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PartyPoker Blog is in Barcelona, Spain this week for the WPT Spanish Championship. We will provide you all the latest updates, pictures, videos and the live stream of the WPT Barcelona final table on Sunday.

We we have flown through three days of superlative poker action and there are just two more days remaining. Today 48 players will take their seats in the Gran Casino and their goal for the day will be to finish in the remaining final table spots. That will be the mark for the day, and despite a short 90-minute interval so the whole of the casino can stop and watch Man Utd batter Barcelona, it will be none stop action.

Our own Lionel Messi is Szymon Pieszczoch, who has dribbled his way through masses of players on his way to accumulating a haul of 411,000 chips. Trying to chop and kick at his heels will be the likes of Jesus, Cortes, Lizano, Romain Matteoli, Bo Sehlstedt and Martin Jacobson. It will be fast and furious so stay tuned at 15:00 (CET) for our own little kick off.

Day 3 comes to a climactic ending with Jorge Duffour as our chip leader. Please check out the recap here and return later today when we play our final table and reveal our new champion.

The live updates for the Final Table can be found here.


Szymon Pieszczoch Eliminated in 9th Place (€14,000)

Szymon Pieszczoch became our final table bubble boy in an amazing last hand of the evening.

Markus Ristola raised to 50,000 from the cut-off and Jorge Duffour called on the button. Bussot folded in the small blind and Szymon Pieszczoch moved all-in from the big blind. It was 48,000 more to Ristola and Duffour and they paid their dues.


Whlst everyone around the table was expecting a show of solidarity and a check down, Ristola had other ideas, and he launched a 40,000 bet into Duffour and Duffour made the call.


This was starting to get serious as Ristola bet 100,000 and Pieszczoch must have thought he was doomed when Duffour called.


Ristola counted out a bet of 150,000 and moved it across the line. He must have the nut flush we all thought! That was until the nervous, shaking wreck that was Duffour moved all-in and Ristola mucked instantly.

Duffour was trembling like a leaf as he turned over for the nut flush and incredibly Pieszczoch had , such a strong hand at the wrong time!

With that hand Duffour became the chip leader with 2,041,000, Ristola was reduced to rubble with just 297,000 and Pieszczoch was our final table bubble boy.


Szymon Pieszczoch Cripples Himself

When it came to the smart betting of whom the final player would be to bust, Szymon Pieszczoch was not in the running. The smart money was on either Artur Koren or Alexander Sidorin because you knew they had a shove or fold stack. Then the table was well and truly turned on its head.

Pieszczoch raised to 50,000 from middle position and Romain Matteoli three-bet him from the button making it 110,000 in total. Pieszczoch asked for a count before moving all-in and Matteoli snap-called. Amazingly Pieszczoch only had and his nightmare got even worse when Matteoli revealed two blockers in his hand of .


As usual in these kind of tournaments a moment of madness has changed the tide. Pieszczoch now has a little over 100,000 whilst Matteoli has around 1,400,000.


Frederic Bussot Doubles Up

The tightest player on the table, bar none, is Frederic Bussot. His stack was literally dribbling away when eventually it had reached 138,000 (5 big blinds).

Guillem Usero raised to 48,000 from early position and when it folded to Bussot he played his first hand of the level by moving all-in. Usero had to call and it was a showdown.



“Sorry guys,” said a sarcastically apologetic Bussot.


Action Since We Went Down to One Table

S1 – Romain Matteoli 680,000
S2 – Artur Koren 293,000
S3 – Lukas Berglund 730,000
S4 – Markus Ristola 820,000
S5 – Jorge Duffour 1,100,000
S6 – Frederic Fuentes 162,000
S7 – Szymon Pieszczoch 740,000
S8 – Guillem Usero 1,420,000
S9 – Alexander Sidorin 300,000

Pieszczoch raised to 43,000 from early position and Ristola defended his big blind. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was and a 55,000 Ristola bet won the pot.

Jorge Duffour raised to 45,000 on the button and the uber tight Fuentes called from the small blind and the two of them shared a flop. It was and a c-bet from Duffour won the pot.

Guillam Usero raised to 40,000 on the button and Romain Matteoli defended his big blind. The flop was a very tricky looking and Matteoli check-called a 50,000 Usero bet. The turn was the and this time Matteoli did not call after his check and the 95,000 double barrel won the pot for the chip leader.

Then we had two all-in shoves by Artur Koren. The first was against Matteoli and the second was against Usero – both players folded.


Joel Robert Dodds Eliminated in 10th Place (€9,000)

Poker tournament life without an I.D tag system is a nightmare for reporters. In order to bring you people of the world the very best action we need to know the names of some of the lesser known players of the world.

Joel Robert Dodds is not a face I have seen on the circuit before but he kindly wrote his name down on my pad when I asked him to earlier today.

His name?

Ambrose-Goldthwaite-Pennypacker “AG”

Nice one Mr Pennypacker!

Anyway Pennypacker or Dodds, whoever he was, could not escape the clutches of the latest poker player killer Guillem Usero. Just a few short hands after eliminating Mariani Usero adds Pennypacker to the other notches on his poker belt. His [ax][kx]beating the [ax][tx]of the man with a thousand names.


Julien Mariani Eliminated in 11th Place (€9,000

Julien Mariani had played very aggressive poker for the entire tournament and when you live by the sword you die by the sword. The action folded around to him in the small blind and he looked down to see [jx][tx]and he moved all-in. Hi sopponent in the big blind was Guillem Usero and he looked down to see [ax][kx]and that was all she wrote


Biggest Hand of the Tournament so Far

Artur Koren has been cruising in this tournament and he has just proved that a poker players fortunes can change in one hand.

Jorge Duffour raised to 50,000 on the button and Koren was seated in the small blind. He asked Duffour for a count and the result was a meaty 610,000. Koren moved 610,000 chips into the middle and the big blind folded.

Koren stared straight ahead and Duffour stared straight into the side of Koren’s head. He was not a happy man but he eventually mustered the courage to make the call.

Duffour turned over and Koren scratched his head and tabled . The head scratching continued as the flop, turn and river all fell devoid of an ace or a king.


Incredibly despite being in the top five chip counts all day Koren drops to short stack (200k) and Duffour has grabbed the chip lead for the second time today with a commanding 1,300,000


Bo Sehlstedt Eliminated in 12th Place (€9,000)

We didn’t see the action but we did see the four cards on their back and all of the chips in the middle.

Markus Ristola:


Ristola moves up to 620,000






Diego Arbuello Eliminated in 13th Place (€6,500)

Diego Arbuello moved all-in from under the gun and Romain Matteoli called on the button.

Arbuello: [tx][tx] Matteoli:


With that elimination Matteoli takes the ever changing chip lead.



Quick Chip Count

  • Alexander Sidorin 1,090,000
  • Lukas Berglund 300,000
  • Szymon Pieszczoch 860,000
  • Artur Koren 900,000
  • Julien Mariani 520,000
  • Guillem Usero 600,000
  • Markus Ristola 350,000
  • Diego Arbuello 300,000
  • Bo Sehlstedt 350,000


Jose Manuel Sordo Eliminated in 14th Place (€6,500)

Jose Manuel Sordo was in push or fold mode for a while. He picked up the blinds and antes at least three times before Artur Koren also moved all-in to isolate him.








Bolivar Alberto Palacios Vasquez Eliminated in 15th Place (€6,500)

Diego Arbuello moved all-in from the button holding and Bolivar Vasquez called in the big blind holding .  Arbuello had Vasquez covered and it proved fatal as the board contained an ace.



All In, All In, All In!

Julien Mariani raised to 35,000 and Bo Sehlstedt moved all-in and Mariani folded.

Julien Mariani raised again to 35,000 and Bo Sehlstedt moved all-in again and Mariani folded.

Bo Sehlstedt raised to 35,000 and Markus Ristola moved all-in and Bo Sehlstedt folded.


Matias Ruiz Vinals Eliminated in 16th Place (€5,500)

Alexander Sidorin raised to 35,000 in early position and Matias Ruiz Vinals moved all-in for 142,000 and Sidorin made the call.



With that elimination Sidorin takes over the chip lead.


Stefan Kuhn Eliminated in 17th Place (€5,500)

The invincible all-in man was telling us a lie. He was invincible after all and we could have guessed that it would have been Artur Koren who ended Kuhn’s hopes. But to be fair to the lad he has made a €5,495 profit.

Kuhn moved in with [8x] [7x] and was called by the [ax][qx]of Koren. The board avoided both players and Koren won with his ace high.



Quick Chip Counts at the Break

  • Artur Koren 750,000
  • Szymon Pieszczoch 700,000
  • Lukas Berglund 400,00
  • Alexander Sidorin 650,000
  • Jorge Duffour 400,000
  • Julien Mariana 375,000
  • Diego Arbuello 320,000
  • Guillem Usero 510,000
  • Bo Sehlstedt 340,000
  • Romain Mariello 420,000

In other news Diego Sanchez Serrano was eliminated in 18th place earning €5,500 but alas we did not see his exit.


A Few Hands From Level 22

We caught a hand featuring Artur Koren and Lukas Berglund on the flop of . Berglund check-calling a 29,000 Koren bet. Both players checked the turn before we saw a river. Berglund made a very small bet of 32,000 and Koren raised to 97,000 forcing Berglund to fold.

Bo Sehlstedt moved all-in three times but never once received a call.

Julien Mariani raised to 28,000 in the small blind and Guillem Usero called in the big blind. That was the end of the action because both players checked it down and Mariani picked up the pot with .



Loic Sa Eliminated in 19th Place (€4,500)

Loic Sa moved all-in from the button holding and Guillem Usero called in the big blind with .



The Invincible Stefan Kuhn

Can you believe that Stefan Kuhn qualified for this event for $5 playing online steps tournaments on Party Poker!

At one point it looked as though Kuhn was going to be our bubble boy when he was involved in a series of all-in clashes with Martin Vallo and Cyril Albiges. We are now down to the last 20 people and incredibly Kuhn, who was down to 5,000 at one point, is still in this competition. The man of steel has been all-in an incredible eight times. He is now showing off and going all-in just for the sheer hell of it – that is how invincible he is! Here he is moving all-in for an incredible ninth time against Julien Mariani who calls him with [2x] [3x]!

Kuhn: [6x] [6x]
Mariani: [2x] [3x]

Board: [4x] [5x] [4x] [jx][3x]

Kuhn doubled up but still only has his proverbial pot to xxx in. We have a reporter watching his every move so keep watch for his tenth all-in soon!


Dan Morgan Eliminated in 20th Place (€4,500)

Dan Morgan has been eliminated at the hands of Szymon Pieszczoch. Morgan raised, Pieszczoch three-bet, Morgan shoved and Pieszczoch called.

Morgan: [9x] [9x]
Pieszczoch: [kx][qx]

Morgan was one card away from doubling up when a cruel queen turned up on the river eliminating the last remaining UK representative.


Michele Daniello Eliminated in 22nd Place and Barbara Martinez Eliminated in 21st Place (Both €4,500)

Two eliminations in very quick succession. Unfortunately, we do not have the details of the Daniello exit but we do have some second hand accounts of the Martinez exit.

Martinez was short when Artur Koren moved all-in on her holding [5x] [6x] and she called holding [ax][kx]. An ace and a king later and Martinez had doubled through. In the very next hand Koren again moved all-in and Martinez again called.

Koren: [ax][tx] Martinez: [jx][jx]

An ace on the board knocking Martinez out of the competition in 21st place.



How to Prepare for a Final Table Being Streamed to Hundreds of Thousands of People

All of the action from the final table of the WPT Spanish Championships is going to be streamed live around the globe. Tatjana Pasalic asked some of our pro’s for advice on how to handle yourself during the big occasion.


Raul Arza Pino Eliminated in 23rd Place (€4,500)

It was a simple two horse ace between the of Raul Pino and the of Alexander Sidorin. Sidorin obviously won the race or the headline would have been different, but it was close.


With that elimination Sidorin moves into the top spot with 660,000.


Yann Enzinger Eliminated in 25th Place (€4,500) and Maria Maceiras Eliminated in 24th Place (€4,500)

We do not have the details of Enzinger’s elimination but we do have the Maceiras exit.

She had moved all-in three times previously. The first time she doubled up and the second and third time got through uncontested. During her fourth all-in Artur Koren called and the although the flop brought a little something for everyone an unwanted heart on the turn sent the Spanish senorita spinning over to the cash desk.



Here is Maceiras speaking to Tatjana Pasalic just before her exit.



What Do Poker Players Do During The Scheduled Dinner Break?

We had a very special dinner break here at the WPT Spanish Championships as all of the players watched the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona. Who was going to win? Tatjana Pasalic asked some of the players.


Cyril Albigas Eliminated in 26th Place (€4,500)

Maybe the football at the break got to some of these players because we just had a Mexican wave all-in. First Stefan Kuhn moved all-in, then Cyril Albigas moved all-in and finally Jan Enzinger moved all-in. Enzinger had Kuhn covered and Kuhn had Albigas covered.



Kuhn triples up and Enzinger hangs by a thread.


Martin Vallo Eliminated in 27th Place (€4,500)

Martin Vallo just scraped into the money and he was so grateful that when he went all-in after the break he did it blind.




Bubble Battle Part Three – Thomas Traboulsi v The World

In what was probably the funniest bubble moment of my short writing history Thomas Traboulsi was just trounced by his table.

I gave Traboulsi the nickname of The Talk because he has not stopped his banter for the past three days. Like I have said before his tongue twisting nature has brought him a lot of friends but it has also made him a few enemies.

When he moved his final 1,000 chip into the pot the entire table called him down. As the flop, turn and river were put down by the dealer each player checked. But when they checked it was as if they were also waving bye-bye to the troubled Traboulsi.


Traboulsi had but he had so many cards to dodge it was an impossible dream. It was Raul Arza holding [kx][tx]who won the hand and Thomas “The Talk” Traboulsi was crowned WPT Spanish Championship Bubble Boy 2011.

I think we are going to miss him. In the meantime here is a video of the man doing what he does best – talking.


Bubble Battle Part Two – Cyril Albiges v Stefan Kuhn

Yes, it is the sequel to the outstanding Bubble Battle and we have the returning feature star Stefan Kuhn. His opponent in part two was Cyril Albiges and he was a home town favourite judging by the chants of jack, jack, jack emanating from the rail.



Albiges was left with a 1k chip and a chair and Kuhn a couple of thousand more than before the hand started.


Bubble Battle Part One – Martin Vallo v Stefan Kuhn

Stefan Kuhn had the temerity to move all-in from the small blind against the big blind of Martin Vallo. I say temerity because both players had nothing but shrapnel in front of them. Vallo made the call and the entire casino gathered around the table to see the titanic tussle.



Vallo doubled up his shrapnel and Kuhn was left with a little bit less shrapnel.


Alexander Sidorin the River Rat

We haven’t had a prayer to God for a few days until Alexander Sidorin fried the brain of Raul Arza.

Arza made it 18,000 to play and Sidorin made the call on the button.




Arza check-called a 25,000 Sidorin bet.

Both players check the turn and the deal dropped the heavenly (if you are Sidorin) onto the river. Arza checked and Sidorin bet 45,000 and Arza paid him off. Sidorin turned over a very fortunate that had rivered a set and Arza showed before taking his prayer. That loss put Arza in a precarious situation whilst playing the bubble, Sidorin meanwhile moved up to a very healthy 590,000.


Dan Morgan Eliminates Pedro Ferrero

Both players have had an excellent tournament and it was a shame to lose one of them just prior to the bubble, but lose one of them we did.

Dan Morgan and Pedro Ferrero got all of their chip in pre flop with Morgan holding and Ferrero holding .


Morgan ~ 320,000
Ferrero eliminated in 29th place.


You’re Not Bad For a French Player

Julien Mariani raised to 14,000 from the cut-off and Artur Koren called on the button.


Mariani made a c-bet of 16,000 and Koren raised up the stakes when he put 38,000 in front of him and Mariani made the call.


Mariani checked this time and Koren bet 52,000. Action back onto Mariani who check-raised to 105,000 and Koren made what seemed to be an easy call.


Mariani checked and Koren checked.

Mariani tabled for a very innovative bluff. He called the flop raise to deliberately check-raise him on the turn with air. Koren showed for the winning hand.

“You are not bad for a French player. Most French players are not that good except Elky. You remind me of me,” said Koren.

Koren ~ 535,000
Mariani ~ 400,000


Tatjana Pasalic strips down for WPT final table:


Tough Call for Alexander Sidorin

We arrived at the table with the board already laid out for all to see. It was and Pedro Ferrero had put a bet out of 83,000. The decision was on Alexander Sidorin and he was in a world of hurt. Just to make things better for him Thomas “The Talk” Traboulsi calls time. What is even more remarkable is Traboulsi has a paltry 38,000 in chips so you would think he would want the hand to last as long as possible! In the end the young Sidorin called and it was the right call.


Sidorin ~ 525,000
Ferrero ~ 200,000


Szymon Pieszczoch on WPT Barcelona live-stream final table:


Jorge Duffour Storms to the Top

In a moment of pre-bubble madness Artur Koren has surrendered his chip lead to Jorge Duffour.

It was Koren who made the opening raise and Duffour and Mariani called.


The action checked to Duffour who bet 38,000 from his position on the button. Mariani folded and Koren moved all-in and Duffour snap-called. Koren looked as red as his cards as he turned over   and Duffour snap-called with .



“I thought he would fold even ace-king because it was close to the bubble,” said a red-faced Koren.

Duffour ~ 650,000
Koren ~ 260,000


Martin Jacobson Has Been Eliminated

The ever dangerous Martin Jacobson has been eliminated by Irene Baroni just outside of the money. We didn’t catch the hand but here it is fresh from the memory of Bo Sehlstedt.

Baroni raised on the button to 8,500 and Jacobson called in the blinds. The flop was queen high and Jacobson (who had around 70k) bet, Baroni raised, Jacobson moved all-in and Baroni called. Jacobson had [qx][jx]and Baroni had [ax][ax].

Jacobson went off to find a TV set to watch the football and the pig-tailed Baroni went about her business bashing people in.

Baroni ~ 200,000


Koren Leads the Pack

Day 1a chip leader Artur Koren is now our new chip leader after Bo Sehlstedt bluffed away around 150,000 chips in an earlier hand.

Here he is in action against Jorge Duffour. Koren raised to 11,500 from early position and Duffour called. The flop was a very acey looking and Koren took one stab at it with a bet of 21,000 and Duffour very confidently called. The turn of was checked through before the dealer gave us the final card and it was the . Koren had lost interest with the hand on the flop and check-folded to Duffour’s bet of 21,000.

Koren still has 550,000 chips though.


Big Bo Bluff!

It seems as though Bo Sehlstedt just got a case of huge-stack-itus. When we joined the table he was neck and neck at the top of the leader board with Artur Koren, both players with over 500,000 chips. Then this happened:

Barbara Martinez limped from the button and Sehlstedt raised to 14,500 from the small blind. The big blind folded and Martinez decided to look at a flop from her superior position.


Sehlstedt bet 16,000 and Martinez called.


The flush hit the board and Sehlstedt continued his aggression with a bet of 22,500. Martinez, eyes concealed by Prada, raised it to 54,000 and Sehlstedt announced he was all-in. Prada came off as she double-checked with the dealer before calling. Sehlstedt didn’t just have a bluff – HE HAD A BLUFF.


The river was the and Martinez must have thought it was Christmas and immediately ran walked over the rail to tell her supporters about her present from Sweden.

Martinez ~ 350,000
Sehlstedt ~ 410,000



I would just like to apologise for the speed of the updates here at the WPT Spanish Championships. The internet connectivity is nothing short of appalling hence the huge delays between posts. Once again I am extremely sorry.


Matteoli Continues His Impressive Display

Romain Matteoli has played extremely well throughout this tournament. Artur Koren has just joined his table so that should produce some fun moments. Here are the two of them getting right down to it.

Koren raised to 8,500 under the gun plus one and Matteoli and Luca Fiorini both called in the blinds. All three players checked the flop of . The turn was the and Matteoli bet 12,500 and Fiorini and Koren mucked their hands.


Four Bet Shove by Berglund

The stack sizes are producing some nice spots for the classic all-in move as highlighted in this following spot.

Raul Arza opened to 9,000 in early position, Alexander Sidorin three-bet to 16,000 from the cut-off and Lukas Berglund moved all-in from the button and everyone folded quicker than Carl Lewis used to run down that 100m track.


Szymon Pieszczoch Puts Out a Reminder

Szymon Pieszczoch may have temporarily lost the chip lead to Romain Matteoli but he his back on top. Here is is winning some more chips.

Lukas Berglund  raised in early position and two players called including Pieszczoch in the cut off.


Raul Arza was the player in the big blind and he bet 1,550. Berglund folded but Pieszczoch raised to 36,500 and Arza folded.


Alexander Sidorin Takes a Chunk Out of Dan Morgan

The hand was recited to us by Raul Arza and it goes something like this:

Dan Morgan raised, Alexander Sidorin three-bet, Morgan shoved and Sidorin called.

Sidorin doubled up when his [ax][kx]out kicked the [ax][tx]of Morgan.

Morgan ~ 155,00
Sidorin ~ 295,000


Sordid Set Over Set for Sordo

On a flop of Jose Manuel Sordo bet 11,500 into a three-bet pot and Markus Ristola raised it up to 17,000. Sordo had Ristola covered and his next move was to put enough chips in the middle to put the tournament life of Ristola on life support. Ristola made the call and he was in terrible trouble.


Sordo: [9c


BOOM! Sordo thumped the table in disgust and walked away.


When Sordo moved all-in Ristola had 117,000 so he now has well over 200,000. Sordo is still in the game albeit short-stacked.


Caroline De Weerdt Bites the Dust

Caroline De Weerdt has just moved all-in with the usually strong hand of . I say usually strong because it is not really worth much when you run it into pocket aces. Lukas Berglund made the call and he was holding that very hand .

The board did not help De Weerdt and she was eliminated.


Thomas “The Talk” Traboulsi

I have decided to give Thomas Traboulsi a nickname because the guy talks more than my mother-in-law. He may be fun for some people but judging by the look on some peoples faces he can be a royal pain in the bum as well.. One thing is for sure, if he keeps this up we will still be playing down to the final table at Christmas.

Artur Koren raised in early position and Traboulsi made the call from the cut-off and the two of the shared a flop.


Koren made it 8,500.

“You have a good kicker? For you my friend I will call. A friendly call,” said Traboulsi.



“Only for you I check,” said Traboulsi.


Koren started to count out a bet.

“What? Your hand is that bad you have to bet?” Said Traboulsi.

Koren bet 22,500.

“I know you do not have an ace. Do you have king jack?” Asked Traboulsi.

“I do not have king jack,” said Koren.

After a lengthy debate between Traboulsi and himself the clock was called. It timed down to zero and Traboulsi folded a face up king.


We Need a New Boss

On day 1b, Eric Sullivan bravely stood up and shouted at the top of his voice “I am the xxxing boss in this room,” after getting a bluff through Thomas Traboulsi. He was proved right as he ended the day as the chip leader.

After the first level of day 3 it appears we need a new Boss as Sullivan has been eliminated.

We were watching the action on an adjacent table so we do not have the exact chip counts, but we know that Sullivan moved all-in from the small blind holding and Pedro Javier Ferrero woke up in the big blind with . The board offered no hope for Sullivan and the youngster was eliminated in the first level of play.


Chip Leader Doesn’t Start Well

Our intrepid cameraman Tomaso caught this hand whilst filming. Diego Arbuello had moved all-in for around 65,000 and Szymon Pieszczoch called and we had a showdown.

Arbuello: [ax][kx]

Pieszczoch: [ax][jx]

A king and a jack fell on the board which meant that Arbuello doubled up to 145,000.


Irene Baroni Put to an Early Test

Marton Czuczor raised on the button and Irene Baroni three-bet from the small blind. Bo Sehlstedt folded in the big blind before Czuczor moved all-in for 67,500. If there has been a longer pause for Baroni during this tournament then I haven’t seen it yet. In the end she decided to fold and wait for a different spot.


Scandinavian Flavour With a Hint of Italian Seasoning

The soup of play on table two has a heavily influenced Scandinavian flavour with a hint of Italian seasoning. Sitting in seat four we have Irene Baroni and then in a clockwise direction we have Bo Sehlstedt, Martin Jacobson, Morten Mortensen and Paolo Della Penna.

Martin Jacobson opened three successive pots with 6,000 raises as soon as we kicked off. The first and third raises got through without challenge but the second raise was contested, and won, by Michele Daniello.

Jacobson raised to 6,000 and Daniello defended the small blind. The flop was and both players checked. The turn brought out first paint card and it was the and this prompted some action. Daniello bet 7,000 and Jacobson called. The river brought out a second blob of paint in the form of the and again Daniello bet, this time 13,500. Jacobson made the call and managed a smile when Daniello tabled the winning hand of . Jacobson did not show his hand.



Player Gone – Two Minutes!

It took one hand and approx. two minutes for our first player to be eliminated. His name was Sebastian Homann and his conqueror was Markus Ristola.

Homann raised to 6,500 from middle position and Ristola asked the how much question from the small blind. The answer was 100,000 and Ristola raised to 18,000 and Homann moved all-in before Ristola nearly bit his hand off.




Ristola is now up to 230,000



The Tournament Director has just started things off here on Day 3. He has told the players that we will play as many levels as it takes to get down to a final table of eight players. Each level will be the same as in previous days where they will be of 60-minutes length. The blinds today will start at 1500/3000 with an ante of 300 (Level 15). There will be a 15-minute break at the end of every two levels.

The dinner break will be a longer one to allow people to watch the Champions League final and therefore dinner will be 20:00 – 22:30.

The top 27 players will be paid so we will be hand-for-hand as we approach that number. Tables will break from highest to lowest.

WPT Spanish Championship Picture Gallery

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