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Crunching the numbers

Rake, blind structure and tournament entry fees

What is rake?

Rather than charge you a membership or subscription fee we take a tiny percentage of the pot, called rake. In return, we give you points to spend in our store.

How do we work it out?

This table shows you what the total rake will be in one of your games:

Limit cash games
LimitsNumber of playersRake Maximum
$0.02/$0.04 & $0.05/$0.102-10$0.01 per $0.20 pot$0.50
$0.10/$0.20 & $0.15/$0.302-10$0.01 per $0.20 pot$0.50
$0.25/$0.50 & $0.50/$1.002-10$0.05 per $1.00 pot$1.00
$1/22-10$0.05 per $1.00 pot$1.00
$2/42$0.25 per $5.00 pot$1.00
3-4$0.25 per $5.00 pot$2.00
5-10$0.25 per $5.00 pot$3.00
$3/62$0.50 per $10.00 pot$1.00
3-4$0.50 per $10.00 pot$2.00
5-10$0.50 per $10.00 pot$3.00
$5/10 & $10/202$0.50 per $10.00 pot$1.00
3-4$0.50 per $10.00 pot$2.00
5-10$0.50 per $10.00 pot$3.00
$15/30 to $30/602$0.50 per $20.00 pot$1.00
3-4$1.00 per $20.00 pot$2.00
5-10$1.00 per $20.00 pot$3.00
$50/$100 to $250/$5002-3$1.00 per $100.00 pot$2.00
3-10$1.00 per $100.00 pot$5.00
Heads-up games: no limit, pot limit and fixed limit
LimitsNumber of playersRake Maximum

All except $200/$400 no limit and pot limit


$0.05 per $1.00 pot


$200/$400 no limit and pot limit


$0.05 per $1.00 pot


No limit and pot limit cash games
BlindsNumber of playersRake Maximum
$0.01/$0.02 to $0.05/$0.102-10$0.01 per $0.20 pot$1.00
$0.10/0.25 to $10/252$0.01 per $0.20 pot$1.00
3-4$0.01 per $0.20 pot$2.00
5-10$0.01 per $0.20 pot$3.00
$15/$30 to $100/$2002-3$0.05 per $1.00 pot$2.00
4-10$0.05 per $1.00 pot$5.00
$200/$4002$0.05 per $1.00 pot$2.00
3-10$0.05 per $1.00 pot$5.00

The rake you’ve generated is proportional to the percentage you contributed to the pot. To get rake on a hand you must have been dealt cards, contributed to the pot and the game must generate at least $0.01 in rake for you.

What about tournament entry fees?

To make sure you take home the most cash from your tourney play, there’s a fee to enter rather than rake on every game. The fee varies depending on the buy-in, and is usually between 0% and 20% of the buy-in.

All tourney fees are shown on the buy-in screen and all transactions, including rake, are in US dollars.

Tournament blind structures

Please check the tournament lobby for full details of the blind structure relating to a specific tournament.

Multi-table tournaments will have levels ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. In general, levels will be 15 minutes for regular tournaments, 10 minutes for freerolls and qualifiers and 5 minutes for speed/turbo. These structures and times are subject to change.

In addition to any rules associated with a particular tournament or promotion, our standard tournament rules apply to all tournaments.