 21st place, paving the way for a $2,908 min-cash plus bounties.

Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov fell in 18th for $2,436 plus $1,575 from the bounty prize pool. Teammate Joao “XjoaosimaoX” Simao’s tournament ended in 13th place, a finish worth a combined $5,008.

It looked like we were getting a 2020 KO Series champion with the famous orange diamond next to their alias. This is because Patrick “Patrick_Leonard” Leonard reached the final table. Unfortunately for Leonard, his impressive run ended in a fifth-place finish. A cool $9,432 was Leonard reward, a princely sum boosted by $8,596 worth of bounties.

A special mention goes to “PayAndPlay” who finished in third for a total of $25,656. PayAndPlay is a phenomenal player who hits final tables seemingly at will. “BuddyRW” and “Tree91” were the only players who outlasted PayAndPlay. The latter emerged victorious and banked $25,953 plus $35,650 from the bounty prize pool.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Tree91 $25,953 $35,650
2 BuddyRW $25,923 $10,483
3 PayAndPlay $18,864 $6,792
4 MrDreamMachine $13,362 $8,301
5 Patrick_Leonard $9,432 $8,596
6 WiNeGUy $7,467 $7,153
7 SeniorBOB $5,942 $7,940
8 Madgenius111 $4,716 $2,100

KO Series #03-H: $300K Gtd 8-Max

  • Entrants: 1,216
  • Buy-in: $320
  • Prize pool: $374,528

We had another Team partypoker member at the final table of the KO Series #03-H: $300K Gtd 8-Max. Team Online’s Hristivoje “All_In_PAV” Pavlovic was going great guns and reached his first 2020 KO Series final table. His appearance there was cut short when he busted in seventh-place. Pavlovic padded his bankroll with a prize weighing in at $6,006.

The final table was another star-studded affair, showing the lure of the 2020 KO Series. “Z-ENERGIES_” ran out of steam in sixth-place with “eGGplant” falling in third.

“Who I am” and “funkyfive” battled it out heads-up for the title and now massive final bounty payment. It was the latter who secured that, $33,453 to be exact, plus $24,548 for their victory.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 funkyfive $24,548 $33,453
2 Who I am $24,511 $3,161
3 eGGplant $16,105 $4,325
4 Snowflake $10,777 $6,073
5 vezunchiksss $7,640 $1,942
6 Z-ENERGIES_ $5,388 $711
7 All_In_PAV $3,780 $2,226
8 ESCOBAR GAVIRIA $2,533 $2,147

KO Series #08-M: $75K Gtd 6-Max

  • Entrants: 1,969
  • Buy-in: $55
  • Prize pool: $103,372

Our Irish Team Online member Louise “lou045” Butler is another player reaching a 2020 KO Series final table. Butler navigated her way through the majority of the 1,969-strong crowd in the KO Series #08-M: $75K Gtd 6-Max event.

Butler put her $55 to good use as it returned $2,675 when she finally busted in fifth-place. It was a profitable night for Butler who also finished fifth in the $15K Gtd Daily Grind for $1,028.

Shoutout to the eventual champion “papainoel” who almost banked a five-figure prize. $5,446 was awarded for their first-place finish plus an additional $4,458 bounty payment for a total prize worth $9,904. A superb return on such a small buy-in showing everyone can win big at partypoker.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 papainoel $5,446 $4,458
2 edy14101 $5,435 $2,477
3 all-in_baby $4,133 $1,392
4 All in PAV $2,986 $764
5 lou045 $1,978 $697
6 reniscesar77 $1,146 $275

KO Series #10-HR: $75K Gtd PKO Battle Fast

  • Entrants: 75
  • Buy-in: $1,050
  • Prize pool: $76,875

Leonard second final table completes our round-up of the best 2020 KO Series action so far. He bought into the KO Series #10-HR: $75K Gtd PKO Battle Fast on February 3rd with 74-others.

The likes of “ChimneyBarrel”, “Blackk88” and the incredible PayAndPlay all busted, the latter in third-place. This left Leonard and “WhaledShark” to fight one-on-one for the title and the top prize.

Unfortunately for our hero, he lost this heads-up battle, meaning his $2,100 was now worth $12,657. The champion padded their bankroll with $19,999!

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 WhaledShark $8,039 $11,960
2 Patrick_leonard $8,031 $4,626
3 PayAndPlay $5,563 $4,708
4 WatchMeDance $3,708 $
5 Blackk88 $2,884 $2,985
6 ChimneyBarrel $2,266 $1,181
7 huevo2000 $1,957 $1,115
8 Zevs zevs $1,751 $1,312

Win Your Way Into 2020 KO Series Events

Satellites for the higher buy-in 2020 KO Series events start from only $2.20, although you can win your way into these for only $0.55! Special edition SPINS are also an option if you prefer that route.

For $5.50 you can win cash prizes or 2020 KO Series tickets worth between $22 and $2,100! Check out the paytable for KO Series SPINS:

Multiplier Prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $10 cash 725,190
3 $15 cash 153,240
4.4 2$22 KO Series ticket 100,000
4.4 $55 KO Series ticket 15,000
4.4 $109 KO Series ticket 5,000
4.4 $320 KO Series ticket 1,000
4.4 $530 KO Series ticket 500
4.4 $1,050 KO Series ticket 50
4.4 $2,100 KO Series ticket 20

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