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WPT Malta Day 1B


Day 1b Ends With Tommy Veder At the Top of the Tree

Day 1b has come to an end with a former WPT champion searching for a second title. Tommy Veder bagged up 115,550 chips and will be one of 154 players returning at the slightly earlier time of 14.00 (CET) tomorrow.

Catch the full recap here.


The Payout Structure

Matt Savage has announced the pay-outs and the combined prize pool is €698,400.

  • 1st – €181,000 + (Plus WPT Bellagio Seat)
  • 2nd – €116,700
  • 3rd – €76,820
  • 4th – €53,430
  • 5th – €39,810
  • 6th – €30,730
  • 7th – €23,050
  • 8th – €16,760
  • 9th – €12,220
  • 12th-10th – €9,430
  • 15th-13th – €8,030
  • 15th-13th – €8,030
  • 18th-16th – €7,050
  • 27th-19th – €6,150


Some More Eliminations

Kara Scott and James Akenhead have just been eliminated in the final level


Is Dragan Galic Mad?

Dragan Galic is now talking to a miniature size replica doll!


The Final Number of Players is Set as Phil Hellmuth Makes an Appearance

Phil Hellmuth has just made his grand entrance just as we entered the final level of the night. Hellmuth told us that he has chosen to travel to Malta to acclimatise because he wants to win that WSOP Player of the Year title.

He has just sat on the table housing Claire Renaut, Sofia Lovgren and Kara Scott so there are now even more people watching it than before!

With Hellmuth’s entrance confirmed the final total number of players for WPT Malta is 240.


A Hand of Sheer Beauty

Day 1a did not contain a single female but Day 1b has us approaching double figures. One of our tables contains no less than four female poker players and here is some action from that very table.

There is a raise from the hijack seat and the bet is 800. Sofia Lovgren calls in the cut-off and Kara Scott makes it 3,000 from the button. The original raiser folds but Lovgren throws in the change to make up the call. The flop was , Lovgren checks and Scott bets 5,000 (leaving herself 9,000 behind). Lovgren asses her situation and makes the call. The turn was the and both players check. The river is the and Lovgren reaches for chips and bets 4,000.

“You did realise that is all I have?” Scott asks before folding her hand.

Lovgren ~ 52,000
Scott ~ 10,000


Great Fold by Saout?

On a board of Antoine Saout bets 2,215 from the big blind and there are two other players in the hand who both call (cut-off and button). The river is the completing the spade flush and Saout bets 4,750. The cut-off folds but the button raises to 16,000 and Saout has to go into the tank. After a long hard think Saout folds face-up.

“Good fold,” says his opponent.

Saout ~ 94,000


Elimination Station

Here is a summary of the recent eliminations

  • Sam El Sayed
  • Fabrice Soullier
  • Vanessa Hellebuyck
  • Bruce Atkinson
  • McLean Karr
  • Paul Testud
  • Steven Kelly
  • Ivan Freitez


Chip Counts

  • John Eames 22,000
  • Fabrice Soullier 20,000
  • Bruce Atkinson 22,000
  • Dragan Galic 59,000
  • Kara Scott 22,000
  • James Sudworth 94,000
  • Sascha Walter 39,000
  • Filipo Oreto 102,000
  • Julian Herold 120,000
  • Giovanni Rizzo 31,000
  • Morten Mortensen 14,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier 41,000
  • Nesrine Dourkourli 64,000
  • Jacob Karlsson 36,000
  • Aleksi Savela 36,000
  • Kenny Hallaert 58,000
  • James Akenhead 14,000
  • Joel Benzinou 34,000
  • Simon Trumper 45,000
  • Antoine Saout 100,000
  • Claire Renaut 44,000
  • Byron Kaverman 50,000
  • Sofia Lovgren 35,000
  • McLean Karr 10,600
  • Ivan Freitez 45,000
  • Bruno Launais 74,000
  • Tommy Vedes 72,000
  • Steven Kelly 37,000


Unlucky Rettenmaier

There is a raise from the cut-off and a three-bet from the button before Marvin Rettenmaier four-bets from the small blind. The betting amount is 5,150 and after some time in the tank both players fold. Rettenmaier shows pocket kings and the original raiser told him he folded pocket tens.

“Are you kidding me? The set up was perfect. That always happens to me,” says Mad Marvin.

Rettenmaier ~ 41,000


Julian Herold – Chip Leader

WPT Malta Day 1BThere are a few players hitting the century mark but the one who is just peaking his head above the others is Julian Herold.

The cut-off raises to 800 and Julian Herold three-bets to 2,000 on the button and his opponent calls. The flop is and a 2,600 bet took down the pot for Herold.

Herold now has 120,000 chips.


Benzinou Takes One Down

There is a raise from the cut-off and Joel Benzinou cold calls on the button as does the big blind. The flop is and the action checks to our original raiser who bets 1,150 and only Benzinou makes the call. The turn of and river of are both checked through and Benzinou takes down the pot at showdown.


Benzinou ~ 38,000


Raysa Peres Interviews John Eames

European Royal Flush girl Raysa Peres interviews John Eames and asks him about the re-entry experience and also what it was like playing with his Dad on Day 1a. Check it out.


Dinner Break

We are on a 60-minute dinner break


Sam El Sayed All-In

We join the action on a flop of and Sam El Sayed flicks in a 1,000 bet. Tommy Vedes makes the call as does the player in the big blind. The turn is the and after the big blind checks El Sayed moves all-in for 3,250 and only Vedes makes the call. When the cards were overturned El Sayed was desperately wanting to avoid a heart.

El Sayed:


El Sayed ~ 15,000


Trumper Sneaks One Over The Line

Simon Trumper raises to 600 in middle position and the player in the cut-off makes the call. The flop is and Trumper flicks a 1,000 yellow chip into the middle and his opponent follows suit. The turn is the and Trumper check-calls a 2,500 bet. On the river we see the and both players check. Trumper’s hand is a surprise but it is enough to win the pot.

Cut-Off: Mucks

“Lucky Simon,” says Bruce Atkinson.

Trumper ~ 32,000


Davidi Kitai Has Been Eliminated

Jan Brosolo has just eliminated Davidi KItai in your classic coin flip confrontation.

Brosolo: [Qx] [Qx]
Kitai: [Ax] [Kx]


Chip Count Update

  • John Eames 22,000
  • Fabrice Soullier 14,000
  • Bruce Atkinson 27,000
  • Dragan Galic 70,00
  • Kara Scott 32,000
  • James Sudworth 62,000
  • Sascha Walter 27,000
  • Vladimir Geshkenbein 33,000
  • Julian Herold 98,000
  • Giovanni Rizzo 36,000
  • Morten Mortensen 27,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier 18,000
  • Nesrine Dourkourli 40,000
  • Jacob Karlsson 37,000
  • Aleksi Savela 65,000
  • Vanessa Hellebuyck 30,000
  • Kenny Hallaert 52,000
  • James Akenhead 42,000
  • Davidi Kitai 16,000
  • Joel Benzinou 25,000
  • Simon Trumper 30,000
  • Antoine Saout 40,000
  • Claire Renaut 47,000
  • Byron Kaverman 17,000
  • Sofia Lovgren 28,000
  • Sam El Sayed 16,000
  • McLean Karr 36,000
  • Ivan Freitez 45,000
  • Bruno Launais 25,000
  • Tommy Vedes 41,000
  • Steven Kelly 37,000


Mario Adinolfi Has Been Eliminated

WPT Malta Day 1BMichael Finderup raises to 600 and Mario Adinolfi raises to 2,800. A different player cold-calls in position before Finderup moves all-in for 20,000. Adinolfi makes the call and the cold-caller folds pocket kings face-up!

Finderup: [Ax] [Ax]
Adinolfi: [Ax] [Kx]

The board offered no salvation to Adinolfi. A few hands later and Adinolfi got his last remaining chips into the middle on a ace high flop. He held [Ax] [7x] and his opponent was holding [Ax] [8x] and Adinolfi was eliminated.


Kenny Hallaert is Gaining Ground

Kenny Hallaert raises to 400 from the hijack seat and both blinds call. The dealer gives us a flop of and a little raising war breaks out. The small blind checks to the big blind who bets 1,000. Kenny Hallaert calls and then the small blind check-raises to 3,000. The big blind folds and Hallaert makes it 8,600 and the small blind releases his hand.

Hallaert ~ 52,000


Kourdourli Down to 40,000

Nesrine Kourdourli raises to 425 in middle position and the player on the button raises to 1,225. When the action returns to Kourdourli she makes the call and the two of them share a flop of . Kourdourli makes a bet of 1,075 and her opponent calls very quickly. The river card is the and both players decide that a showdown is the best course of action and Kourdourli loses the pot.

Kourdourli: Mucked Unseen

Kourdourli ~ 40,000


Chip Counts at the First Break

  • John Eames 22,000
  • Bruce Atkinson 28,000
  • Kara Scott 32,000
  • James Sudworth 60,000
  • Sascha Walter 35,000
  • Julian Herold 76,000
  • Giovanni Rizzo 25,000
  • Morten Mortensen 41,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier 30,000
  • Nesrine Dourkourli 31,000
  • Jacob Karlsson 24,000
  • Vanessa Hellebuyck 33,000
  • Kenny Hallaert 31,000
  • James Akenhead 39,000
  • Davidi Kitai 38,000
  • Joel Benzinou 31,000
  • Simon Trumper 31,000
  • Antoine Saout 36,000
  • Claire Renaut 56,000
  • Byron Kaverman 38,000
  • Sofia Lovgren 31,000
  • Mario Adinolfi 26,000
  • Sam El Sayed 26,000
  • Ivan Freitez 37,000
  • Bruno Launais 28,000
  • Tommy Vedes 44,000


Freitez Caught On The River

On a flop of Ivan Freitez makes a 750 bet and Tommy Vedes raises to 1,650 in the cut-off. The turn is the and Freitez quickly checks. Vedes is riffling six €1k casino plaques and bets 3,100 and Freitez calls. The last card is the and again Freitez quickly checks. Vedes dumps 7,100 over the line and Freitez calls. Everyone was surprised to see the hand of Vedes, including the dealer who went to hand the pot to Freitez until Freitez told him Vedes had a straight.


Vedes ~ 44,000
Freitez ~ 37,000


Mucho! Mucho!

We are on the turn. The board is showing us and there is 2,000 in the pot. Claire Renaut bets 1,500 from early position and her opponent immediately pops it up to 8,100 from the cut-off.

“Mucho! Mucho!” Laughs Renaut.

After a pause she makes the call and before we see the river she says, “I will check so my friend can move all-in.”

He didn’t move all-in and in fact he checked back and Renaut won the hand with

Renaut ~ 56,000


Tournament Director Matt Savage – Re-Entry Tournaments

Here is our Tournament Director Matt Savage talking about re-entry tournaments.


Belgian v Belgian

Joel Benzinou is on the button and Davidi Kitai sits in the big blind and both players are staring at a flop of . Kitai checks and Benzinou makes it 2,050 and Kitai quickly calls. The turn is the and Kitai makes a small teaser bet of 650 and Benzinou snap-calls. The final card is the and once again Kitai makes a small bet, this time 1,150 and Benzinou chuckles to himself before making the call.

Kitai –
Benzinou – Mucked.

Kitai ~ 38,000
Benzinou ~ 31,000


The Easiest Hand I Have Played in My Life – James Sudworth

WPT Malta Day 1BThere is a limper in early position and the the small blind raises to 600 before James Sudworth makes it 2,100 from the big blind. Both players call and we see a flop of [Ax] [Jx] [3x]. The small blind hands the play to Sudworth and he makes a c-bet of 3,200. The original limper moves all-in for 27,000 and after the small blind folds Sudworth flies into the pot.

Sudworth: [Jx] [Jx]
Limper: [Ax] [Jx]

The turn and river doesn’t change a thing and Sudworth moves up to 60,000.

“The easiest hand I have played in my life,” says Sudworth.


Dragan Galic Moves All-In

WPT Malta Day 1BPartyPoker Team Pro Dragan Galic raises to 250 in the cut-off and PartyPoker Qualifier Kevin Hecguard three-bets to 850 on the button. Both blinds fold and Galic makes the call and decides to play the pot out of position. The flop rained down on the low side and Galic makes a check-raise of 2,500 after his opponent bets 1,000. The turn maintains the low theme with a and Galic bets 4,500. Hecguard takes a blue 5,000 chip from his 24,000 stack and makes the call. The final card is the and Galic verbally declares all-in. Hecguard sighs, takes his shades off and ponders for a long time before folding face up. Galic obliges and also flips over his cards and shows [Tx] [9x] and his opponent was devastated.

“I knew you had a big pair and would have played a set the same way,” said Galic.


Karlsson Just Won’t Bite

On a flop of Vanessa Hellebuyck bets 650 from the small blind, Alexandra Petit bets 1,700 from the big blind and and Jacob Karlsson calls from the cut-off. Hellebuyck folds in the small blind and we get to see the on the turn. Petit checks to Karlsson and the Swede reciprocates. The river is the and once again Petit checks and Karlsson quickly checks behind. Petit turns over for the flopped nuts and Karlsson mucks his hand unseen.


Nesrine Dourkourli Turns Her Hand Into a Bluff

We join the action on a flop of with 1,600 in the pot. Nesrine Dourkourli is sat in mid-position and her opponent was sat on the button. Dourkourli check-calls a 950 bet and the dealer gives us the on the turn. Both players check the turn and the final card is the and Dourkourli bets 1,600 and after a momentary pause her opponent calls and he is good.



Who is Here?

Here are some more notable faces for you:

Bruce Atkinson, Julian Herold, Jacob Karlsson and John Eames have all taken the opportunity to re-enter after busting during various stages of Day 1a. Joining them are the former WPT Champion Sam El Sayed, EPT Grand Final winner Ivan Freitez, Kenny Hallaert, WSOP bracelet holder Steven Kelly, Bruno Launais and Mario Adinolfi.

Day 1a did not contain a single female but on Day 1b they are taking over with no fewer than eight of them already in the field. Female poker players include the likes of Kara Scott, Sofie Lovgren, Nesrien Kourdourli, Claire Renault and Vanessa Hellebuyck


Welcome to Day 1b of WPT Malta

As usual we are anticipating a bigger turnout than Day 1a and there will also be a few familiar faces because of the re-entries. 64 players get to spend the day in the sunshine after making it through Day 1a and some won’t. One of those players who will not be having a day in the sunshine is Phil Hellmuth. Hellmuth will be making another late entry today and lets hope he can last a little bit longer than his cameo appearance yesterday.

Faces seen milling around the tournament area include former November Niner and Poker Million winner James Akenhead, John Eames, PartyPoker Team Pros Dragan Galic, Kara Scott and Giovanni Rizzo, James Sudworth and EPT Snowfest winner Vladimir Geshkenbein.

Action starts in a little under five-minutes so keep your eyes peeled for updates shortly.

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