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Day 3 Ends

Day 3 has come to a close with 18 players left. Matthew Waxman has the chip lead and the full recap can be read here.

Here are the end of day chip counts:

  1. Matthew Waxman : 1,120,000
  2. Mikko Sundell : 1,019,000
  3. Dimitry Stelmak : 918,000
  4. Ness Kourdourli : 839,000
  5. Byron Kaverman : 729,000
  6. Dori Yacoub : 664,000
  7. Hugo Lemaire : 560,000
  8. Martin Jacobson : 536,000
  9. Fred Magem : 531,000
  10. Guillaume Darcourt : 500,000
  11. Franck Pepe : 479,000
  12. Alexandre Brivot : 461,000
  13. Andras Kovacs : 293,000
  14. Stéphane Benadiba : 234,000
  15. Joe Cassidy : 180,000
  16. Jean-Noel Thorel : 173,000
  17. Marc Goldberg : 116,000
  18. Ahmed Debabeche : 50,000


Christophe Lesage is Eliminated in 19th Place (€22,200)

There was a standard raise by Nesrine Kourdourli as she made it 13,000 to play and Christophe Lesage moved all-in for 180,000. Kourdourli made the call and the hands were on their backs.


The board ran out a rather uneventful and Lesange is out in 19th place.


Jacobson Growing in Confidence

On a flop of three players were in business: Martin Jacobson, Nesrine Kourourli and Stephane Benadiba. Benadiba checked to the Swede who bet 16,000, Kourourli called and Benadiba folded.


Both players checked.


Jacobson bet 33,000 and Kourourli went into the tank and Jacobson didn’t take his eyes off her.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” Asked Kourourli.

“Incase you raise,” said Jacobson.

“You want me to raise?” Asked Kourourli.

Jacobson kept quiet and Kourourli made the call.

Kourourli: Mucked


Franck Boyer is Eliminated in 20th Place (€22,200)

Franck Boyer moved his last 139,000 into the middle holding [ax][kx]and Guillaume Darcourt called for his last 145,000 with [kx][kx]. It was just pure bad luck for Boyer and the board offered no help and he was eliminated in 20th place.


Full Chip Counts

  1. Matthew Waxman – 1,100,000
  2. Dmitry Stelmak – 1,000,000
  3. Mikko Sundell – 9400,000
  4. Nesrine Kourourli – 850,000
  5. Fred Magen – 720,000
  6. Byron Kaverman – 660,000
  7. Dori Yacoub – 650,000
  8. Hugo Lemaire – 560,000
  9. Alexandre Brivot – 450,000
  10. Martin Jacobson – 420,000
  11. Franck Pepe – 340,000
  12. Joe Cassidy – 320,000
  13. Alain Goldberg – 270,000
  14. Stephane Benadiba – 220,000
  15. Christophe Lesage- 210,000
  16. Franck Boyer – 160,000
  17. Guillaume Darcourt – 150,000
  18. Andras Kovacs – 150,000
  19. Ahmed Debabeche – 110,000
  20. Jean-Noel Thorel – 130,000


Shawn Cunix Eliminated in 21st Place (€22,220)

WPT Paris Day 3Shawn Cunix may own 100 Verizon and Wireless stores back in the States but he does not own a WPT title. Considering he gives his employees a share of his winnings they will be as disappointed as him after his exit. But to be fair Cunix was in good spirits and is looking forward to the High Roller.

He moved his last 80,000 into the middle holding and Byron Kaverman made the easiest call of his life holding . The flop brought a piece for everyone but put Cunix into an unexpected lead.




The river meaning the King in the hand of Kaverman played and Cunix was out.


Eric Rabl Eliminated in 22nd Place (€22,220)

Eric Rabl has been playing the short stack all day long, but it now belongs to Martin Jacobson courtesy of an all-in flip. Rabl held [ax][kx]and Jacobson held [qx][qx]and Jacobson hit a set to eliminate Rabl.


Full Chip Counts

  1. Matthew Waxman – 1,100,000
  2. Dmitry Stelmak – 1,080,000
  3. Mikko Sundell – 860,000
  4. Nesrine Kourourli – 755,000
  5. Dori Yacoub – 740,000
  6. Franck Pepe – 670,000
  7. Hugo Lemaire – 640,000
  8. Joe Cassidy – 550,000
  9. Alexandre Brivot – 480,000
  10. Fred Magen – 380,000
  11. Guillaume Darcourt – 300,000
  12. Alain Goldberg – 295,000
  13. Stephane Benadiba – 220,000
  14. Byron Kaverman – 215,000
  15. Martin Jacobson – 210,000
  16. Franck Boyer – 160,000
  17. Andras Kovacs – 130,000
  18. Ahmed Debabeche – 180,000
  19. Shawn Cunix- 81,000
  20. Eric Rable – 85,000


Evgeny Zaytsev Eliminated in 23rd Place (€22,220)

Evgeny Zaytsev lost a pre flop all-in against Dori Yacoub. Yacoub was holding [ax][ax]and Zaytsev was holding [ax][kx]. Then a few short hands later he imploded. Hugo Lemaire made an open to 11,000 and Zaytsev open-shoved for 153,000 and when it folded around to Lemaire he made the call. Lemaire held [jx][jx]and Zaytsev held [kx][jx]. The board remained clean for Lemaire and Zaytsev was eliminated.


Nessa and Jacobson Clash

It has all gone Pete Tong for the Swede Martin Jacobson in the past few hands. He just lost a bunch of chips in the Spindler exit and has just put himself right down towards the lower end of the chip counts after this encounter with the voluptuous Ms Kourdourli.

Evgeny Zaytsev opened the action with a 11,000 bet from the cur-off, Martin Jacobson cold-called on the button and Nesrine Kourdourli squeezed out a three-bet from the small blind making it 31,000 to play. Zaytsev folded instantly but Jacobson peeled one off from the button.


Kourdourli bet 38,000 and Jacobson called.


Kourdourli was in no mood to slow down and she bet 75,000 and Jacobson called.


Jacobson had not taken his eyes off Kourdourli throughout the entire hand but she remained unswayed. She placed 50,000 chips on top of her clean stack of 100,000 and slid them across the line. With only 210,000 behind it was for his tournament and Jacobson decided to fold.

Jacobson ~ 210,000
Kourdourli ~ 755,000

Photo: Jacobson calling Kourdourli’s turn bet.


Benny Spindler Eliminated in 24th Place (€16,665)

WPT Paris Day 3Benny Spindler has been eliminated from WPT Grand Prix de Paris. We didn’t get to see the pre flop action but who cares? It was the flop where it all kicked off anyway.


There were three players in the hand: Matthew Waxman, Martin Jacobson and Benny Spindler. Waxman checked, Jacobson bet 18,000, Spindler called, Waxman check-raised to 58,000, Jacobson called, Spindler moved all-in for 182,000 more, Waxman moved all-in and had Jacobson well covered and Jacobson folded.


Spindler needed to hit and then the turn crushed his hopes and dreams in one fell swoop.


Quads for Waxman!


Waxman becomes our first player to surpass the million chip mark.


Cassidy Doubles Up Goldberg

Mikko Sundell raised to 12,500 in early position, Alain Goldberg called in the hijack and Joe Cassidy tossed in the extra change from the big blind. The flop of came and went without a passing thought and then the turn brought all of the action.


Cassidy lead out with a bet of 26,500 and Sundell flat called before Goldberg came in with a raise of 121,000 leaving 80,000 behind. Cassidy asked for a count before betting 150,000. Sundell realised that three was a crowd and folded then Goldberg moved all-in and Cassidy called. When the hands were overturned Cassidy was unlucky because he had the flush but Goldberg had turned the nuts.



After the dust had settled Goldberg had moved up to 330,000 and Cassidy had dropped down to 410,000


Yves Farges Eliminated in 24th Place (€16,665)

We have lost our last PartyPoker qualifer. It was the last hand before the break when everyone was heading to the great outdoors. We are told he lost a pre flop all-in holding [ax][qx]against the [ax][kx]of Mathew Waxman.


One Women Left Standing

There is only one woman left in the last 25 and she is the beautiful Nesrina Kourdourli. She is desperate to get to the final table and here she is talking to PartyPoker about it.


WPT Day Three in Film

You read the updates, but what does WPT Grand Prix de Paris Day Three actually look like?

Come and check it out.


Chips at Dinner

We will be back in 90-minutes.

  1. Dmitry Stelmak – 980,000
  2. Mikko Sundell – 950,000
  3. Matthew Waxman – 690,000
  4. Joe Cassidy – 640,000
  5. Hugo Lemaire – 560,000
  6. Evgeny Zaytsev – 550,000
  7. Franck Pepe – 550,000
  8. Alexandre Brivot – 530,000
  9. Nesrine Kourourli – 500,000
  10. Martin Jacobson – 460,000


Hugo Lemaire Interview

Hugo Lemaire talks about WPT Grand Prix de Paris and his infamous hand versus Jake Cody back in EPT Deauville. The event that propelled young Cody to superstar status.


Alexandre Viard Eliminated in 26th Place (€16,665)

Evgeny Zaytsev raised on the button and Alexandre Viard moved in from the small blind with his last 21,000 and Zaytsev called.



It was looking good for a double up and Zaytsev had even paid him off, and then the river fell like an axe on wood.



Three More Eliminations

Elmar Dimbercier (29th), Max Silver (28th) and Ami Alibay (27th) are no longer participating in WPT Grand de Paris.


Heinz Kamutzki Eliminated in 30th Place (€11,100)

More luck and more eliminations. This time it was Martin Jacobson who received a gift from the poker Gods and Heinz Kamutzki who did not.

Simple hand really. Kamutzki [ax][kx]ends up all-in versus Jacobson [ax][qx]and the little lady popped up on the board to catapult Jacobson to 540,000 chips and Kamutzki out of the tournament.


Elio Fox Eliminated in 31st Place (€11,100)

You need a lot of luck in order to win a WPT event and Elio Fox just found that out the HARD way.

Fox made a raise from early position holding [jx][jx]and Mikko Sundell flat called on the button with [kx][qx]. Fox must have thought it was his birthday when the flop was delivered because it was [kx][jx][5x]. He made a flop bet and Sundell made the call.

The turn was the [kx]making Fox a full house and he bet big (42,000) and Sundell, who had made trips, raised to 122,000 and Fox tank-called.

When the dealer placed the river card down on the deck Sundell MUST have had butterflies. It was the beautiful [qx]making Sundell an even bigger full-house. Fox checked, Sundell moved all-in and Fox made the call and was eliminated from the tournament. The hand moved Sundell into the chip lead with 880,000 chips.


Chips Anyone?

  1. Matthew Waxman – 750,000
  2. Franck Pepe – 690,000
  3. Dmitry Stelmak – 560,000
  4. Joe Cassidy – 500,000
  5. Mikko Sundell – 490,000
  6. Alexandre Brivot – 485,000
  7. Elio Fox- 450,000
  8. Fred Magen – 376,000
  9. Christophe Lesage – 348,000
  10. Evgeny Zaytsev – 320,000
  11. Hugo Lemaire – 300,000
  12. Stephane Benadiba – 290,000
  13. Ahmed Debabeche – 290,000
  14. Benny Spindler – 280,000
  15. Heinz Kamutzki – 280,000
  16. Jean-Noel Thorel – 280,000
  17. Dori Yacoub – 270,000
  18. Max Silver – 260,000
  19. Martin Jacobson – 240,000
  20. Guillaume Darcourt – 240,000
  21. Byron Kaverman – 240,000


Bjorn Artursson Eliminated in 32nd Place (€11,100)

Next out of the door was the red bobble hat wearing Swede. Dmitry Stelmak raised to 9,000 and two players called (including Artursson in the big blind). The flop flew out of the dealers hand and landed on the deck: . Artusson checked and Stelmak bet 17,500; the cold-caller folded and Artusson check raised to 45,000, Stelmak shoved and Artusson called.





No spade for Artusson and he had a consolation prize of €11,100 to cue up for.


Mario Puccini Eliminated in 33rd Place (€11,100)

Mario Puccini open shoved for peanuts and Benny Spindler called.




Spindler moves up to 280,000 after the elimination of Puccini.


Double Up For Goldberg

Heinz Kamutzki raised under the gun to the tune of 8,500, and when it folded around to Alain Goldberg on the button, he felt his hand was good enough for the shove and Kamutzki called.




Goldberg now has 175,000 chips and Kamutzki around the same mark.


Three Eliminations

Tyler Bonkowski (36th), Daniel Kloc (35th) and Christophe Benzrima (34th) have each earned €11,110 for their troubles.


No Bubble Boy in Paris!

The bubble has burst in Paris but we do not have a bubble boy! Confused? Well there were two delectable ladies left in the competition and now we have one! Instead of a Bubble Boy we have a Bubble Girl! Her name was Rebecca Guerin and this is how it went down.

In a standard raised pot there was a flop of and three players in the hand. The person seated in the big blind was Evgeny Zaytsev and he bet 24,600. Christophe Lesage raised to 51,600 and Guerin moved all-in from the button. Zaytsev called and Lesage folded. When the cards were turned over Guerin was smashed and was left hoping for a runner-runner straight flush.


Zaytsev: – straight flush!

The runner-runner straight flush didn’t materialise and Guerin was left with two pink chips worth 500 each! They went into the pot a hand later and were never seen again and she was crowned the WPT Grand Prix de Paris Bubble Girl.


Spindler Doubles Up Silver

We didn’t see the action but we did see the cards and the chips being handed to Silver.




Silver ~ 360,000

Spindler ~ 120,000


McLean Karr’s Hot Streak Ends

McLean Karr has been on fire this month and it really seemed as though this was another title he had within his grasp. He started the day in the top echelons of the chip counts, but by his own admission, this has not been the greatest of days for him.

Elio Fox had made a standard raise and received four callers (including Karr). The flop rained down and Fox and Karr had a fight over it and it was Karr who ended up on the floor. Fox bet 22,000, Karr raised to 60,000, Fox moved all-in and Karr called.



The flop was huge for both players and it was Fox who kept just ahead of Karr when the river was finally dealt.



Karr eliminated just shy of the money.


All-in and All-In

Jimmy Ostensson, was eliminated after moving all-in from the small blind. Franck Boyer was seated in the big blind and he made the 70,000 call with . Ostensson had and the board contained two aces to send him spiralling out of the competition.

Boyer ~ 200,000

Nesrine Kourdourli raised in early position and Daniel Kloc moved all-in for 48,000 a few seats to her left. When the action folded around to Kourdourli she made the call.




A double up for Kloc!

Kourdourli ~ 250,000

Kloc ~ 110,000


Byron Kaverman Hits 250,000

There is yet another American pro playing in the field at WPT Grand Prix de Paris. So far he has managed to fly under the radar but with a stack now encroaching 250,000 he is starting to get himself noticed.

Jean-Noel Thorel limped under the gun, Christophe Lesage raised to 6,200 from middle position and American Pro Byron Kaverman three-bet to 18,300 in late position. Thorel mucked in a heart beat but Lesage decided to take a flop out of position.

Flop: & Turn

Both players checked.


Lesage checked and Kaverman bet 44,300 to take the pot down.

Kaverman ~ 250,000


Flush for Debabeche

Ahmed Debabeche made it 7,500 to play from early position and only Martin Jacobson was interested in joining him for a flop from the small blind.


Standard ace high flop and standard continuation bet from Debabeche when he made it 8,000 and Jacobson made the call.


Both players checked very quickly.


Jacobson wanted to get to showdown and checked, but Debabeche had other ideas and made a river bet of 20,000. Jacobson took his time before pulling four pink chips from his stack and making the call and those chips quickly joined the Debabeche stack after the cards were over-turned.


Jacobson: [9x] [9x]


Wobbly Towers

  1. Franck Pepe – 660,000
  2. Hugo Lemaire – 540,000
  3. Mikko Sundell – 520,000
  4. Alexandre Brivot – 500,000
  5. Dmitry Stelmak – 400,000
  6. Christophe Lesage – 380,000
  7. Joe Cassidy – 370,000
  8. Matthew Waxman – 345,000
  9. Martin Jacobson – 320,000
  10. Farzad Bonyadi – 310,000
  11. McLean Karr – 280,000
  12. Ahmed Debabeche – 280,000
  13. Heinz Kamutzki – 280,000
  14. Dori Yacoub – 270,000


Lesage Under Attack

Poor young Christophe Lesage seems to be getting three and four bet all over the place. To his credit he is keeping his nerve for the time being and remains very much in this competition.

Lesage raised to 4,200 from first position and there were two callers including Max Silver in the big blind. The flop had more spades on it that a DIY shop when it came down and Lesage took the betting lead for 8,300 but Silver check-raised to 26,000 from a stack of 70,000 and Lesage let the hand go.


Karr Has Some Work To Do

McLean Karr has just been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar by fellow countryman Joe Cassidy.

We were watching a different hand when our attention was diverted to table six. On a board of and in a huge pot, Cassidy had checked to Karr and the former WPT Champion had bet 47,000 on the river. After a momentary pause Cassidy made the call and it was good.

Karr: [kx][jx]

Cassidy: [ax][4x]

“I have some work to do,” said Karr.

Cassidy ~ 370,000

Karr ~ 280,000


Franck Pepe in Cruise Control

Hugo Lemaire may have put his head above the parapet and declared himself as a front runner in this tournament, but Franck Pepe is still in charge and seemingly playing in second gear.

On a flop of Pepe and fellow countryman Guillaume Darcourt were embroiled in a standard raise and call pot, with Darcourt having position throughout the hand. Pepe check-called a 11,500 flop bet and then when the turn hit the deck he again check-called; this time 11,000. The river was the and both players checked and Pepe picked up the pot with a flush.



Darcourt is now down to 95,000 and Pepe has 650,000


Big Stacks

  1. Franck Pepe – 650,000
  2. Mikko Sundell – 600,000
  3. Hugo Lemaire – 510,000
  4. Christophe Lesage – 410,000
  5. Dmitry Stelmak – 375,000
  6. McLean Karr – 372,000
  7. Martin Jacobson – 340,000
  8. Matthew Waxman – 340,000
  9. Alexandre Brivot – 339,400
  10. Ahmed Debabeche – 320,000
  11. Dori Yacoub – 280,000
  12. Ali Daher – 269,400


Sointula Eliminated in Blind Battle

Top Finnish Pro Jani “Hellraiser” Sointula has just been eliminated in your run of the mill blind battle. The action folded around the Sointula in the small blind and he raised to 4,000 from a stack with around 80,000. Alexandre Brivot was seated in the big blind and put enough pink chips across the line to put Sointula all-in and he called.




Brivot ~ 280,000


WPT Malta: Starring Phil Hellmuth

OK so we haven’t got the WPT Grand Prix de Paris out of the way yet, but who cares, this is Phil Hellmuth we are talking about! The rumour around the circuit is the man with the biggest ego in poker is going to be making a special guest star appearance at WPT Malta at the end of the month.

What do his fellow pros think about this news? Come inside and have a look.


Hugo Lemaire Cleaning House

Just as we reached the break Hugo Lemaire was cleaning house over at table five and announcing himself as the new chip leader.

First to go was Ali Daher. Daher had hit the flop of [jx][6x] [4x] (two clubs) while holding but Lemaire was holding [6x] [4x]. Then he eliminated Marc-David Delimal and he now has over 500,000 chips.


Jacobson over 250,000

In his own words he is far happier with table seven than he was when he started on table five. Either way the award winning Swede now has over 250,000 chips and is in a great position to make a run at this title.

While he was over at table five he won a huge pot from Dori Yacoub after Yacoub check-called three streets from an under the gun open from Jacobson while holding king-jack suited (Jacobson making a flush on the river).

Over on table seven on a board of Jacobson (seated in the small blind) checked to Carl Fleming who bet 25,000 and Jacobson called. The river was the and once again Jacobson checked to Fleming who bet 20,000. Jacobson gave him that Jacobson stare before moving a pile of pink chips over the line (each worth 5k) and Fleming mucked his hand.


Thin Value Bet or Bluff?

Hugo Lemaire is keeping his pedal to the metal over at table five. Since doubling up through Daher he has been extremely active. He raised to 4,200 in early position and Benny Spindler decided to call from the cut-off. Moment later and the two of them were staring at a flop of and Lemaire bet 5,700 and Spindler called. The turn was another King of the diamond variety and both players checked. The river made it a trio of kings and after Lemaire checked to Spindler he bet 12,000.

Lemaire though for a little bit before deciding his hand was good and he made the call. Spindler turned over and Lemaire incredibly mucked his hand.


Benny Spindler Won’t Be Pushed Around

As is expected table five is like a playground with far too many bullies. Hugo Lemaire opened with a raise of 4,100 from middle position and Benny Spindler made it 12,000 on the button (off a stack of 100,000). Christophe Lesage was in the small blind and he thought it was a prime spot to make a move because he made a four-bet of 28,500. Lemaire snap-folded but Spindler removed his hood, had a drink, looked at Lesage and then moved all-in. Lesage folded and immediately left the table obviously angry with himself.

Spindler ~ 135,000

Lesage ~ 400,000

Photo: (L-R) Spindler staring at Lesage just before moving all-in.


Ivan Freitez Is Out

The word around the press room is that Ivan Freitez has been eliminated at the hands of Anders Kovacs. Freitez moving all-in with [qx][tx]on a board against Kovacs and his pocket aces.


Jack-Four Off-suit?

Gabriel Nassif raised to 4,000 in early position and he received two callers including Guillaume Darcourt in the big blind.


Darcourt checked to Nassif who bet 6,000 and after the original cold-caller folded Darcourt also called.


Darcourt turned into the aggressor at the sight of the Jack and he made it 9,000 to play and Nassif wasted little time in calling.


Both players checked and Darcourt turned over for the winning hand and you could see the look of bewilderment on the face of Nassif.


Table Five

The table draw has created an absolute poker-fest over at table five. The table is housing players of both quality and quantity with the likes of Martin Jacobson, Hugo Lemaire, Max Silver, Benny Spindler, Christophe Lesage, Dori Yacoub and Ali Daher sharing the same air-con space. It didn’t take long for it all to kick off either.

Daher raised to 4,000 from early position and Martin Jacobson three-bet to 6,000 in the next seat. Hugo Lemaire was seated in middle position and he four-bet to 18,000. It seemed things were getting interesting and the stakes were certainly increased when Daher made a five-bet of 36,000. Jacobson folded his hand and Lemaire moved all-in for 191,000 and Daher called.




Lemaire moved up to 380,000 chips and Daher was left with 70,000.


Freitez Gets a Warning

Ivan Freitez has just picked up a warning from the Tournament Director for flashing his cards.

It was a three-bet pot with Freitez under the gun and Mario Puccini in late position. The dealer gave the players a flop of . Freitez checked and Puccini moved all-in for 30,500. Action back to Freitez and he flashed the lone to the table before eventually making the call.





The club did not arrive and after the chips had been handed to Puccini and the warning handed to Freitez the situation looked like this.

Freitez ~ 230,000

Puccini ~ 80,000

Table Draw and Chips

Table 5

1. Jacobson, Martin – 138 700

2. Van Wieringen, Pim – 108 200

3. Lemaire, Hugo – 138 900

4. Delimal, Marc-David – 114 300

5. Silver, Max – 117 400

6. Spindler, Benjamin – 122 300

7. Lesage, Christophe – 401 100

8. Yacoub, Dori – 370 100

9. Daher, Ali – 269 400

Table 6

1. Ait-El-Djoudi, Hocine – 106 200

2. Shehu, Julian – 35 500

3. Brion, Jérôme – 80 100

4. McLean, Karr – 323 400

5. Fox, Elio – 148 700

6. Grzela Szymon – 38 300

7. Kamutzki, Heinz – 175 400

8. Cassidy , Joe – 178 900

9. Magen, Frédéric – 214 200

Table 7

1. Stelmak, Dimitry – 94 500

2. Cunix, Shawn – 93 800

3. Debabeche, Ahmed – 253 700

4. Freitez, Ivan – 282 100

5. Benadiba, Stéphane – 156 300

6. Fleming, Carl – 169 000

7. Bonrowski, Tyler – 192 200

8. Kovacs, Andreas – 200 000

9. Puccini, Mario – 51 300

Table 8

1. Kourdourli, Nesrine – 240 400

2. Thorel, Jean-Noël – 80 200

3. Viard, Alexandre – 55 400

4. Cardyn, Nicolas – 101 500

5. Partaud, Adrien – 43 300

6. Dirnbercier, Elmar – 75 200

7. Bonyadi , Farzad – 192 600

8. Boyer, Franck – 114 700

9. Artursson, Bjorn – 187 000

Table 9

1. Kloc, Daniel – 76 300

2. Guerin, Rebecca – 151 500

3. Cohen, Lucien – 94 300

4. Waxman, Matthew – 285 300

5. Ben Halima, Hichem – 139 000

6. Rabl, Eric – 206 800

7. Benzimra, Christophe – 115 500

8. Goldberg, Alain – 45 400

9. Tepper, Jean-Louis – 72 800

Table 11

1. Sointula, Jan – 152 600

2. Brivot, Alexandre – 339 400

3. Sundell Mikko – 334 500

4. Ostensson, Jimmy – 24 400

5. Pohmajevic, Marcelo – 53 300

6. Kaverman, Byron – 154 700

7. Govert, Metaal – 122 400

8. Mars, Jean-Jacques – 72 200

9. Darcourt, Guillaume – 207 000

Table 12

1. Farges, Yves – 81 600

2. Nassif, Gabriel – 145 900

3. Zaytsev, Evgeny – 110 500

4. Rohr, Jean-Philippe – 49 700

5. Alibay, Ami – 185 000

6. Linde Per – 78 800

7. Pepe, Franck – 432 000

Good afternoon and welcome to the home of French poker – the Aviation Cub de France. For six days this prestigious venue is home to the WPT Grand Prix de Paris. There is a prize of €500,000 up top (including entry to the €25k Bellagio Cup) and at 14.00 (CET) 61 players will take their seats for the start of day three.

Current chip leader is French Pro Franck Pepe. Pepe finished 2nd in WPT Amneville during Season Nine so he has the experience that matters in WPT events. Other notable names towards the top end of the chip counts include former WPT Champions McLean Karr, Guillaume Darcourt, EPT Grand Final champion Ivan Freitez and French Poker Open Champion Christophe Lesage.

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