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Day 1B of the WPT National: Canadian Spring Championship has just wrapped. Mike Sexton, and our Royal Flush Girls, Angelique Velez & Tugba Ercan, kicked off the start of the event with Shuffle Up & Deal this morning at 11. WPT Raw Deal Analyst and Champions Club member, Tony Dunst, decided to take the day off, since he bagged a hefty-sized stack of chips at the end of Day 1A and will be bringing 155,000 back with him on Day 2.

On The Rise…

The numbers increased today, as there were 308 more entries in the Day 1B field for a running event total of 527. Of the 308, only 90 will continue on to Day 2, which brings our Day 2 total to 152. We will need to see at least 473 more entries tomorrow, in order to meet the $1,000,000 guarantee.

Famous Faces…

Gavin Smith, PP Qualifier Cristian Stanciu & Mike Sexton50


There were a few notables to follow in the field including some repeat offenders like Champions Club members Gavin Smith and Antonio Esfandiari who made appearances on Day 1A, as well as, Sylvain Siebert, Jeff Gross, Mike Leah, and partypoker team pros Mike Sexton and Kara Scott. The Day 1B chip leader is partypoker Qualifier, Simon Quintal, who bagged 303,900! Other top stacks were bagged up by Justin Miller (276,700), Francois Binette (258,700), Joseph Verdugo (240,500), and Pascal Bibeau (237,700).

Card Talk

Although Gavin Smith was eliminated during level 9, he said that he would be back tomorrow. Sylvain Siebert was seated at the same table as Gavin Smith, though his Day 1B life was short-lived, as well, when he was eliminated during level 4 by Dean Murphy. An opening raise by Dean Murphy earned four callers including Sylvain Siebert. They watched as the flop came out to .

Murphy continued with a bet of 1,300, and when Siebert raised to 6,000, everyone else folded but Murphy stayed. The turn was the . Murphy checked, and Siebert bet 4,000. Murphy then check-raised all in and Siebert called with the few thousand he had left. “Oh my God,” Siebert said as he saw Murphy’s for a straight. Siebert turned over for two pair, and after the fell on the river he made his departure out of the tournament area.


Kara Scott

Team partypoker pro Kara Scott doubled up in the last few seconds of the day! A player limped from middle for 2,000, McKid Lim raised to 10,000, and Kara Scott moved all in for 52,200. The original limper folded, and Lim called with . Scott turned over , and she needed to improve to stay alive. The board came out to , and Scott flopped a set of queens to win the pot and double up in chips.

Party Hard And Live To Play Another Day!

Of the 52 who qualified for entry into this event via partypoker, there were actually thirteen of them in the field yesterday, and only four will be continuing on to Day 2. The following four players survived to Day 2:

  • Steven Schartner  –  193,900  (80 bb)
  • Darcy J. Wright  –  60,000  (25 bb)
  • Stephen Caplan  –  48,600  (20 bb)
  • Shawn O’Dell  –  25,500  (10 bb)

Even More partypoker Qualifiers…

Here’s the eight qualifiers who joined us for Day 1B:

  • Ashton Chin
  • Martin Dufour
  • Larry Farr
  • Stephen Hardy
  • Steve Kidman
  • Danielle Micallef
  • Simon Quintal
  • Cristian Stanciu

Chip Counts

Simon Quintal 303,900
Justin Miller 276,700
Francois Binette 258,700
Joseph Verdugo 240,500
Pascal Bibeau 237,700
Marco Caza 220,800
Daniel Watton 214,700
David Szymanowicz 211,600
Stephane Hamel 193,100
Josh Kimmel 188,200
Mike Leah 168,700
Sebastien Lebrun 165,400
Mario Lim 164,800
Ami Alibay 128,000
Kara Scott 108,800
Christine Do 107,000
Harley Stoffmaker 101,400
Dean Murphy 100,000
Frederic Mercier 97,600
Paul Basi 86,600
Bill Kontaratos 77,000
Conrado Corpus 72,300
Danny Rouleau 70,300
Osman Soubra 56,000
Josue Sauvageau 53,700
Karl Gingras 43,200
Laurence Grondin 33,600

Coming Up….

All of the partypoker qualifiers, except for Simon Quintal, unfortunately did not make it past Day 1B of the event, though Danielle Micallef did mention that she would be back for more action on Day 1C. Tomorrow, we should see at least 30 more qualifiers from partypoker. The players’ party is schedule for tomorrow night at 9pm at The Rail in Playground Poker Club. We’re looking forward to having a fun night.


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