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Day 1c Chipcounts

Cristinel Costin  136600

Thang Nguyen   124700

Sebastian Parsons           123600

Martinha Pereira              120100

Atiquzzaman Atiquzzaman          116200

Antoine Saout   106700

Brian Sidhu         103100

Lok Tsui                102100

Steven Jorgensen            86100

Marcin Grzybowski         80800

Yefet Chin           78500

Vladimir Marchevici        75600

Oliver Bithell      74200

Daniel Levy         70200

Mark Barlow      69900

James Manlove                65600

Serban Rotariu  64500

Stephen Okeeffe             63400

Christopher Kadji             61900

Simon Green     61600

Charles Akadiri  60800

Martynas Vitkauskas      59200

Thales Anis Salomao Filho            59100

Grant Rayner     58000

Ivelin Ganev       57400

Tristan Chaplin  56700

Timothy Dearing               56600

Dalius Balciunas                55300

Denis Prickett    54400

Tony Doggett     53800

Mohammed Shah            53300

Dennis Van Der Meer    50600

Laszlo Balogh     50600

Stephen Goodings          50300

Jose Martinez    50100

Aleksandar Kotsev          49900

Dennis Nederlof               49800

Peter Jaksland   48400

Christopher Gordon       48100

Haresh Thaker   46200

Mohammed Zahour       46100

Carl Harris            45700

Jan Hansson       45400

Elad Kubi              45300

Michael Panteli 44500

Gareth Smirthwaite        44200

Daniel-Alexandru Craciun             43700

Santhi Thiyagarajah         43700

Alistair Yarwood               43100

Ricki Valencia     43100

Gregory Manning            41900

Matthew Cooledge         41500

Mark Salmons   40500

Arturas Drepinas              40200

Panagiotis Papaioannou                37800

Laurentiu Radulescu       37000

Mauro Suriano  35700

Claus Mikkelsen               35300

Leo Madden      35000

Florin Ignat         33000

Nicholas Stylianou           32800

Keith Miller         32500

Rytis Danilevicius              32000

Andrius Stepaitis              29900

Louis Tozer         29900

Sang Ngo             29000

Yung Cheung     28900

William Funnell 26700

Ded Kalaj             24800

Hanan Barzel      23500

Demetris Theophanous                23400


Dean Hyde          22400

Adam Prickett   22300

Nicolae Cristea  22100

Stuart St Jean    21900

Christos Xanthopoulos  21300

John Gilbert       21300

Giang Hong         21000

William Whicher               20900

Celal Geyik          20500

Roberto Cazzador            20000

Andrei Bourici    19500

Nicolae Cernea 18600

Lior Markov        18100

Michelle Gascoine           17700

James Guy          17500

Marcel Skowron               17500

Neil Barron         16800

Artur Chrebor    16500

Richard Edmondson        15000

Robert Drummond          14100

Leo Lim 13400

Gary Valencia    13100

Anthony Manuel Fernandez       13000

Christopher Richards      12400

Sayil Zulhayir      11600

Roei Dahan         8400

Anthony Napoutano      5500

Petrit Papushi    5500

Follow the Leader

There are players who’s survived, others who haven’t, but it doesn’t look as if anyone has enjoyed the kind of consistent run that Sam Macdonald has to date in this £100,000 Guaranteed WPT Accumulator. Having already bagged up 210,000 or so from the first two flights, Sam has 22,000 going into the last few hands of Day 1c, so looks near certain to be our overnight chip leader.

We’ll have today’s chip-counts as soon as possible for you.

How’s Your Luck?

The answer to that question if you’re Raj Nandhagopal is ‘rotten’. Carl Spicer shoved for around 7,400 (at blinds of 5,000/10,000/100) from UTG and was immediately re-raised from UTG+1 by Raj, who got folds from everyone else at the table and flipped over .

It was well ahead of Carl’s , but the board ran out an incredible that saw Spicer turn quads and double up to around 15k. Raj is left with around the same, but by the looks of their expressions, that amount of chips feels rather different ot him.

Barlow Gets it Back

Mark Barlow has just managed to get the chips he lost earlier right back, having won a dramatic play-out from an all-in confrontation pre-flop. Barlow had the goods, going into the deal of the five cards which would seal Levon Jabourian’s fate with . Jabourian himself held , but that was looking a little stronger on the flop of despite Barlow hitting his set. The turn card was and

The turn card was and Lebourian moved ahead…but the river card of gave Barlow a full house and won him the pot, busting Lebourian and sending his table into predictable rapture! Barlow has over 33,000, just on average, while Jabourian departs.

We have 136 players still in their seats, with a level and a half left. We’re told that with three Day1’s to amalgamate, chip-counts for Day 2 wil come through in the morning, so it will be worth looking at the individual chip-counts for Day 1a and Day 1b if you’re following friends in the tournament.

Don’t Celebrate Too Soon

One of the golden rules in live poker should be not to celebrate before your hand has won and all five community cards have been dealt.

All the chips were in the middle pre-flop, with Nicolae Cernea shoving for around 25,000, slightly more than Margarita Stoycheva called it off with, although one hand was way ahead. Stoycheva held , while Cernea turned over , but  while he did that with a resigned smile, Stoycheva curled both hands into fists and punched the air in front of her cards.

The flop of put Cernea ahead, and when he stayed there through the and river, Stoycheva was out of her seat and muttering something unintelligible as she walked away from the table, her chips all moved over to Cernea, who leaps above the average of 36k, quite politely it has to be said.

The Value Hand

A decent guide to how things are progressing was in evidence here in Level 6 as Adolf Vertel shoved all-in pre-flop with for 10,500 and was ‘called’ by a re-shove (the action was first) from Mark Barlow, who got around 25k into the middle with . The board of 2h] gave both players a sweat, but saw Vertel double at Barlows expense.

Numbers Are In

With 222 entries in Day 1c, we’ve had a total of 558 buy-ins over the three flights, meaning we’ve just exceeded the whopping £100,000 that was in place for this incredible tournament.

With 379 ‘unique’entries (i.e. physical people in seats), we’d imagine somewhere similar to last year’s cash amounts and places paid will be mirrored. For your information, 2015 saw 42 places paid, with the minimum cash amount at £670, however we have nothing confirmed for this tournament and won’t until the morning.

It’s No for Noonan

Matthew Noonan has a great record in WPT events, cashing for over £80,000 in the WPT500 back in November 2014. He won’t be going any further here after he lost out in Level 5 of the eight we’ll play today on Day 1c.

‘The guy trapped me with pocket queens. I had pocket tens.’

Miller Time

Keith Miller was one of two callers of a raise to 1100 by another player at his table, along with partypoker qualifier Gareth Smirthwaite. The flop came , with Miller taking over the betting lead by poking 2200 into the middle.

Smirthwaite folded, but Keith’s opponent shoved for 8,700, and Miller looked down at his hand, decided it was fine to call it off. The on the turn didn’t help him, but the on the river did – it gave Keith the straight flush and byumped his stack up to 35,000. His opponent was a Hanna Barbara cartoon-blur as they made for the door.

Cold Deck for Rytis as Rayne Looks ‘Clairevoyant’ 

Grant Rayner (Yes, he’s been asked if it’s the same spelling as the Horoscope legend a number of times) managed to get into a pretty sweet spot in this Day 1c melee. He check-raised all-in with a set of sevens on a flop of and was up against . Two streets of sweat later, he had doubled his 15k stack and was looking down at better than average, with 31k with average at 22,474. Rytis Danilevicius, on the other hand, still has 23,125, but wears a frown.

Jordon Surviving

Terry Jordon may be down to fumes, but he’s surviving…somehow! On a raised flop of , he and James Guy went at it. Jordon bet 2,000, Guy raised to 4,000. A very quick call. On the turn of , the same bet, the same raise, the same call. On the river of a check from each player, with Guy out of position checking and Jordon showing first, and he had an agonising wait to find out he was losing. Jordon is don to fumes, just 4,000 at 150/300/50.

Kozak Eliminated

Maria Kozak is here with Terry Jordon, the popular London circuit player. She’s just left the tournament after a three-way all-in at her table. Also involved were Vinne Anderson, who was all-in pre-flop with and Charles Akadiri, holding . Maria had and would need some serious help, but didn’t get enough of it on the dry board of , which sent her and Vinnie to the rail.

Gang Wang Up, Down & Out

Gang Wang won a big four-way pot against JJ Hazan and two others at the ‘Sam Macdonald’ table, chipping up to over 25,000. He’s just lost the lot in a post-flop three-way all-in that again confirms this table as the action table here on Day 1c.

This might be the last chance players have to book a Day 2 seat, but rather than tightening up, there seems to be an almost kamikaze attitude to the play! The flop read and along with Wang who held , another player held  and Justin Tsui . Tsui was well in front, and the turn kept that the case. The river saw him bust both Wang and an unnamed enemy, who left directly following the hand. Tsui has over double-average, with over 59,000 chips.

*** End of Day 1b Chip-counts are now fully updated in Day 1b Blog Post – Click HERE! ***

Level 3 Blinds 100/200/25 – 189 Players Remaining from 193 Entries Grzyowski Wins Epic All-In

Grzyowski Wins Epic All-In

Sam Macdonald’s table, also featuring Jeraint ‘JJ’ Hazan, has started like a train, and it’s no surprise that Macdonald himself predicts that someone on his table, not necessarily him, will ‘have 50k by the end of the second level’. Given that players only start with 20,000 and blinds are 100/200 with 16 minutes left in Level 2, it may seem unlikely, but the last hand proved that the action is hotter than a fast food chain’s apple pocket in the Sahara.

Seeing Martin Grzyoswki raise to 550 pre-flop and get two callers including JJ Hazan, one player decided to re-raise up to 3,000. That saw only Grzyowski call, and the pair saw a flop of . Seat 7 open-shoved for the rest of his average-sized stack, and got a snap-call from Grzyowski, the latter flipping and delighted to see the raiser turn over . The turn and river came and and we lost Seat 7, who flew out of his chair and the tournament area so fast we couldn;t even catch his name. Grzyowski has around 40,000. Maybe Sam was right!

In Their Seats

We have 162 players sitting down already on Day 1c, with 219 needed to hit the guarantee of £100,000. It could be a close-run thing, with the cash tables full too here, Aspers Poker Room is Stratford is absolutely rammed.

Taking part in Day 1c from the off are several big names, plenty of huge characters, and more one chip leader, with Sam Macdonald joined by Gabriel Tuna, Mike Panteli, JJ Hazan, Raheem Tadj-Saadat, Vinnie Anderson, Daiva Baruskaite, Chris Gordon, Tristan Chaplin and Terry Jordon all in the mix!

Macdonald on the Attack

Sam Macdonald is the unofficial chip leader from the first two flights, having bagged up 65k on Day 1a and 145k on Day 1b, creating a 210,000 chip mountain that is unlikely to be topped after all three flights.

That hasn’t stopped him playing the third and final flight, however, and he has almost doubled up in two hands against the same player.

First, he got into a raising war with which flopped an open straight draw, but missed the flush draw, as Sam check-raised until the river, whereupon he shoved with jack-high. His opponent asked if he’d show his hand should he fold, and when Sam replied that he’d be happy to if it was a two-way street, Sam and his opponent (and the table) saw that he’d bluffed two-pair away from a juicy pot. The same hand paid off for Sam again to bust his new-found and

The same hand paid off for Sam again to bust his new-found and quickly-busted friend as it hit the nuts on the turn to leave Macdonald our early pace-setter in this final flight, up to 37,000 at 50/100. With the stack he has already amassed, he could have the whole table running scared.

Final Furlong

Welcome back to our live coverage of all the action at Aspers Casino in Stratford, where the players have been battling to build an accumulative WPT Accumulator stack over two flights already. You can read all about Day 1a and Day 1b by clicking on them, but here in London, we’re back to blind levels of 50/100 for 8 more levels of fun and frolics.

Who’ll bag a Day 2 seat or add to their pile of chips already in the bank? We’re about to find out…


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