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The final table of WPT Grand Prix de Paris is played today starting at 16.00 CET. Remember that you can watch the final table live stream with hole cards right here on PartyPoker Blog.

WPT Paris Final Table


Matthew Waxman Wins WPT Grand Prix de Paris (€500,000)

Congratulations to Matthew Waxman who outlasted 312 players to take home the money and all of the trappings that comes with winning a WPT title.

Here is the full recap.


Hugo Lemaire is Eliminated in 2nd Place (€311,100)

WPT Paris Final TableIt only took two hands of heads up for the Champion to be elected and this is how it went down.

Hugo Lemaire raised to 130,000 and Matthew Waxman called.


Waxman checked to Lemaire who c-bet 145,000 and Waxman check-raise jammed all-in. Less than one minute later Hugo Lemaire was calling and we had a showdown for the title.


Lemaire was set to double up unless Waxman could hit a club or a running combination of cards.


Now any seven or a club would win the title for Waxman or Lemaire would double up.


Ten of Clubs! The French surrounding the media area let out a collective grown because their man has lost and the title is going over to America.

Well played to both players.


Frederic Magen is Eliminated in 3rd Place (€211,100)

WPT Paris Final TableFred Magen raised on the button to 160,000 and Matthew Waxman made the three-bet to 410,000 from the big blind. Back to Magen and he moved all in for over $3 million and the chip leader called instantly.



Magen was eliminated and Waxman takes 7,863,000 chips into his heads up battle with Hugo Lemaire who has 1,550,000.


Kaverman Keeps His Distance

Fred Magen raised to 180,000 on the button and Matthew Waxman three-bet to 410,000 from the big blind and Magen nearly bit his hand off. The flop was and Waxman bet 315,000 and Magen folded his hand.


Byron Kaverman is Eliminated in 4th Place (€155,550)

WPT Paris Final TableFred Magen raised on the button making it 250,000 to play! Hugo Lemaire tank-folded in the small blind and Byron Kaverman moved all-in for roughly 1.3 million from the big blind. Fred Magen looked a little startled but quickly composed himself and made the call.



Kaverman took the lead!


Magen took it back!


It was all over for Kaverman and we were now three handed.


Magen Wins His Blind Battle With Waxman – Again!

Last time Mathew Waxman raised the big blind of Fred Magen the Frenchman moved all-in. This time around Magen also won but he took a slightly different route.

Waxman raised to 105,000 in the small blind and Magen called. The flop was and Waxman c-betof 80,000 was snap-called by Magen. On the turn the dealer gave us the and Waxman fired a second barrel worth 180,000. Magen didn’t take too long to make his decision which was to raise to 450,000 and Waxman instantly folded.


Magen All-in

Matthew Waxman raised it up in the small blind making it 115,000 to play and Frederic Magen moved all-in prompting Waxman to fold.


Frederic Magen Doubles Up

Matthew Waxman raised to 105,000 and Fred Magen moved all in for 675,000 and Waxman called.



The board ran out and Magen doubled up.


Kaverman Gets Them Back Again

Matthew Waxman raised to 85,000 and Byron Kaverman defended the big blind. The flop was and Kaverman check-called a 65,000 bet. The turn was checked through and then we saw the and Kaverman bet 145,000. Waxman went into the tank but eventually made the call.

Waxman: Mucked


Waxman Grabs Some Chips Back From Kaverman

Matt Waxman raised to 85,000 and Byron Kaverman made the call. The flop came down and both players checked. The turn saw the make an appearance and again both players checked. The river was the and Kaverman came out betting to the tune of 155,000. Waxman paused for two miuntes and raised to 355,000, which really put Kaverman to the test. Eventually he made the call and mucked after seeing the Waxman hand – .


Another Hand for Kaverman

He is now second in chips and has won his second successive hand. Hugo Lemaire raised to 80,000 and Byron Kaverman made the call. The flop was and Lemaire bet 110,000 and Kaverman wasted no time in making the call. The dealer handed us the on the turn and Lemaire checked and Kaverman bet 230,000 and the young Frenchman handed him the pot.


Kaverman Doubles Up

Byron Kaverman raised to 80,000 on the button and Matthew Waxman three-bet to 210,000 from the small blind. Fred Magen folded in the big blind, Kaverman moved all-in and Waxman quickly called.

Waxman: [ax][qx] Kaverman: [ax][kx]



Another Hand and Another Waxman Victory

Hugo Lemaire raised to 65,000 when first to act, Byron Kaverman folded on the button and Matthew Waxman, playing yet another hand, three-bet to 170,000. Fred Magen folded his big blind and the action was back on Lemaire. He called surprisingly quickly and it was heads up to the flop and both players checked. Turn: Waxman bet 155,000 and Lemaire super-snap-called. River: Waxman bet 280,000 this time and you could tell Lemaire was curious. He eventually made the bet but then mucked his hand when he saw Waxman had a made a straight holding [jx][jx].


Its a Big Stack Final Table

Hugo Lemaire raised to 65,000 on the button, Byron Kaverman dared to three-bet from the small blind when he made it 168,000 and Matthew Waxman put them both firmlyl in their places with a 355,000 four-bet.


Momentum With Waxman

Hugo Lemaire raised to 60,000 from the cut-off and Waxman asked for a count from the big blind before making a three-bet and Lemaire snap-folded. Waxman is three-betting this table with impunity and so far getting results.


It’s An All American Hand

Byron Kaverman made it 60,000 to play and Matthew Waxman decided to increase the stakes making it 140,000 from position. Kaverman decided to make the call and we saw a flop of . Kaverman checked and the chip leader continued his assault with a 140,000 bet and Kaverman called. The turn of was checked through and the final card was the . Kaverman checked again and Waxman bet 280,000 and Kaverman folded.


Another Pot For Waxman

Hugo Lemaire raised it to 65,000 from the cut-off and Matthew Waxman three-bet to 175,000 from the small-blind. The flop was and Waxman took the betting lead and made it 130,000. Lemaire reminded Waxman that he was the man in charge of the hand when he raised to 130,000 and Waxman called. The turn was the and a 275,000 Waxman won the hand.


Mikko Sundell is Eliminated in 5th Place (€133,330)

WPT Paris Final TableByron Kaverman made a standard raise and Mikko Sundell lobbed his last 28,000 into the middle like a dud grenade. Fred Magen was in the big blind and he also called in the vain hope that Kaverman would check it down.


Magen did check but Kaverman threw in a bet forcing Magen to fold and we had a heads-up showdown.




Sundell was eliminated in 5th place.


The Aftermath

The Tournament Director has told us that Mikko Sundell, the former chip leader, now has 32,000 chips left. Matthew Waxman is our new chip leader with 3,888,000 chips


Waxman Wins The Biggest Pot of the Tournament so Far

Mikko Sundell raised to 75,000 from the small blind and Matt Waxman called in the big blind.

The flop came down and Sundell bet 85,000 and Waxman raised to 210,000. Sundell asked Waxman how many chips he has and the American moved his hands and says “this is 1.7.”

After almost 90 seconds Sundell raised to 680,000 and Waxman sighed before moving all-in and Sundell called!



The turn was the and the river was the and Waxman wins the biggest hand of the tournament so far.


Queens for Lemaire

Mikko Sundell raised to 70,000 and Hugo Lemaire three-bet from the small blind to 205,000


Lemaire checked and Sundell checked. The turn was the and Lemaire bet 220,000 and Sundell called.

The river was the and Lemaire bet 350,000 and Sundell called.

“Queens” says Lemaire and he shows and Sundell mucked.


Chip Counts

  1. Mikko Sundell 2,403,000
  2. Hugo Lemaire 1,933,000
  3. Matthew Waxman 1,932,000
  4. Byron Kaverman 1,425,000
  5. Frederic Magen 1,339,000


Hugo Lemaire Three-Bet

Mikko Sundell raised to 50,000 and Hugo Lemaire three-bet from the big blind making it 134,000 to play. Sundell has the confidence and so he peeled one off in position. The flop was and a 110,000 Lemaire bet took the pot down.


The Mikko Sundell Show

Byron Kaverman opened the betting with a raise to 48,000 and his only customer was Mikko Sundell, fresh from busting out Martin Jacobson.

The flop came down . Kaverman bet 68,000 and Sundell made the call. The fell on the turn, Kaverman checked, Sundell bet 138,000 and Kaverman had some thinking to do and decided the best course of action was to fold.


Martin Jacobson Eliminated in 6th Position (€88,900)

WPT Paris Final TableMartin Jacobson moved all-in on the button and Mikko Sundell called in the small blind and Matthew Waxman folded the big to allow the two of them to share a showdown and it was not looking good for Jacobson.



Jacobson was eliminated in 6th place and is still searching for his first major title.


Sundell Gets Lucky On the River

Fred Magen raised to 60,000 and Mikko Sundell defended his blind. The dealer showed us and both players checked. The turn was the and Sundell bet 75,000 but Magen raised it to 200,000. Sundell thought about his decision before making the call. The dealer then handed us the last card and it was the and both players checked.

Sundell turned over for a straight which beat the two pair of Magen.


Come And Meet The Players


Snowmen For Sundell

Mikko Sundell raised to 50,000 from late position and Hugo Lemaire defended his big blind. The flop was and Lemaire check-called a 70,000 bet. The turn of and the river of were checked through and Sundell picked up the pot with [8x] [8x] and Lemaire mucked his hand.


Fred Magen Plays His First Pot

Byron Kaverman opened the betting with a raise to 48,000 and Fred Magen decided to play a hand and called from the big blind.

The dealer put out the flop and Magen greeted it with a check. Kaverman made a continuation bet of 61,000 and Magen called. The turn was the . Magen sat with his hand on his face, reached for some blue 25,000 chips and bet big – 105,000. Kaverman glances at his opponent, then at the flop, then picked up his cards and tossed them into the muck.


No More Shoving For Jacobson

Martin Jacobson seems to be comfortable enough with his stack size to vary his play. He has won a few blinds and antes with a standard raise and then got himself embroiled in the following hand with Mikko Sundell.

Jacobson made up the loose change in the small blind and Sundell checked.


Jacobson bet 24,000 and Sundell called.



River: Jacobson bet 57,000 but Sundell raised it up to 146,000 and Jacobson snap-mucked.


100% Waxman

They say that you cannot win every pot in poker but so far Matthew Waxman is having a good shot at it.

Mikko Sundell raised to 50,000 from the cut-off and Waxman three-bet to 118,000 on the button. The action fell back to Sundell and he made the call. As the flop was being dealt Waxman stared at Sundell and Sundell stared at the flop.


Sundell checked to Waxman and the American bet 120,000 and Sundell mucked his hand.


Blind Defender

Many poker purists would say it is a mistake to call with mediocre hands in the blinds but Mikko Sundell has made it his standard modus operandi during this tournament and it seems to be working for him.

Byron Kaverman raised to 48,000 on the button and Sundell called in the big blind.


Sundell checked to the raiser and Kaverman bet 52,000. The camera panned back to the Finn and he check-raised to 143,000 and Kaverman folded.


Jacobson All-In Again

Hugo Lemaire limped in late position, Byron Kaverman made up the loose change in the small blind and Martin Jacobson moved all-in from the big blind and both opponents folded.


Nut Flush For Waxman

Hugo Lemaire raised to 45,000 in late position and both blinds called (Sundell – SB and Waxman – BB).


Both players checked to the raiser and Lemaire bet 65,000, Sundell folded but Waxman came along for the ride.


Both players checked.


Once again Waxman checked to Lemaire and Lemaire checked back. When the cards were over turned it was clear that Waxman was relying on the aggression of Lemaire to extract one more bet but the Frenchman didn’t take the bait.

Lemaire: Mucked.


Waxman Wins His First Pot

Mikko Sundell raised to 48,000 on the button and Matthew Waxman called in the small blind. The flop was and Sundell bet 58,000. Waxman had a litrle think before raising the pot to 123,800 and Sundell folded.


Second Hand – Jacobson All-In

Martin Jacobson only has one strategy today and that is all-in. Byron Kaverman raised to 48,000 and Jacobson did ship his stack in the middle but nobody decided to take him on and he swept up the blinds and antes.


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The WPT Grand Prix de Paris Final Table

So after 306 people have fallen by the wayside we are left with the six players who get to form the WPT Grand Prix de Paris televised final table. But who exactly are they?

Martin Jacobson (Seat 1) – 482,000

WPT Paris Day 424-year old Martin Jacobson is one of the most popular and feared players on the European, and now World, circuit having qualified for the Epic Poker League. He first burst onto the scene in 2008 when he qualified online for EPT Budapest and finished in 3rd place for $247,668. Armed with a bankroll, Jacobson just went from strength to strength and now possesses a resume to match anyone in the business.

Jacobson’s accomplishments include finishing 2nd in 2009 at WPT Venice for $319,518, 2nd in EPT Vilamoura in 2010 for $378,706, 2nd in EPT Deauville in 2011 for $762,185 and 3rd in EPT Berlin in 2011 for $327,337. The only thing Jacobson is missing is a major title and in fact cheekily lists his greatest poker accomplishment as “coming second”. All in all Jacobson has amassed over $2,500,000 in live career earnings but starts the day as the short stack. He was extremely short towards the end of day four but managed to find pocket kings and double up against the pocket queens of Fred Magen.

Mikko Sundell (Seat 2) – 1,791,000

WPT Paris Day 4Mikko Sundell hails from Finland and is a student earning a bit of spare change playing poker. He was the chip leader all the way back on day 1a and hasn’t moved out of the top five spots all week.

Sundell has been playing poker for 4-5 years and this is his first ever-live WPT event, and whatever position he finishes in it will be his greatest payday as well. Sundell’s favourite game is not even No Limit Hold Em but instead Pot Limit Omaha and his biggest cash prize of $31,931 was actually earned playing in a six-max PLO tournament in Helsinki last year.

If Sundell finishes in the top three spots he will buy himself a house and one of his hobbies is skydiving.

Matthew Waxman (Seat 3) – 1,423,000

WPT Paris Day 4Professional Poker Player and Entrepreneur Matthew Waxman is 26-years of age and hails from Florida, USA. He is one of a deluge of American players to rain down on the WPT Grand Prix de Paris this year and one of two to make it to the final table.

Waxman is no stranger to the American live poker circuit where he has amassed a smidgen under $1 million. His only ever previous cash in Europe came in 2010 when he finished 33rd at the WSOPE Main Event in London for $32,560. His greatest achievement to date was winning a WSOP Circuit Event in Atlantic City for $117,797. Commenting on that victory Waxman said, “it was good to get the monkey off my back with that win.”

Waxman has cruised through to this final table and may well have been the chip leader but lost a big hand versus Fred Magen late on in day four when Waxman was all-in with pocket queens versus the ace-jack of Magen. Two jacks: one on the flop and a second on the river robbing Waxman of the opportunity of leading the final.

Fred Magen (Seat 4) – 1,554,000

WPT Paris Day 4Fred Magen is the oldest player at the final table aged 36-years old and the only player not to list “poker player” as their profession, Magen works in IT. We were informed by one of our French colleagues that for the first two days of play Magen actually went to work before coming to the Aviation Club de Paris to play in this, his first, World Poker Tour event.

A keen poker player with five year’s experience, Magen discovered the game of poker watching the WPT on television and his largest cash is €8,600, which he won in this club in 2009. Although he says he plays too much poker, when he is not at the tables he likes to read, play various sports and is proficient in the martial art Aikido.

Hugo Lemaire (Seat 5) – 1,962,000

WPT Paris Day 4Hugo Lemaire is a 24-year old professional poker player born in Chatenay-Malabry. He has played poker for a living for two years now, specialising in No Limit Texas Hold’em. Lemaire first caught the poker bug when he started watching televised WPT events and now he has reached his first WPT final table, something that has only taken him four attempts to do.

Lemaire has almost $700,000 in live tournament winnings, his largest cash topping the scales at $299,042 for winning the Euro Finals of Poker back in 2010 in this very club. Can he repeat that success here today?

He says that his opponents will probably view him as “crazy and aggressive” but he informs us they are wrong and that his playing style, although aggressive, alters depending on how the tournament is flowing. He lists his favourite player as Yevgeniy Timoshenko, himself a former WPT Main Event champion.

Byron Kaverman (Seat 6) – 2,079,000

WPT Paris Day 4Byron Kaverman is a 24-year old professional poker player hailing from Ohio in the USA. He has played poker for a living for six years and like many of his generation, specialises in No Limit Texas Hold’em. He studied psychology at Tiffin University and will use those skills today to get inside the minds of his opponents.

Kaverman has just short of $560,000 in live tournament winnings, the bulk of which coming from an outright victory in a $5,000 side event at the PCA, worth $320,840. When he’s not playing poker Kaverman loves to travel , hanging out with his friends and family and is a keen soccer player and skier.

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