Software Updates

Stay up to date with the latest version of the partypoker client software, and learn more about each new feature!

  • Spins Overdrive is an exciting new SPINS game. It is the first change to the SPINS’s game model in a decade and is unique to PartyPoker.
  • Spins Overdrive will keep the same 3 player format.

  • The big exciting difference is that the new Spins Overdrive will offer a different prize each time you play for the majority of players, each time they play. This is thanks to new mathematical modelling.
  • The new SPINS prizes will be awarded through a multiplier of between 2x and 12000 times a player’s buy in making a huge number of unique prizes.
  • Everytime you play SPINS over drive you will be shown their prize through a racing car which will race to the finishing line to reveal your unqiue SPINS prize at the end of the race.

Scripted Hands IOS

Check out our new Poker tutorial on your mobile device.

This new, fun, interactive mobile tutorial will be delivered to you by your very own personal Poker coach called Whiz.

When you start watching the video you will see how you can use the fun, interactive, Poker tutorial to learn important new Poker skills.

After the video has played, the Poker tutorial will start. You will then get served up to 10 hands and you can exit the tutorial whenever you like. Each hand will teach a different lesson. When you are first dealt each hand you a are given a series of choices on what is the best decision to play the hand. Once you decide how to play the hand, Whiz will mark you. If your decision wasn’t the best one, the simply do the hand again and again until you learn the optimal way to play the hand.

Cashback 2.0 June 2022

We’ve upgraded our cashback program to award more cashback to more players than ever before! Opt in to make sure you don’t miss out on your cashback.

Our new PartyPoker cashback program awards more cashback to more players than ever before!

Once you opt in to our new cashback program, it’s easy to check your cashback balance on your Apple mobile device.

Make sure you opt into cashback to receive all these benefits:

  • Earn more points, faster with variable points
  • Easier to unlock first cash reward
  • Individual player boosts every week
  • Improved progress bar to make things clearer and more transparent
  • Get paid in real cash – no bonuses, no wagering requirements, no nonsense
  • Automatic payments every Monday when you qualify for cashback
  • Cashback resets each week, so there’s no pressure to play every single day of the month
  • You’ll still have chances to earn boosted points from other promotions on top!

All-in Cashout June 2022

All-in Cashout is our new feature that allows you to lock in your profits when you go all in. Never suffer from a bad beat again!

Nobody likes a bad beat story, which is why we’ve introduced our All-In Cashout feature!

Try our All-In Cashout feature now to lock in profit based on your odds of winning the pot!

How does All-In Cashout work?

A button will appear on your table whenever All-In Cashout is available. If you choose to use it, your funds will instantly be locked in. You’ll receive profit even if you would have gone on to lose the hand.

P$ April 2022

P$ are our new, flexible poker currency giving you the flexibility to spend your P$ on cash games, fastforward, MTT, SPINS and Sit & Go games.

P$ on iOS (iPhone)

P$ have arrived at PartyPoker. P$ are our new, flexible poker currency..

You can check your P$ balance in your account section on your iOS mobile device.

You can spend your partydollars (P$) on all of your favourite cash games, fastforward, MTT, SPINS and Sit & Go games.


Optimised the seating logic of our Fast Forward games to improve player experience.

Hot tables

Hot Tables give fastforward and cash game players the chance to win a massive, boosted cash prize at any moment! And we’re boosting thousands of hands every day- find out more here.

partypoker LIVE Tab

We’ve improved the partypoker Live tab layout, and with high-profile series continuing to be moved online, you can easily find the scheduled games.

The March 2020 software update brings the following great new features:

Equal blinds for heads-up games

For heads-up tables, both players must play an equal number of big blinds before leaving the game.

Similarly, a player will only be able to ‘sit out’, once they have been through the as many big blinds as their opponent.

If a player quits the game before the number of big blinds is equal, they will automatically post and fold.

This is part of partypoker’s continued efforts to create an even fairer online poker environment!

The January 2020 software update brings the following great new features:

King of the Hill

A new addition to heads-up cash games, King of the Hill creates more action by making players ‘battle’ for the table.

There will be a limited number of tables available at each stake, and players can only wait at one table per stake level. This forces players to compete against each other, rather than unfairly waiting for ‘less-skilled’ opponents.

However, if both players in a heads-up game agree to open additional tables, this will still be considered as one game. Namely, it won’t count towards the number of tables available for that stake.

The October 2019 software update brings the following great new features:

Ante Cash Games

From October, players will be able to enjoy cash games with the use of antes.

Antes create more action due to the increased ‘dead money’ in the pot at the beginning of each hand. They are collected from each player before a card is dealt, and are the same value for every player.

For example, at a $1/$2 NL cash game with six players sat in and an ante of $0.40, the value of the pot stands at $5.40 before any voluntary money is contributed.

New table data points

Ante Cash Games

Monday, June 17 sees a major overhaul of partypoker’s cash game product, which brings the following software changes:

Forced screen name change  

From 09:00 BST (10:00 CEST) all players will be required to select a new player alias (screen name) when they log into the client – allowing everyone on partypoker’s global dotcom license to start afresh with a clean slate.

Names are subject to the site’s usual rules about behaviour and language, and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Name Change Update

Name Change Update

Removal of local hand histories

As part of the ecology changes partypoker will no longer be offering the option for players to obtain/download hand histories.

This means that databases cannot be created to analyse players and HUDs will no longer work across the dotcom liquidity.

A new redesigned hand replayer was recently introduced in respect of this change.

Prohibition of third-party software

Another change will see most third-party software prohibited from being used while playing on partypoker, with the exception of ‘partycaption’ and ‘StackAndTile’.

Suspected use of any other third-party software may result in permanent ban from the site.

Disabling of ‘railing’

As part of the update players will no longer be able to observe cash game tables that they are not sat at, also known as railing.

Country flags hidden

In addition, we’ve hidden country flags from the tournament lobby and have also removed the ‘mouse over’ display of country for a player's plate at the game table.

This further enforces the clean slate provided by the enforced screen name change and protects the identity of players, in particular those of low volume countries and playing at high stakes.

Four-colour deck hand replayer

partypoker recently introduced a redesigned hand replayer in support of the changes, which features a new four-colour deck in response to player feedback.

Four-colour deck hand replayer

Four-colour deck hand replayer

Thursday, 14 March sees the latest partypoker software update, which brings with it a raft of new features.

Short Deck

Short Deck poker hits the client.

This exciting cash game format is played with a reduced deck of cards, with all cards below “6” removed, leaving 36 cards to play with. The game plays almost identically to Texas Hold’em, except a flush beats a full house and there is no small or big blind. Instead, everyone pays an ante (in addition to a button ante) to help generate action. This is a game that has increased in popularity in the high stakes world and now we’re bringing it to the masses.

Mobile deal-making

Those players who play multi-table tournaments via the partypoker mobile app will be delighted to learn we have added our deal making facility to both the Android and iOS-powered app.

This innovative new feature allows mobile app users to:

  • Initiate deals
  • View deal breakdowns
  • Accept or decline deals
  • Edit deal offerings (chip leader only)
  • Create custom deals (chip leader only)
  • Create and accept or decline post-deal payouts (chip leader only)
Mobile deal-making

Mobile deal-making

fast forward displayed under cash

Our cash game players will now see the fastforward tables displayed under the cash game filter in addition to being in the fastforward lobby. fastforward games will be easily identified in the cash game lobby as they will be displayed in a different colour to prevent any confusion.

Link to Sports – App

A link to the Sports App has now been added so you can easily multi-game across Sport bets, Poker tables & Casino games.