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Lucky Leaderboard

Check out the current standings for this week’s New Year Rush lucky leaderboard:

Last updated time: Mon, Sep 20th 2021, 8:29:05 am

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Terms and Conditions

  • Day 1 - all players can earn 5 cards - first card 0.4 points, second card 2 points ,third card 3.9 points, fourth card 5.5 and fifth card 7 points
  • Max 5 cards per day per player for the duration of the promotional period
  • Points earnings carry over to the next day:
    For exp – day 1 earn 0.2 points, day 2 a further 0.2 points – player shall immediately receive 0.4 point card to reveal on day 2
  • Promotional week period Wednesday – 00:00CET Tuesday – 23:59CET (points earning period)
  • Promotional day period 00:00CET – 23:59CET daily (5 cards daily)
  • When revealing multiple cards (2-5) then only ONE prize shall be shown, but the appropriate number of prizes are added.
  • For Spins Ticket additions, check ticket section within the client for details
    For Cash additions, please check your transaction history under your account section
    Lucky leaderboard points have no monetary value, and are assigned at random when revealing cards
  • By taking part in this Promotion, you agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions