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End of Flight 3 Chip-counts:


Gabor Zamosi 97,900
Denas Benevicius 90,500
Tamas Gero 89,800
Joseph Crampsie 88,800
Alan Dean 86,800
Philip Butt 86,300
Mohammad Taghipour Fard 85,600
Gareth Holt 83,400
Nicholas Weaver 80,000
Errol Williams 78,700
Mithov Andreev 76,100
Mohammad Shanehzan 74,600
Daniel Hanchard 74,000
Yung Cheung 73,800
Jordan Oconnor 73,600
James Greenwood 71,600
Mathieu Bragard 70,200
Stephen Smith 69,000
Tony Sullivan 61,700
James Mitchell 60,000
Franck Speeg 54,400
Nuno Miguel Campos Antunes 53,500
Martynas Valkunas 53,200
Gursel Gulfer 52,400
Krystian Schodowski 51,600
Stephanie Johnston 51,400
Jamie Kingston 50,300
Per Andersson 50,100
Fernando Óscar Penote Garcia Amador 50,000
Ricki Valencia 48,000
Daniel Gregory 47,100
Surinder Sunar 47,100
Benjamin Carpenter 47,000
Lisa Tan 47,000
Jamal Gormati 43,800
Katie Swift 43,100
Master Miah 42,600
Ionut Rincu 41,500
Zak Ly 41,500
Andrew Brisland 40,700
Alin Torjoc 40,500
Gut Steel 40,200
Justin Moutousamy 40,100
Ki Thuong Duong 40,000
Geoffrey Richards 39,500
Keith Wright 38,900
Attila Kovarczi 38,800
Daniel Whittaker 37,900
Mortaza Sahibzada 35,000
Bengt Hallner 34,400
Mantas Zeringis 34,000
John Pogue 33,900
David Phethean 32,300
Matthew Bushell 30,000
Ashish Gupta 29,800
Andrew Douglas 28,800
Ian Fung 28,400
Bobbie Brummitt 28,100
Patrick Boudreau 27,600
Andrew Sharples 27,500
Arno Simon 25,700
Darren Mapley 24,400
Michael Lee 21,900
Alexander Jager 21,400
Karan Kayastha 20,800
Tomos Lloyd 20,100
Sebastian Le Port 20,000
Ross Mannion 19,200
The Dang 17,000
Istvan Klinghammer 16,900
Wlodzimierz Cymbalko 16,900
David Simpson 16,100
Zbigniew Brudecki 16,000
Eric Ramkeesoon 15,200
Constantin Rolea 15,000
Cristian Ciuperca 14,900
Richard Mcdonald 13,600
Jan Andersen 13,000
Michael Cave 12,800
Gunnar Odden 12,700
Attila Toth 12,000
Leon Mills 11,600
Nicholas Finn 11,500
John Verbeeten 8,200

Stand Up For Cards 


We’ve all done it – got our coat, picked up our bag…then hit a miracle card!

OK, in our case, the card doesn’t come and we’re on the tube by now, but still.  Stephanie Johnston perfect the art, holding and getting it all-in on the flop…against pocket aces!   A on the turn saved her bacon, and she’s still in her seat with just the last couple of hands to come.

As soon as they are completed, our dealers will race around counting up the chips for you.  We’ll bring them to you as soon as we can, but until then, a reminder that Day 2 tomorrow right back here at Aspers cardroom starts at 2pm.  Two, not one as some might have thought.  2pm. Two. Deuce.  Excellent.

Muhammed Ali On the Ropes…and He’s Out Cold!

You get used to seeing a few things in poker.  Players will talk about bad beats more than they talk about lucky river.  They will arrive late and complain about the air being cold, the drinks being hot.  But they think nothing of one of the most common sites int he game – that of a big stack evaporating over the course of just a few hands.  Muhammed Ali handed out a knockout blow to Kevin Neal earlier, but we’ve witnessed his demise as he took a few hits at the table, sank to his knees, and finally, brutally in poker terms, hit the canvas.

He shoved his last in with and was called twice, by and ! Incredibly, he gave us a sweat, even after the flop, hitting a on the turn.  but the river ace did for him and the opponent with Q-K.

Level 8 Blinds 500/1000 – 101 Players Remaining – Average Stack 37,800 

Mitchell vs. Carpenter – Rumble In The Cardroom 


James Mitchell and Ben Carpenter will either be firm friends after tonight… or may never speak again.  The two of them have been at it like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed and somehow, things are level on points again.  At one point, Mitchell had around 10k and Carpenter just shy of 100k.  Within two double-ups, they are practically level.

Pre-flop, James raised to 1500, called only by Carpenter.  The flop came and James bet 2800, called by Ben.  On the turn of 3800 from James was turned into an all-in by Ben, called off by James.

James ‘The Menacer’ Mitchell

Ben ‘Crusher’ Carpenter

The meaningless river of changed nothing and James is now on 60k.  Carpenter was on 50k at that point, but since has lost a flip and is now on 40k.

“There’s plenty of time, Ben.” your humble reporter encourages.

“Oh, definitely.” Ben confirms. “I can get rid of it all from here.”

Good Game, Goodman



We’ve lost a touch of sparkle to the proceedings as BLUFF Editor Eve Goodman has busted, and although she was super-short when she went, there was no gentlemanly behaviour at her table in her exit hand.  All-in pre for around 2k, she had three callers to a flop that could see her quadruple up.  It came – not the worst flop for her hand, which was .  Three checks, and things might have been looking good.  The on the turn wasn’t great news, and a bet from one player got rid of the other two, and he eventually flipped , leaving Eve needing a miracle on the river which never came.

It’s definitely time for players to make a move, with many clashes now changing from tactical and crucial in terms of table strength to being the difference between remaining in this WPT National or heading for the bar…

Gregory Gets Paid 


Daniel Gregory has a sweat, all-in pre-flop and covering two players – but not by much – with up against and .  Incredibly, the board played out to bring a fourth queen and seal the deal for him.   As you can see (above), he was pretty relieved!

Level 6: 300/600/75 – 127 Players Remaining

Carpenter Cut Back A Little…by Mitchell!



It’s all happening on the chip leader’s table!  Ben Carpenter and James Mitchell (now short-stacked) clashed yet again on a board of as Ben bet 2500 and was raised to 5700 by Mitchell, who had a further 6400 behind him.  Carpenter made the call only, electing to see a river card, the brick-looking . Mitchell shoved, and although Carpenter considered his options, he made the call and showed , but James had for a flopped set, and finally, he chops down a Carpenter at showdown!

Mitchell Getting Mullered



James Mitchell (above, left) has not had the greatest time in London, being crucified in a couple of massive pots.  In Flight 2, he took a big beat from tom Carpenter that basically ended his tournament, and here in Flight 3, Tom’s brother Ben Carpenter has just dealt a big blow to James’ chances.

Pre-flop, James held and raised to 650 at 150/300. He was called by Ben and saw a flop of .  James bet 1300 and Ben called.  On the turn of James again led, this time to the tune of 2800, again another Carpenter call.  On the river, a whole heap of chips went in and James was dismayed to see Ben turn over for a miraculous river.  The weaker flush draw made a miracle, and leaves James with just 10k.

Being BLUFFed?



Ladies in poker have been a hot topic for years, but perhaps never more so than recently.  We’ve seen Vicky Coren win the double-EPT and others across the pond, such as Melanie Weisner and Vanessa Selbst thrive.  but numbers of women in poker have never been as high as they should be – let’s hope we can change that a little this weekend, where we have a terrific percentage of players from the fairer sex.  One of the girls in action is BLUFF Editor Eve Goodman (pictured above) and she’s off to a solid start at her table, holding an average stack of 21,000 and sharing the felt with Mr. Bond among others.

Elsewhere, Darren Mapley, our WPT Newcastle champion, busted flight 2, but is in the field for this final flight.  Will our title holder survive, or will a new name become London champion?

Neal Knocked Out…by Muhammed Ali! 


Kevin Neal was beaming with happiness in our earlier shot…but he’s not now.  Pictured above (centre), Kevin is now out of the tournament after a massive turn-card got all the chips into the middle.  Pre-flop, the action was already hot, with an early raise to 700 raised all-in by a short-stack to 550.  that was called by Ali and Neal, who saw a flop of .  Both players checked in the dark (!) before Ali did the same on the turn-card of .  Kevin Neal was having none of it though, betting 6600. Ali bounced off the ropes and raised all-in, getting a quick call from Kevin.

Kevin Neale :

Muhammed Ali

Full House for Ali, crushing Kevin’s dreams with the nut flush!  The meaningless completed the board and Kevin was forced to bid a fond farewell to the rest of the table.  Kevin managed to qualify from Flight 2 with 64k so don;t feel too bad for him…!

Carpenter Brought Down To Earth



Ben Carpenter may have over $180,000 in live tournament earnings to his name, but as the saying goes in poker, ‘The cards don’t care’. Nor does James Mitchell and the partypoker qualifier, who to date has endured a rather torrid time this weekend, has his eye in for a good evening session.

Ben called Seat 1’s raise to 750 pre-flop, but James raised that to 1900 and only Ben came along for the ride.

“I’ll call.  You put me all-in if I raise you?” he asked to a stony-faced James. The flop dropped , which was checked by both players.  The turn of elicited a bet of 2400 from James, and that was enough to take it down.  you get the feeling this one has all the makings of a table clash that builds and builds, however.

Level 2: Blinds 100/200 – 165 Players Remaining – Average Stack 20,450

In The House


With 158 players in seats for kick-off, Flight 3 is under way, and plenty of one shot wonders have joined the players from earlier at the felt.  Neil McCulloch is here, to play just this flight and he is joined by BLUFF editor Eve Goodman, who always brings a touch of drama to her table and glamour to the cardroom.

Partypoker have laid on a great lounge for the players and with free food and drink at the half-time break, are looking after every one of the people here for the WPT National UK Main Event!

There’s a great atmosphere, but if you fancy just playing and putting on headphones on Day 2, you can win a pair of Monster Headphones simply by tweeting your stack, including the hashtag #WPTNUK and ending your message @partypoker.  Be sure to let us know how many chips you have too, and you’ll make the regular chip updates!

Final Flight 


Well, here we go!  One final chance for some players to even make Day 2 at all is a glorious opportunity for others to make their already big stack even larger.

Players begin with 20,000 chips, a fine stack for their £200 buy-in (registration fee included) and what a lot of money they’re all playing for – a massive £100,000 guaranteed prize-pool!

We’ll bring you all the action from this evening’s 8-level No Limit Hold ‘Em poker as we look to see how players will make it to Day 2 and join the 157 stacks already waiting…

…Let’s get the action on!


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