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WPT Venice Day 4: Final Table Of Six Reached!

Fifteen players started but only six of them remain, our WPT Venice Main Event final table members. Leading the final six into battle tomorrow afternoon is Michele Caroli with 2,097,000 chips.

Caroli was propelled the the top of the chip counts after sending Marvin Rettenmaier to the rail in eighth place. He raised to 50,000 with blinds at 8,000/16,000/2,000a and then called Rettenmaier’s three-bet to 156,000. He then snap-called a 126,000 bet on a flop and a 176,000 bet on the turn and finally a 220,000 shove on the river with .

Keeping Caroli company on the final table, which will be streamed live, are Edoardo Alescio, Andrea Benelli, Andrea Dato, Alex Dovzhenko and Steve O’Dwyer. When they return to the felt at 1300CET they will do so sat as follows:

  • Seat 1: Edoardo Alescio – 1,714,000
  • Seat 2: Michele Caroli – 2,097,000
  • Seat 3: Andrea Dato – 461,000
  • Seat 4: Andrea Benelli – 1,143,000
  • Seat 5: Steve O’Dwyer – 501,000
  • Seat 6: Alex Dovzhenko – 480,000

Each of the six have now locked up at least €27,035 but one of them will walk away with €175,000 and a seat to the 2012 WPT World Championship in Las Vegas.


Alejandro Sanchez Eliminated in 7th Place (€20,425)

Alejandro Sanchez

Andrea Benelli raises to 34,000 in the cutoff and Sanchez moves all-in for around 120,000 in the big blind. Benelli was waiting for it and he called very quickly. When the cards had their big reveal it was an awful moment for Sanchez.


The flop was and the turn card sealed the deal. Nobody was looking at the as it hit the felt, instead five people were celebrating and two people were exchanging a friendly handshake. One of those people was Sanchez, our unfortunate final table bubble boy.


Happy Christmas From The WPT!


Marvin Rettenmaier Eliminated in 8th Place (€15,020)

Marvin Rettenmaier

Marvin Rettenmaier has been eliminated in eighth place in a hand he described as “the craziest thing he has seen at the poker table!”

Michele Caroli opened from the cutoff to 50,000 with blinds at 8,000/16,000/2,000a and then quickly called when Rettenmaier three-bet to 156,000 in the big blind. The dealer put out the flop and Rettenmaier lead out with a 126,000 bet, a bet that Caroli snap-called.

The turn is the and Rettenmaier bets again, making it 176,000 to play. Caroli quickly calls once more. The final card is the and around 220,000 left in his stack Rettenmaier shoves all in and Caroli makes an instantaneous call.


Rettenmaier stays sat at the table stunned then after a few moments before rising from his seat and saying “that was the craziest thing I have ever seen at the poker table!”


Christopher Creus Eliminated in 9th Place (€10,810)

Christopher Creus

Christopher Creus has been sent to the rail in ninth place after he lost a vital coinflip against Edouard Alescio.

Creus moved all in with and was called by the of Edouard Alescio. The board failed to connect with Creus’ hand and he becomes the first casualty of the final table.


Alescio’s Hero Call

Early Edoardo Alescio made a call on the river against Andrea Benelli for a huge pot. Here he speaks to our cameraman about that very hand.


Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: Edoardo Alescio – 1,469,000 (93 BBs)
Seat 2: Michele Caroli – 1,495,000 (93 BBs)
Seat 3: Alex Dovzhenko – 534,000 (33 BBs)
Seat 4: Andrea Benelli – 866,000 (54 BBs)
Seat 5: Steve O’Dwyer – 541,000 (33 BBs)
Seat 6: Marvin Rettenmaier – 624,000 (39 BBs)
Seat 7: Andrea Dato – 396,000 (25 BBs)
Seat 8: Alejandro Sanchez – 128,000 (8 BBs)
Seat 9: Christopher Creus – 253,000 (16 BBs)


Dinner Time

Now the final table has been reached we have all been sent on a 60-minute dinner break.


Dario Rusoni Eliminated in 10th Place (€7,510)

A devastated Dario Rusconi is the WPT Venice Main Event bubble boy after a clash with Andrea Pato. The latter raised to 100,000 from the cutoff and Rusconi moved all in, Pato snap-called.


A crowd gathered around the table as the dealer put out the flop, followed by the turn and river and when the tournament director counted the stacks Rusconi only covered Pato by 7,000 chips.

These went into the pot blind the very next hand and found himself heads-up against Michele Caroli.


The board ran out and we are down to nine in the Main Event.


Break Time

The players are on a 15-minute break.


Sanchez Doubles

Alejandro Sanchez Doubles But He’s Still In Trouble

Alejandro Sanchez has just doubled up through the man who crippled him, Christopher Creus. Sanchez was all in with and was against the of Creus. The board ran out and Sanchez doubles.

“Sorry guys,” he says as he stacks his chips.


Fish And Their Chips

Table One

Seat 1: Andrea Dato – 310,000
Seat 2: Darlo Rusconi – 265,000
Seat 3: Michele Caroli – 1,300,000
Seat 4: Alejandro Sanchez – 250,000
Seat 5: Christopher Creus – 200,000

Table Two

Seat 1: Andrea Benelli – 1,240,000
Seat 2: Marvin Rettenmaier – 610,000
Seat 3: Steve O’Dwyer – 580,000
Seat 4: Alex Dovzhenko – 580,000
Seat 5: Edoardo Alescio – 1,000,000


Alescio Scoops Huge Pot

Edoardo Alescio opens to 27,000 from under the gun and both Andrea Benelli (next to act) and Steve O’Dwyer (small blind) call. The dealer burns a card before putting out the and Alescio checks. Benelli makes it 39,000 and when O’Dwyer folds Alescio instantly calls.

The turn is the and Alescio checks again. Benelli reaches for chips and bets 84,000 and Alescio instantly calls. The fifth and final community card is the and Alescio checks. Benelli remains completely motionless for a few moments before he picks up a pile of blue chips worth 225,000 and two yellow 1,000 chips and bets 227,000. Alescio quickly calls and Benelli checks his card and seems reluctant to turn them over. Alescio turns over and Benelli mucks.

Alescio slams the table with his fist and says something we do not understand in Italian but it seemed like he was pleased, and rightly so because he now has 1,300,000 chips.


Christopher Creus Doubles Up

All the attention was focused on Table 1 because there was an all in and a call and the final table could be set! Alejandro Sanchez was in late position and Creus had made the call on the button.


The keeps Sanchez’s pocket threes in front but Creus still has outs. The turn gives him even more and the on the river is one of them because he now has kings and tens with an ace kicker, Sanchez’s small pair is counterfeited.


Arnaud Mattern Eliminated in 11th Place (€7,515)

Arnaud Mattern

Arnaud Mattern is on a fine run of form this year. He has run deep in so many tournaments including a final table a few weeks ago at WPT Marrakech where is finished in 4th place. Unfortunately, for Mattern it is another case of so near but yet so far, and this exit has left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Michele Caroli raises to 35,000 on the button and Mattern moves all-in from the small blind. Caroli asks for a count and after the dealer has done her job he makes the call.

“Wow, sick slow roll,” says Mattern when he sees the hand that Caroli was taken his time with.


Mattern was out and a jubilant Caroli went to shake his hand but Mattern was not a happy respondent, “what after that slow roll?” Said Mattern. Caroli didn’t seem to care as he started to stack his 1,300,000 chips.


Creus Doubles Through Alescio

Edoardo Alescio raises to 28,000 and Christopher Creus moves all-in for 89,000. Alescio makes the call and we have a showdown.



Creus doubles up to 200,000 and Alescio now has 840,000


Lucky River For O’Dwyer

Steve O'Dwyer

Steve O’Dwyer has just doubled through Alexander Dovzhenko in quite fortunate circumstances. The action folded to him on the button and he moved all in for 160,000 with . Dovzhenko was the small blind and he pondered his options for close to 90 seconds before making the call with .

The flop hit both players but Dovzhenko’s kings are still the best hand. The was the turn card, which gave O’Dwyer some outs to an unlikely straight but the river was the gifting the American two pair.


Mattern Doubles Up With Unlikely Starting Hand

Arnaud Mattern is back in business after doubling up with the monster that is . He open-shoved for 166,000 from late position and Christohper Creus made the call in the big blind with .

The board runs out and the Frenchman doubles to close to 400,000 chips.


Fernando Cimaglia Eliminated in 12th Place (€7,515)

Andrea Benelli makes a standard raise in early position and Fernando Cimaglia calls one seat to his left. The flop reading is checked through and we see the appear on the turn. Bennelli bets 41,000 and Cimaglia’s raises the action to 101,000. Benelli and he moves all-in and Cimaglia calls.

Benelli turns over and Cimaglia slams on the table in disgust. The on the river was irrelevant and Cimaglia was out in 12th.


Ronnie Bardah Eliminated in 13th Place (€6,905)

Ronnie Bardah

Edoardo Alescio raises to 28,000, Bardah moves all-in for 150,000 and Alescio calls. Bardah has been singing to himself for four straight days and when he saw Alescio’s hand his heart must have burst into song.


Alescio was dominated but only until the dealer put out the flop. Alescio takes the lead and the and kept him there and Bardah was gone. Alescio now has over one million chips and is by the far the player who the poker gods have taken a liking to this morning.


Break Time

The players head off into the distance for a much needed 15-minute break


Mattern Cut In Half

Andrea Dato opens from the hijack to 22,000 and both Michele Caroli (button) and Arnaud Mattern (small blind) call. The first three community cards come down and all three players quickly check. The on the turn see Mattern lead out with a 40,000 bet and is also witness to Dato moving all in. Caroli instantly gets out of the way but Mattern looks like he could call.

He removes his earphones and wraps them around his iPod Nano before asking the dealer how much the bet is.

“192,000” says the dealer.

“192?” he asks


“I call,” says the Frenchman after around 35 seconds and turns over but he is crushed by the that has flopped a wheel. The river is the and the pot slides towards Dato.


Bellini Adds To Stack

On a board reading Andrea Bellini leads into Steve O’Dwyer with a 46,000 bet, sending the American into the tank. O’Dwyer sits for over a minute trying to figure out if he has the best hand and he eventually decides he does and makes the call.

However, he is wrong because he cannot beat the Bellini shows him and he mucks his hand.


World’s Tightest Man Plays Two All In Pots

Dario Rusconi is tighter than a camel’s bum in a sandstorm but he has just been involved in two all-in pots. In the first pot the action folds around to Andrea Dato in the small blind and he moves all-in for 111,000 (something we had seen him do once prior) and Rusconi makes the call from the big blind.



Then in the second pot, the action folds around to Rusconi on the button and moves all-in. Edoardo Alescio calls in the big blind and when the cards take off their clothes Rusconi has a big smile on his face.



Alescio ~ 680,000
Rusconi ~ 347,000


Alescio Takes Down Pot On The River

Arnaud Mattern

Arnaud Mattern is in the cutoff and he makes it 22,000 to play. To his immediate left is Edouard Alescio and he makes the call. Both blinds fold and the dealer puts out the flop.

Mattern bets 32,000 and Alescio almost beats him into the pot with a call. The turn is dealt with equally as fast, Mattern checking the and Alescio snap-checking it back. The river is the and Mattern checks again only to see his opponent fire a bet of 42,000 at him. Mattern turn his head slightly and studies Alescio but he cannot get any read off him and he lets his hand go.


Mattern Takes On Rusconi

From early position Dario Rusconi opens the betting and sets the price to play at 21,000. Arnaud Mattern is seated two to Rusconi’s left and he three-bets to 52,000 and Rusconi, who takes approximately three months to perform any action, eventually calls.

Flop: – Rusconi sits for over a minute before checking but thankfully Mattern acts a little quicker and bets 52,000. Rusconi pauses for an age once again before letting his hand go.


Rettenmaier With Another Flush

Regulars on the European poker circuit often joke that Marvin Rettenmaier always has the flush and we just saw a hand where he had yet another one!

Rettenmaier raises from under the gun with a 21,000 bet and both blinds call (Andrea Benelli – SB and Fernando Cimaglia – BB). The three of them share a flop and Rettenmaier makes a continuation bet of 34,000 and only Cimaglia calls. The turn is the and Cimaglia check-calls a 67,000 bet before we see the on the river.

Cimaglia checks and Rettenmaier really tests him with a bet of 173,000. This bet leaves 90,000 in front of Rettenmaier and Cimaglia has 458,000 behind. Cimaglia goes into deep thought for a very long time and the media surround the table. It was so quiet you could hear the sounds of Guru Josh blaring out of the side of Andrea Benelli’s earphones and sections of the media started to move in time with the music. Eventually, right on cue, Steve O’Dwyer lets out the biggest yawn the world had ever seen and Cimaglia calls. Rettenmaier flips over and Cimaglia mucks.

“Nice hand,” says Andrea Benelli.

“Nice music,” thought certain sections of the media.

Rettenmaier ~ 640,000
Cimaglia ~ 230,000


Happy Birthday Tony G!

Today is Tony G’s birthday and our Royal Flush Girls sang a little song for him.


Table 2 Chips

  • Seat 1: Alejandro Sanchez – 370,000
  • Seat 2: Andrea Benelli – 825,000
  • Seat 3: Fernando Cimiglia – 320,000
  • Seat 4: Marvin Rettenmaier – 450,000
  • Seat 5: Steve O’Dwyer – 360,000
  • Seat 6: Alex Dovzhenko – 880,000


Chip Counts From Table 1

The clue is in the title!

  • Seat 1: Andrea Dato – 160,000
  • Seat 2: Darlo Rusconi – 275,000
  • Seat 3: Michele Caroli – 815,000
  • Seat 4: Arnaud Mattern – 490,000
  • Seat 5: Edoardo Alescio – 530,000
  • Seat 6: Ronnie Bardah – 290,000
  • Seat 7: Christopher Creus – 505,000


Tight Is Right

Either the players are not being dealt any playable cards or they are playing so tight that they are waiting for aces or kings. Most poker players dream about reaching a World Poker Tour final table so you have to factor that into the equation. At the moment nobody seems to want to take advantage of the tightness bu that could change at any time.

Stay tuned!


Break It Up

The players are now on a 15-minute break


Wanny Piazza Eliminated in 14th Place (€6,905)

Wanny Piazza

We are down to 13 in the WPT Venice Main Event after Wanny Piazza gifted his entire stack to Alexander Dovzhenko.

Marvin Rettenmaier opens to 17,000 from early position and after Steve O’Dwyer folds Dovzhenko called. Piazza calls on the button and it is three-handed to the flop. Rettenmaier continues the aggression with a bet of 22,000 and Dozhenko calls. Piazza announces all in, which forces Rettenmaier out of the hand but Dovzhenko snap-calls, much the the disappointment of Piazza.

“Really?” Piazza says in an extremely disappointed tone.


A set of nines for the Russian leaves Piazza drawing very thin but the turn gives him some outs. The river is not one of them though, the missing Piazza and he is sent to the rail whilst Dovzhenko sees his stack swell to 1,500,000 and he is out new chip leader.

“That could have been so sick,” said Rettenmaier, “I had [8x][5x]!”

“That’s the respect you have for your opponents,” says O’Dwyer, “raising [8x][5x] at this stage.”


O’Dwyer Doubles Up

Steve O’Dwyer is now sitting with 285,000 chips after doubling up through the aggressive German Marvin Rettenmaier. The action folded to Rettenmaier in the small blind and he decided to move all in. O’Dwyer checked his cards and instantly called.


The flop is safe for O’Dwyer but the turns means if he hits an ace Rettenmaier wins with a straight. After burning a card the dealer puts out the on the river and O’Dwyer doubles.


Roberto Romanello Eliminated in 15th Place (€6,905)

Roberto Romanello

Our sole World Poker Tour (WPT) Champions Club Member has been eliminated in the first two hands of Day 4 here at the Casino Di Venezia.

In the first hand Romanello opens the action with a raise to 17,000 in the hijack and Ronnie Bardah three-bets to 39,000. Romanello folds and flicks over and Bardah shows

“I always show one hand per day and that is the one,” says Bardah.

Not to be deterred Romanello then opens up his second hand for 17,000 and this time Michele Caroli moves all-in from the big blind for over 700,000 chips, an amount that dwarfs Romanello’s stack.

“I call,” says Romanello instantly


The flop and turn are a dream come true for the Welshman. But the ace on the river is a nightmare and Romanello is our first casualty of the day. As ever Romanello hangs around the tables waiting for the cobwebs to clear, which knowing the man, may take some time.


Caroli now has around 1,000,000 chips.


Bonjourno and welcome to Day 4 of WPT Venice where we are down to the final 15 players in the €3,300 Main Event. Today we will play down to our six-handed final table regardless of how long that may take us and almost nailed on to get there is our chip leader Marvin Rettenmaier.

Also in with a legitimate shout of World Poker Tour glory are the likes of Arnaud Mattern, Steve O’Dwyer and Roberto Romanello, the latter looking to add WPT Venice to his long list of accomplishments that includes a WPT Bratislava title.

Play is under way so take a seat, grab a coffee and stay tune for all the action from the WPT Venice Main Event.


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