Yesterday’s Leaderboard Standings

Check out yesterday’s final SPINS Ultra Leaderboards standings below:

Last updated time: Wed, Aug 17th 2022, 3:32:30 am

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Leaderboards will run from 00:00 CEST - 23:59 CEST daily
  2. Play on SPINS Ultra games will count towards the SPINS Ultra leaderboard only.
  3. Leaderboards points do not count towards the weekly cashback programme
  4. Leaderboard points are awarded upon exit of the SPINS game
  5. Gameplay in non-SPINS Sit & Go tournaments and regular (non-Ultra) SPINS will not count towards leaderboard points
  6. Winners will be paid within 24 hours of each leaderboard completing
  7. **Prize consists of both Tickets and Cash
  8. Prizes are non-exchangeable
  9. Cash prizes are unrestricted cash amounts.
  10. Ticket prizes will expire after 30 days from issue date

LEADERBOARD formula: Points = (buy-in - rake) * Leaderboard Multiplier