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Day Four Comes to a Close

Six players have made it through to the televised final table here at the ACF. Leading the pack is Byron Kaverman with 2,079,000 chips. It has been an enthralling day and the recap can be read here.


WPT Grand Prix de Paris – €15,000 High Roller Chip Counts

We will be covering the final table of the High Roller on Sunday so in the meantime here are the up to date chip counts.

  1. Sorel Mizzi 251,800
  2. Talal Shakerchi 145,900
  3. Chris Lastiwka 140,800
  4. Shawn Cunix 136,800
  5. Nichlas Mattson 131,700
  6. Juha Helppi 130,700
  7. Ivan Kudriavtcev 126,700
  8. Ludovic Lacay 116,900
  9. Basil Yaiche 114,700
  10. Jerome Zerbib 114,600
  11. Freddy Deeb 102,300
  12. Roberto Romanello 94,700
  13. Paul-Andre Colombiani 75,900
  14. Mark Teltscher 61,200
  15. Alexander Roumeliotis 55,700


Dori Yacoub Eliminated in 7th Place (€77,770)

WPT Paris Day 4Dori Yacoub had not played a hand for an entire level when he open shoved from under the gun and everybody folded to hand him the blinds and the antes.

In the next orbit Hugo Lemaire raised to 45,000 on the button and Yacoub just called in the big blind. The flop had more clubs on it than the wallpaper in Jack Nicklaus grandchildrens bedroom when it came down . Yacoub moved all-in for 203,000.

“I have to double up buddy,” said Yacoub.

After about one minutes tank time Lemaire called and we had a showdown.

Lemaire: [5x]
Yacoub: [qx]

Yacoubd is eliminated and our final table of six players is set.


Quads Anyone?

WPT Paris Day 4On a board of Hugo Lemaire checked to Mikko Sundell and he fired off a bet of 103,000 and Lemaire called the bet. The river was a third ten and there were more full-houses than Wythenshawe flats. Lemaire checked to Sundell and this time he bet 158,000. Action back to the young Frenchman and he check-raised to 475,000.

Sigh! – Sundell

The Finn checked his cards a couple of times before making the call. Lemaire turned over for the stone cold nuts and Sundell mucked his hand.


Magen Saved by the River

WPT Paris Day 4Mikko Sundell raised to 44,000 on the button, Matthew Waxman flat called in the small blind and Fred Magen squeezed to 135,000 in the big blind. Sundell moved out of the way but Waxman looked as if he was serious about his hand.

“What did you start the hand with?” he asked.

The answer was around 600,000 and hearing that news Waxman moved all in. Magen snap-called and we had a showdown with Magen’s tournament life on the line.


The flop of didn’t change anything but gave Magen a few more outs. The turn of maintained Waxman’s lead and then BOOM on the river and Magen had doubled up to 1.4 million!

“Nice call,” said a sarcastic Waxman.


The Pace is Slowing Down

It is every poker players dream to star in a WPT televised final table and so it is only natural that things have tightened up during the TV table bubble. Mikko Sundell seems to be taking advantage of the lull and also seemingly finding himself on the right side of luck in the pots that meander their way to showdown. Here is one pot that was not won by Sundell and in fact he wasn’t even in the hand.

Hugo Lemaire raised to 45,000 from the small blind and his big blind compadre Byron Kaverman made the call. The two of the cuddled up tight and saw a flop of and Lemaire’s c-bet of 55,000 was called by Kaverman. The on the turn didn’t scare Kaverman either and he duly called the 100,000 Lemaire double barrel. By the time the river had come around Lemaire had given up and a 233,000 Kaverman bet on the river took down the pot.


Full Chip Count

  1. Mikko Sundell 4,000,000
  2. Matthew Waxman 3.354,000
  3. Byron Kaverman 1,850,000
  4. Hugo Lemaire 1,500,000
  5. Frederic Magen 610,000
  6. Martin Jacobson 560,000
  7. Dori Yacoub 359,000


Frederic Magen All-In

Fred Magen raised to 36,000 from early position and was called in two spots by Hugo Lemaire and Matthew Waxman. The flop was and Waxman checked to Magen who c-bet 50,000, Lemaire called and Waxman folded. On the turn the dealer gave us the and Magen simply moved all-in and Lemaire folded.


WPT Malta is a Re-Entry Event

The World Poker Tour juggernaut is rolling into Malta between the 20th and 24th September and we have a little surprise for you.

Day 1a of the main event is going to be a re-entry tournament. This means if you are eliminated because of bad luck or are just plain bad at the game you can re-enter for another €3,300 and have a second stab at WPT glory.

What do the pros think about the re-entry idea, come inside and find out.


Martin Jacobson Doubles Up

WPT Paris Day 4Fred Magen raised to 36,000 from middle position and Dori Yacoub called in the small blind. Martin Jacobson was seated in the big blind with 176,000 chips and it looked like the ideal opportunity to shove irrespective of his cards. Jacobson did shove and Magen re-shoved. Yacoub folded a pair of sevens and when the cards were turned over Jacobson actually had a monster and Magen was in terrible shape.



Jacobson doubled up to 460,000, Magen was knocked down to 427,000 and Yacoub was left with an interest “what might have been” story to tell the kids.


Dimitry Stelmak Eliminated in 8th Place (€66,665)

Dimitry Stelmak raised to 35,000 from the cut-off and when the action folded around to Dori Yacoub in the big blind he moved all-in and Stelmak made the verbal call.



Stelmak is eliminated two seats away from the televised final.

Flush v Flush

Matthew Waxman raised to 35,000 from under the gun and Dori Yacoub called on the button. Mikko Sundell was in the big blind and he rarely misses an opportunity to play and made the call.


Everyone checked.


Sundell reached for chips and bet 64,000 and both players called.


There was no slowing Sundell down, he grabbed 188,000 and moved them over the line. Waxman folded and the action folded to Yacoub.

“You were in the big blind right…Mikko…you don’t want to talk…well I think you have a six…if you beat me then good luck to you,” said Yacoub before making the call.

“You have the nut-flush?” Asked Sundell

Sundell peeled over and Yacoub had .

“Nice hand,” said Yacoub.

Yacoub ~ 677,000
Sundell ~ 2,950,000


Sundell is the Boss

Mikko Sundell raised to 38,000 and Dmitry Stelmak three-bet to 98,000 on the button and Sundell called.


Sundell handed Stelmak a little bit of rope when he checked and Stelmak grabbed it with both hands and bet 130,000. Sundell asked for a count before laying down the hammer with an all-in declaration and Stelmak meekly mucked his cards.


Dinner Break

We now have a 90-minute dinner break but before we do here is the current seating arrangements and chip counts.

  1. Martin Jacobson 236,00
  2. Mikko Sundell 2,038,000
  3. Matthew Waxman 1.993,000
  4. Dmitry Stelmak 650,000
  5. Frederic Magen 698,000
  6. Hugo Lemaire 780,000
  7. Byron Kaverman 1,952,000
  8. Dori Yacoub 990,000


Alain Goldberg Eliminated in 9th Place (€55,555)

WPT Paris Day 4Hugo Lemaire raised under the gun to 26,000 and Alain Goldberg moved all-in from middle position for 200,000 plus some spare change. The action folded around to Lemaire and he made the call and it was a flip.



Lemaire wins the hand with a bigger flush than his opponent and Goldberg is eliminated just a few places shy of the final table


Nesrine Kourdourli Eliminated in 10th Place (€44,445)

She has had a great tournament but will not realise her dream of a final table performance here at the ACF.

She moved her final 180,000 in the middle over the top of a Byron Kaverman raise while holding [jx][tx]and Kaverman called with [kx][8x] and although we didn’t see the board it must have favoured the American because she is no longer in the tournament.

Kaverman ~ 1,800,000


Fred Magen Doubles Up Through Sundell

In another blind on blind encounter Fred Magen just doubled up through our chip leader.

On a board of all of the money went into the mixer with Magen holding top two pair and Sundell holding bottom two pair. There was no five on either the turn or the river and Magen now has 825,000.


Alexandre Brivot Eliminated in 11th Place (€44,445)

WPT Paris Day 4Alexandre Brivot has been eliminated from WPT Grand Prix de Paris and he is fuming. Brivot raised under the gun to 24,000 and Byron Kaverman called one seat to his left. The rest of the table decided to take a break and the pair saw a flop that kicked off fireworks.


Brivot made a c-bet, Kaverman raised to 105,000, Brivot shoved for the remainder of his stack (started the hand with approx. 550,000) and Kaverman cnap-called.


Kaverman remained seated but Brivot rose to his feet. He was willing the board to remain clean for himself and his fists were clenched.



Brivot muttered something in French, Kaverman shook his hand and Brivot said, “how could you make that call,” before storming out of the room.

Kaverman ~ 1,600,000


Stelmak Gets His Transfusion

WPT Paris Day 4We reported earlier that Dmitry Stelmak needed a little bit of help and he just got it courtesy of Martin Jacobson.

In a blind on blind encounter both players decided to get it in and it was Jacobson who needed to hit a card to eliminate Stelmak.

Stelmak: [jx][jx] Jacobson: [ax][kx]– suited

The board stayed clean for Stelmak and he doubled up.

Stelmak ~ 590,000
Jacobson ~ 280,000


Chip Counts in Full

  1. Mikko Sundell 2,260,000
  2. Matthew Waxman 1.620,000
  3. Dori Yacoub 1,200,000
  4. Byron Kaverman 1,020,000
  5. Martin Jacobson 900,00
  6. Alexandre Brivot 600,000
  7. Hugo Lemaire 580,000
  8. Frederic Magen 420,000
  9. Alain Goldberg 340,000
  10. Dmitry Stemak 260,000
  11. Nesrine Kourdourli 120,000


Stelmak Needs a Tranfusion

Dmitry Stelmak was looking a decent bet for the title early this afternoon, but it has all gone sour as we approach the early evening.

Stelmak opened up to 24,000 from under the gun and Martin Jacobson three-bet one seat to his left when he made it 50,000 to play. The rest of the field folded around to Stelmak who decided to just call.


Both players checked.


The action card!

Stelmak bet a total of 65,000 from a stack of 200,000 and Jacobson moved all-in. As the camera crews swarmed around the table Stelmak went into deep thought, so deep in fact that Nesrine Kourdourli called for the clock. With only 135,000 behind and the clock ticking away Stelmak decided that Jacobson must be good and he folded his hand.

Photo: Stelmak pondering his options after Jacobson moves all-in on the turn


Jacobson and Kourdourli

Martin Jacobson raises to 23,000 from the cutoff and the action folded to Nesrine Kourdourli who called in the big blind. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was the and Kourdourli check-folded to a 28,000 bet from Jacobson.

The very next hand Jacobson opened to 23,000 from the hijack and when it was Kourdourli’s turn to act she moved all-in for an additional 67,000. Jacobson called and the cards were turned over.



The final board ran out and the last woman standing received a much needed double up.


Chip Counts in Full

  1. Matthew Waxman 1,820,000
  2. Mikko Sundell 1,580,000
  3. Byron Kaverman 1,020,000
  4. Martin Jacobson 960,00
  5. Dori Yacoub 870,000
  6. Alain Goldberg 670,000
  7. Frederic Magen 650,000
  8. Hugo Lemaire 600,000
  9. Alexandre Brivot 300,000
  10. Nesrine Kourdourli 210,000
  11. Dmitry Stemak 116,000


Nessa Loses Half of Her Stack

When Matthew Waxman opened under the gun and Mikko Sundell and Nesrine Kourdourli both called in the blinds nobody could have expected the drama that would unfold.


Both blinds checked and Waxman made a c-bet of 28,000 and Sundell was next to act. He was calmly spinning a 500 chip around the table when he raised it to 73,000. Next in line was Kourdourli and she took 210,000 chips from a stack of 480,000 and pushed them across the line. Waxman curled his eyebrows and made the fold and the camera crew thrust their lenses into the face of Sundell.

“I am all-in,” said Sundell.

Kourdourli went deep into the tank.

“Do you have ace-six?” She asked without reply.

In the end the tournament director pronounced time and she mucked her hand with one second remaining.

Photo: Nessa considering her options after Sundell moved all-in over her 210,000 raise.


Matthew Waxman Interview

The on/off chip leader of WPT Grand Prix de Paris talks about life in Paris and what it feels like to be a front-runner in such a big tournament.


Andras Kovacs Eliminated in 12th Place (€44,445)

Byron Kaverman opened up with a raise of 20,000 and Andras Kovacs moved his short stack of 120,000 in the middle and Kaverman called.

Kaverman: [kx][tx] Kovacs: [jx][jx]

Board: [3x] [9x] [ax][kx][2x]

Kovacs eliminated in 12th place.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Martin Jacobson Does!

WPT Paris Day 4Martin Jacobson raised to 21,000 under the gun and Nesrine Kourdourli and Dmitry Stelmak both called.


Stelmak checked to Jacobson and he made a c-bet of 38,000. Kourdourli folded but Stemlak decided he wanted to see a turn card and made the call.


Stelmak leads this time, making it 63,000 and Jacobson made the call.


Stelmak continued his pressure with a et of 63,000 and after a momentary pause Jacobson made it 155,000 and Stelmak called. As the last aggressor Jacobson revealed his flopped set [3x] [3x] and Stelmak mucked his hand.

Stelmak ~ 560,000
Jacobson ~ 1,100,000


Joe Cassidy Eliminated in 13th Place (€44,445)

Mikko Sundell raised from the button and Joe Cassidy moved all-in from the small blind and Sundell called.


Board: [tx][2x] [5x] [9x] [6x[

Cassidy eliminated in 13th place.


Full Chip Counts

  1. Mikko Sundell 1,250,000t
  2. Matthew Waxman 1,500,000
  3. Dori Yacoub 804,000
  4. Martin Jacobson 611,00
  5. Nesrine Kourdourli 851,000
  6. Byron Kaverman 867,000
  7. Andras Kovacs 361,000
  8. Hugo Lemaire 669,000
  9. Dmitry Stemak 840,000
  10. Frederic Magen 588,000
  11. Alexandre Brivot 403,000
  12. Alain Goldberg 450,000
  13. Joe Cassidy 176,000


Huge Hand Between Waxman and Stelmak

Joe Cassidy raised to 17,000 in early position and Matthew Waxman raised to 38,000 in the cut-off. Dmitry Stelmak was on the button and he asked Cassidy for a count before raising to 100,000. Cassidy folded the hand but Waxman decided to call creating a decent sized pot.


Waxman check called a 127,000 Stelmak bet.






Stelmak looked disgusted.

“I would have called,” said Waxman.

“What a shove?” Stelmak asked,

“Not a shove but 300,000. I would have called.”

Photo: Waxman faced with the Stelmak flop bet


Jean Noel Thorel Eliminated in 14th Place (€33,330)

WPT Paris Day 4On a board reading Jean Noel Thorel moved all in from the button putting maximum pressure on Dimitry Stelmak.

“Oh my God,” said Stelmak before going back to considering his options. He made the call and Thorel stood up before seeing his opponent’s cards.


Thorel says to Stelmak, “A bad bluff,” and who are we to argue. Thorel is our 14th place finisher and the surviving players are now guaranteed €44,445.


Tony Dunst Talks About the Final Table Live Streaming


Full Chip Counts

  1. Mikko Sundell 1,480,000t
  2. Matthew Waxman 1,170,000
  3. Dori Yacoub 840,000
  4. Martin Jacobson 770,00
  5. Nesrine Kourdourli 710,000
  6. Byron Kaverman 700,000
  7. Andras Kovacs 690,000
  8. Hugo Lemaire 610,000
  9. Dmitry Stemak 530,000
  10. Frederic Magen 500,000
  11. Alexandre Brivot 490,000
  12. Jean Noel Thorel 406,000
  13. Alain Goldberg 320,000
  14. Joe Cassidy 290,000


Stephane Benadiba Eliminated in 15th Place (€33,330)

Stephane Benadiba was the tournament short stack when the hand started and he raised to 23,000 from first position. The action folded around to Dori Yacoub who made the call in the big blind.


Yacoub checked to Benadiba who announced he was all-in and Yacoub snap-called.




“I folded a straight flush,” said Kaverman.

“Wow, you would have had all my money,” said Yacoub.

Instead Yacoub would have to settle for 170,000 worth of Benadiba’s money.


Franck Pepe Eliminated in 16th Place (€33,330)

Franck Pepe has had a bad day at the office and it seemed inevitable that he would falter at some point. When the end came it was a blind versus blind situation and his conqueror was Mikko Sundell.

Pepe raised from the small blind and Sundell called. Flop wise it looked like this: . Pepe took the betting lead, Sundell raised and Pepe called. The turn was the and once again Pepe bet, Sundell raised and Pepe called. The final card was the and Pepe checked. Sundell moved all-in and Pepe called.

Pepe: [kx][tx] Sundell:


Guillaume Darcourt Interview

Guillaume Darcourt talking to PartyPoker about Day Four of the WPT Grand Prix de Paris and talks about his unqiue style of play.


Waxman Exerts His Authority

Joe Cassidy opened to 18,000 in early position and Jean-Noel Thorel min-three-bet to 36,000 one seat to his left. Waxman woke up with a hand (or a situational play) and made it 86,000 in total. Cassidy, holding a stack of 290,000, considered his options before folding and after a quick glance of his cards so did Thorel.


Byron Kaverman v Dori Yacoub

Byron Kaverman and Dori Yacoub have just clashed in back-to-back hands and here is the action.

Hand 1

Kaverman made it 16,000 from first position and Yacoub min-raised one seat to his left. When the action folded around to the American he made the call. The flop was and Kaverman check-called a 50,000 Yacoub bet. On the turn, the dealer gave us the and Kaverman checked to Yacoub who continued his aggressive approach with a double barrel of 120,000 and Kaverman folded.

Hand 2

It was Yacoub’s turn to raise to 16,000 in early position and Kaverman popped it up to 45,000 from the big blind. Yacoub took a second before making the call and they shared their second successive flop. The dealer handed us and a strong 47,000 bet was enough for Kaverman to win the pot.

Jean-Noel Thorel Doesn’t Mess Around

Franck Pepe raised to 16,000 from under the gun, Jean-Noel Thorel clicked it back one seat to his left making it 38,000 to play and Dmitry Stelmak thought “what a good idea,” because he did exactly the same making it 76,000 with the button four-bet. Pepe, who has had a torrid morning, tank-folded before Thorel moved all-in. Stelmak took a very long time to make his decision which was to eventually fold.


Pepe Downward Spiral

Two tough hands for Franck Pepe.

Martin Jacobson raised to 12,000 on the button and Pepe three-bet to 26,000 from the big blind. Jacobson asked for a count before making the call.


Pepe bet 34,000 and Jacobson pumped it up to 78,000. Pepe, chewing on a tooth pick, took his time before making it 237,000.

“237?” Asked Jacobson.

Jacobson declared he was all-in and Pepe mucked instantly.

Then Matthew Waxman opened to 14,000 in early position and Franck Pepe cold called on the button.


Waxman check-called a 20,000 Pepe bet.


Waxman check-called a 29,000 Pepe bet.


Both players checked but you could tell Pepe knew the outcome before the cards were turned over.


Pepe ~ 110,000
Waxman ~ 1,200,000

Photo: Pepe & Jacobson moments before Pepe made his 237,000 bet


Guillaume Darcourt Eliminated in 17th Place (€33,330)

Guillaume Darcourt raised to 12,000 in early position and when it folded around to Andras Kovacs he three-bet from the button. When the action returned to Darcourt he four-bet to 100,000 and Kovacs moved in for 240,000 total and Darcourt made the call.


The board didn’t help Darcourt and his stack was cut in half.

Next Hugo Lemaire limped in from the small blind and Darcourt checked. The two of them shared a flop of and Lemaire bet 8,000, Darcourt pumped it up to 23,000, Lemaire moved all-in and Darcourt called. When the cards were turned over Darcourt was in serious trouble.




Darcourt was eliminated and Lemaire was left with 820,000


Interview With November Niner Phil Collins

November Niner Phil Collins talks about the wonders of Paris, wonders why no one told him the Louvre was closed on Tuesdays (after he walked down there) and lays out his plans for European domination.


Ahmed Debabeche Eliminated in 18th Place (€33,330)

Our first elimination of the 12 we will have today featured Ahmed Debabeche. Frederic Magen opened the action with a raise of 12,000 and the short stack Debabeche moved all-in for 51,000. Jean-Noel Thorel re-shipped the button and Magen was forced to fold his hand. Thorel was surprisingly holding [qx][tx]and he won the flip against Debabeche’s pocket eights.

Good afternoon and welcome to Day Four of the WPT Grand Prix de Paris at the Aviation Cub de France (ACF). 18 players resume battle and there is only one goal, and that is to make the televised final table. The chip leader hails all the way from America – Matthew Waxman starting the day with 1,120,000 chips.

Here is the seat draw for the final two tables of the WPT Grand Prix de Paris Main Event.

Table 1

Seat 1: Dori Yacoub: 664,000
Seat 2: Stephanie Benadiba: 235,000
Seat 3: Hugo Lemaire: 567,000
Seat 4: Guillaume Darcourt: 500,000
Seat 5: Nesrine Kourdourli: 839,000
Seat 6: Alain Goldberg: 116,000
Seat 7: Alexandre Brivot: 461,000
Seat 8: Byron Kaverman: 729,000
Seat 9: Andras Kovacs: 293,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Dimitry Stelmak: 916,000
Seat 2: Martin Jacobson: 536,000
Seat 3: Frederic Magen: 531,000
Seat 4: Franck Pepe: 479,000
Seat 5: Ahmed Debabeche: 50,000
Seat 6: Mikko Sundell: 1,019,000
Seat 7: Joe Cassidy: 180,000
Seat 8: Jean Noel Thorel: 173,000
Seat 9: Matt Waxman: 1,120,000

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