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Christmas Freeze Final Day saw 17 partypoker players become poker champions and win a share of a total of $1,336,660 awarded across those 17 events. Several players got their hands on bankroll-boosting scores, here are the biggest of them.

Christmas Freeze: The Story So Far

  • Events completed: 201
  • Events remaining: 0
  • Prize money awarded: $10,504,678

Christmas Freeze Final Day

Christmas Freeze #46-HR: $300K Gtd PKO

  • Buy-in: $530
  • Entrants: 532
  • Prize pool: $300,000
  • Place paid: 72

The biggest guarantee on the Christmas Freeze Final Day was the $300,000 guarantee in the Christmas Freeze #46-HR: $300K Gtd PKO event. A field of 532 players attempted to find their way into the top 72 places where this prize money was awarded.

It was the final two players who got their hands on the most cash as they struck a deal when heads-up. Sweden’s “petdet3ctive” is the player credited with finishing in second-place, a result worth $25,019 from the main prize pool and an additional $11,515 worth of bounties.

Our champion in this event was no other than Hungary’s “ErzsiASas” who padded their bankroll with the $26,116 first-place prize, an impressive sum bolstered by $17,980 worth of bounty payments.

Third-place finisher “vvv_777tv”, “KryptoKing420” and “BadBony” also walked away with a five-figure score to brag about once bounties were taken into consideration.

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 ErzsiASas Hungary $26,116 $17,980
2 petdet3ctive Sweden $25,019 $11,515
3 vvv_777tv Ukraine $14,479 $4,847
4 KryptoKing420 Canada $10,021 $2,793
5 BadBony Russia $7,055 $3,845
6 goldencosty Argentina $5,099 $1,673
7 letsgodancing Argentina $3,672 $2,339
8 kaite1406 United Kingdom $2,629 $2,387

Christmas Freeze #46-H: $200K Gtd PKO

  • Buy-in: $109
  • Entrants: 2,049
  • Prize pool: $213,096
  • Place paid: 280

The guarantee of the Christmas Freeze #46-H: $200K Gtd PKO event was surpassed by $13,096 and it was Brazil’s “AntoinCaraPreta” who took full advantage of the juicy prize pool, finishing on top of a 2,049 field.

Victory was worth a combined $26,573, made up of $17,110 in prize money and $9,463 from the bounty prize pool. The Brazilian’s final opponent was “papakerzh” of Russia who had to make do with the $12,058 consolation prize plus $5,039 worth of bounties accumulated on their way to a second-place finish.

Those were the only two players to win at least $10,000 although “FU.Bill.Kassouf” came close by finishing in third-place and netting $7,786 from the main prize pool and $1,905 from the bounty prize pool.

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 AntoinCaraPreta Brazil $17,110 $9,463
2 papakerzh Russia $12,058 $5,039
3 FU.Bill.Kassouf Austria $7,786 $1,905
4 AlligatorBLUD Canada $5,173 $1,448
5 FishOnHeater Hungary $3,631 $3,072
6 NonB3nissim0 Malta $2,499 $1,225
7 Rochinha2011 Brazil $1,717 $2,035
8 simsim0209 Kazakhstan $1,101 $548

Christmas Freeze #48-HR: $200K Gtd PKO Fast

  • Buy-in: $1,050
  • Entrants: 176
  • Prize pool: $200,000
  • Place paid: 24

The largest prize on Christmas Freeze Final Day came courtesy of the Christmas Freeze #48-HR: $200K Gtd PKO Fast event, a $1,050 buy-in affair that attracted a field of 176 to the partypoker tables.

“rrinKS” of Kosova scooped $24,006 for their victory, a princely sum boosted by $28,600 worth of bounties for a combined score worth $52,606. The bridesmaid in this event was Malta-based “KoKymKuS” who walked away with $5,167 worth of scalps and $17,248 in prize money.

Incredibly, it was eighth-place finisher “Colette1986” who got their hands on the second-most bounties. The Germany saw their $2,983 eighth-place prize increased by $5,492 with only our champion winning more bounties!

Place Player Country Prize Bounties
1 rrinKS Kosovo $24,006 $28,600
2 KoKymKuS Malta $17,248 $5,167
3 dotcotton1939 United Kingdom $12,583 $3,315
4 SandwichBacon United Kingdom $9,003 $3,445
5 MinusEve Austria $6,291 $3,640
6 SUI_MISHA Russia $4,881 $1,950
7 pokerstrategg Belarus $3,796 $390
8 Colette1986 Germany $2,983 $5,492

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