18+. Available on MTT, satellites, SPINS, Sit & Go, cash games or fastforward.


partydollars – your flexible poker currency

Introducing partydollars (P$)!

What are P$?

  • P$ are a new poker currency offering you more flexibility

You can spend your P$ on any SPINS Overdrive games, online poker tournament, fastforward table or cash game.


Usable for any online poker MTT, SPINS Overdrive, Sit & Go, fastforward or cash game

Flexible spending for you, giving you more choice

Key features

partydollars are your new flexible currency to be spent on any poker game. With partydollars, you’ll never be locked into just one type of event. You can enjoy spending your P$ on the online games of your choice – even a high-stakes cash game!

partydollars key facts

Can be used in any online MTT, satellite, SPINS Overdrive games, cash games, fastforward tables or Sit & Gos.

partydollars cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged for cash.

Terms and Conditions

  2. partydollars (P$) are a virtual currency and can be used in to buy-in to any poker game in full or part. This includes Multi-Table Tournaments, SPINS Overdrive games, Sit & Go tournaments, Normal cash games or FastForward cash games.
  3. When you register to a tournament or cash game, P$ will be used first (unless you change your settings to use your cash first).
  4. Where P$ are used to buy-in to a tournament, un-registration from the tournament prior to start will result in a refund of P$ back to the player account.
  5. Any winnings generated from finishing in a prize rank in the tournament will be in the currency advertised in the tournament lobby.
  6. When P$ are used to buy-in to cash games, P$ will treated as cash at the cash game table. If the player stands-up or leaves the table before P$ have been invested into the pot, the uninvested P$ will be returned to the player as P$. Any P$ which have been invested into the pot will be returned as cash.
  7. P$ are valid for 12 months, are non-withdrawable and cannot be sold, transferred, exchanged or refunded.