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Final table of WPT Bratislava is played today starting 14.00 CET.

Roberto Romanello ended the day 3 as our new chip leader and despatched our old chip leader in the process. He has an astonishing 1.8 million chips going into the final. Have a read of the play down to the final table here.

PartyPoker team pro Bodo Sbrzesny is still in as are PartyPoker qualifiers Frank Dollinger and Alexander Jager.

Stay tuned to the PartyPoker Blog for all the latest updates, pictures, and videos from the The Golden Vegas Casino in Bratislava, Slovakia.

What an emotionally charged final table. Congratulations to Roberto Romanello who adds a WPT title to the EPT title he won just a few short months ago. Is there anyone in Europe as hot as this guy right now? I would like to see them! Check out the recap here and I will see you all next at WPT Barcelona. Thanks for reading.


Interview with Roberto after his big WPT win:


This is how the final hand went down.

Roca raised to 90,000 and Romanello three-bet to 255,000. Roca counted out a four-bet of 590,000 and before he moved it everyone ran to the rail in anticipation. He moved it forward and Romanello immediately declared he was all-in. Roca called and everyone invaded the table.

“Have you got a pair?” Asked Romanello

“No.” Said Roca.

“Its a race.” He shouted and clapped his hands.

James Akenhead and Andrew Feldman grabbed hold of Romanello and hugged him. They were willing the board to stay clear of any ace or king. Roca’s friends were surrounding the Colombian also and both players would have been deserved winners.




The place went wild and Romanello, who promised he wouldn’t cry, lost it. It was like he had just watched King Kong, Lassie, The Champ and Bambi all on the trot. How I didn’t cry I will never know.

So Roberto Romanello heads off to Vegas as a potential triple crown winner after winning EPT Prague only a few short months ago. Not bad for a lad from South Wales who used to run a chip shop.

Last but not least a very special well done to Mayu Roca who played fantastically throughout


Yes! Roberto Romanello is our champion! Mayu Roca got the second, here is what he had to say:


It looks like Roberto Romanello is our WPT Champion. We are just having a count but I will finalise it in a minute. His pocket fives have just won a flip against Roca’s ace-king and Romanello is in tears.


Romanello raised to 80,000 and Roca called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was the and Roca bet 85,000 and Romanello dumped some chips into the pot as soon as Roca’s hit the felt. The bet was 185,000 and Roca called the raise. The river was the and both players checked and Roca won the pot with . I believe Romanello had baby hearts.


Roca bet 95,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was and Romanello bet 55,000 and Roca called. The river was the and Romanello won with a 165,000 bet.


Romanello raised to 80,000 and Roca called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was the and Romanello won the pot with a 85,000 bet.


Romanello raised to 90,000 and Roca three-bet to 235,000 and Romanello folded.


Romanello raised and Roca called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was the and Roca check-called a 150,000 Romanello bet. The river was the and Roca checked. Romanello bet 160,000 very quickly and Roca folded.

Romanello counted his chips.

“We are exactly where we started.” He said.




Roca made it 70,000 and Romanello made it 75,000 more to play and Roca called. The flop was and Romanello made it 165,000 and Roca called. The turn was the and Romanello made it 315,000 to play and Roca called. The river was the and Romanello very quickly checked as did Roca. It was probably the worst card in the deck for the bluffer and the best for the person who had the hand. As it turned out it was Roca who had the hand as he turned over after Romanello had verbally declared that he had seven high.



Nobody Has a Heart

Roca bet to 90,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was the and Romanello check-called a 120,000 Roca bet. The river was the and both players checked.

“Do you have a heart?” Asked Roca.

Romanello shook his head. Roca turned over and it was enough to win the pot. The momentum seems to be with the Colombian all of a sudden.


Romanello raised to 65,000 and Roca made it 145,000 prompting the lad from Gorseinon to fold.



The Nuts

There was a raise by Roca and Romanello called. The flop was and Romanello check-called a 75,000 Roca bet. The turn was the and the river was the and both players checked.

Romanello turned over for the straight.

“I thought you would bet” Said Romanello



A Huge Pot For Romanello

Romanello bet 71,000 and Roca called. The flop was and Roca checked to Romanello who bet 84,000. Roca three-bet to 205,000 and we had our first four-bet of heads up action when Romanello made it another 307,000 on the Colombian. He took his time and everyone rose to their feet but the Colombian folded.



The Biggest Pot of HU So Far Goes to Romanello

Roca raised to 70,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and Romanello checked to Roca who bet 65,000 and Romanello made the call. The turn was the and Romanello once again checked and Roca bet 165,000 and Romanello called. The river was the very interesting and Romanello bet a whopping 425,000 and Roca folded.


We are going to be playing 30-minute levels here.

Romanello raised to 56,000 and Roca called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was and again both players checked. The river was the and both players checked. Romanello won the pot with [kx]


Roca raised to 55,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and Roca bet 56,000 and Romanello called. That was the end of the action. We saw the and checked through and Romanello won the pot.



Roca raised to 55,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and Roca bet 58,000 and Romanello called. The turn and river were both checked through and Romanello won with


Roca raised to 55,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was the and a 62,000 Roca bet won the pot.

Romanello raised to 56,000 and Roca called. The flop was roughly the same as last time – and a 57,000 Romanello bet won the pot.


Romanello raised to 55,000 and Roca called. The flop was qs]. Both players checked the flop and the turn of . The river was the and both players checked and Roca won the hand with a pocket pair of eights.



Roca Bites Back

Roca raised to 50,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and both players checked. The turn was and Romanello bet 21,000 and Roca called. The river was and Romanello check-called a 85,000 river bet and Roca won the hand with . Romanello mucked his cards.

Roca raised to 45,000 and Romanello called. The flop was and both players checked as they did when the turn turned up. On the river Roca bet 55,000 when he saw the and Romanello folded.

Romanello bet 45,000 and Roca folded.



Heads Up Starts Early

The players have decided to just get it on and first blood goes to Roberto Romanello. No more colour folks just details on as many hands as I can cram in.

Roca raised to 45,000 and Romanello three-bet to 80,000 and Roca called. The flop was and a Romanello 118,000 bet won the pot.

Romanello raised to 46,000 and Roca folded.

Roca raised to 45,000 and Romanello folded.

Romanello raised to 45,000 and Roca called. The flop was Rocu check-called a 29,000 Romanello bet. Both players checked the turn and a 75,000 Romanello bet on the river of won the pot.



Heads Up Chip Counts

Roberto Romanello 3,500,000
Mayu Roca 2,800,000


It’s dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner time! (sing it really quick to the sound of the Batman tune it is therapeutic).

Back in one hour while we eat some home cooked Slovakian food.



Alexander Jager Has Been Eliminated in 3rd Place (€42,000)

Alexander Jager and Frank Dollinger both qualified for this event together and incredibly they leave one after the other. Again it was blind on blind. Romanello raising with from the small and Jager raising with from the big. We all know that RR stands for two things – Roberto Romanello and Re-Raise! Romanello moved all-in and Jager called.

The clean board of prompted some celebratory high fives between Romanello, James Akenhead and Andrew Feldman and we now have our heads up – my predicted heads up Mayu Roca and Roberto Romanello.



Frank Dollinger Has Been Eliminated in 4th Place (€33,000)

Poor Frank Dollinger. He has looked like s sick little puppy all week and finally Alexander Jager puts him out of his misery and sends him straight to bed. The good thing for Dollinger is he now has €33,000 to cuddle up next to.

When the end came it was blind on blind. Dollinger moved all-in with and Jager called with and the board stayed clean for Jager.


PartyPoker qualifiers Frank Dollinger and Alexander Jager talk about their final table experience:



Jesper Hoog Has Been Eliminated in 5th Place (€26,000)

There is a very simple table dynamic out there at the moment. Jesper Hoog, Alexander Jager and Frank Dollinger are battling it out for third spot. Dollinger moved all-in and everyone folded, Hoog moved all-in and everyone folded, Hoog moved all-in again and everyone folded, Jager moved all-in and everyone folded and then finally Hoog moved all-in for a third time and Mayu Roca called.





Romanello Doubles Up His Biggest Fan

Roberto Romanello moved all-in from the small blind holding and Frank Dollinger called in the big blind holding . Dollinger had 185,000.


Dollinger ~ 400,000


Final Table Chip Counts at the Break

  1. Roberto Romanello 2,800,000
  2. Mayu Roca 2,035,000
  3. Jesper Hoog 637,000
  4. Alexander Jager 613,000
  5. Frank Dollinger 167,000



Chris Williamson Has Been Eliminated in 6th Place (€21,000)

Chris Williamson has just been eliminated as we approached the break in the best hand of the day so far. Williamson raised to 32,000 from the hi-jack and Roberto Romanello three-bet to 69,000 from the cut-off. The action folded around to Williamson. He studied Romanello hard before four-betting and it was 58,000 more on the Welshman. The joviality and trash talking had vanished, everyone covered the table and there was that incredible tension filled atmosphere that only poker can produce. Romanello stared back at Williamson and then five-bet making it a clean 100,000 more for Williamson. All the eyes in the room moved from Romanello onto Williamson like spectators watching Federer and Nadal batting a ball at Wimbledon. Williamson moved all-in and Romanello called.


With that hand Romanello retakes the chip lead from Roca.



Romanello Versus The World

With the exception of Frank Dollinger (who tells us Romanello is his favourite player) you do not need to be a psychologist to know that everyone else at the table wants the Welshman to fall flat on his face. He is trying to get some banter going and everyone is looking at him as if he is crazy. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Romanello has just clashed with Mayu Roca for the first time today and it is one-nil to the Colombian.

Roca raised to 35,000 from the cut-off and Romanello was in the small blind. He asked Roca how long he was planning to stay in Europe and then said he would play a hand with his Colombian friend and made the call.

“I check in the dark to my Colombian friend.” Said Romanello.


Roca checked.

“Did you just check? I will bet then.” Said Romanello.


Romanello spun one blue 25,000 chip into the middle and Roca called.

“I will bet in the dark. ” Said Romanello before betting 35,000.


“Woo-hoo!” Came a shout from the rail.

“My fans have arrived.” Said Roca.

Roca bet 120,000.

“You checked back your flush draw on the flop? I have to call. I call.” Said Romanello.


“Nice hand sir.” Said Romanello.

Roca continues to win pot after pot.



Bodo Sbrzesny Has Been Eliminated in 7th Place (€17,000)

Party Poker Team Pro Bodo Sbrzesny has just been eliminated in a very tough spot for him. He had just doubled up through Jesper Hoog when he found on the button. He raised to 40,000 and Mayu Roca three-bet to 114,000 from the small blind holding . Sbrzesny four-bet to 195,000 and that action rolled into an all-in and a call. The board of did not change things and Mayu Roca is probably our new chip leader. We will give you a count when he has finished stacking them.


So we have had one all-in and call, one all-in and fold and a big argument.

First the all-in and call. Frank Dollinger raised to 51,000, Mayu Roca three-bet to 300,000 and Dollinger raised all-in whilst Roca called. Both players had ace-queen and shared the blinds and antes.

Then Dollinger again moved all-in over a Roca raise but this time the man from Colombia folded.

Then Chris Williamson raised on the button to 32,000 and Romanello called in the blind.

“I check in the dark to the raiser.” Said Romanello

Flop: [ax][qx][tx]

“I have one pair and a straight draw.” Said Romanello.

Williamson bet 35,000.

“All-Out.” Said Romanello.

This upset some of the players and the Dealer gave Romanello a smack on the wrists.

“What would have happened had I insta-mucked?” Asked Williamson.

“I would have given you the pot. I am just being naughty. Just having some fun.” Said Romanello.

“Please don’t do it again.” Asked Sbrzesny.

“Ok I won’t. Now let’s play some cards.” Said Romanello



Winning With a Smile

Jesper Hoog opened on the button to 30,000 and Bodo Sbrzesny moved all-in from the small blind for 365,000 and Hoog called. It was a flip with Hoog holding and Sbrzesny holding and the Party Poker Team Pro won it.


Hoog ~ 500,000
Sbrzesny ~ 800,000



Losing With a Smile

Bodo Sbrzesny always plays with a smile on his face but what you see externally may not be how he is feeling internally especially right now.
Sbrzesny raised to 35,000 under the gun and Jesper Hoog defended his big blind.


Both players checked.


Hoog bets into Sbrzesny and it was for 42,000 and Sbrzesny called.


Hoog now bet 95,000 and the Sbrzesny smile broke out over his face. You could tell he was in a real quandary but in the end he called. Hoog turned over and surprisingly it was good enough to win the pot.



The Blinds Have Gone Up Roberto!

Frank Dollinger was telling me during the break that he has never been so happy to be so ill. He has been suffering from the flu all week but he says being ill has curbed his aggression.

“Even Romanello will believe I have a hand I have been playing that tight.” He said.

Dollinger makes a rare foray into the pot when he raised to 41,000 from under the gun. The action folded around to Romanello who raised to 51,000. The dealer corrected him and there was some confusion because Romanello had not remembered that the blinds had gone up. His raise was deemed a call and the two of them saw a flop.


Both players checked.


Romanello bet 12,000 and again had to be corrected. He then re-adjusted and made it 16,000 which was still tiny. Dollinger called.


Romanello again bet the minimum.

“I have to see your cards.” Said Dollinger.

He paid to see Romanello was holding a pair of queens and the Welshman scooped the pot.


Mayu Roca opened to 35,000 under the gun and Jesper Hoog defended the small blind. The flop was and Hoog checked to Roca who bet 48,000 and it was enough to win the pot. Roca continues to chase the heels of Romanello.



Blind Defender

Alexander Jager does not fold his big blind – period (as our friends over the pond say).

Romanello raised to 34,000 on the button and Jager called in the big blind.


There were spades everywhere when Jager checked to Romanello. Romanello bet 28,000 and Jager started to count out a three-bet.

“You wanna gamble?” Asked Romanello.

Jager pulled about 150,000 together.

“You had better be willing to put it all-in.” Said Romanello.

Jager put the three-bet across the line.

“Pass.” Said Romanello



Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Roberto Romanello 2,000,000
  2. Mayu Roca 1,420,000
  3. Jesper Hoog 775,000
  4. Alexander Jager 750,000
  5. Bodo Sbrzesny 598,000
  6. Chris Williamson 511,000
  7. Frank Dollinger 400,000



Marek Tatar Has Been Eliminated in 8th Place (€14,000)

So you play solid for two whole days, hardly play a hand, look down and see and move all-in? That is exactly what Marek Tatar has just done in reaction to a raise from the huge stack of Mayu Roca. Roca called with and incredibly Tatar nearly got it through until the river brought down a sense of normality to proceedings.


Incredibly, yesterday the only time we saw Tatar get his money in the middle and show his cards was when he was holding [4x] [2x]. Perhaps he thinks he is playing high-lo? Either way we have no more local boys left in the competition.



Lubomir Kudlicka Has Been Eliminated in 9th Place (€11,000)

Lubomir Kudlicka, fresh from the Romanello bluff hand, has just been eliminated a mere moments after.

Kudlicka raised on the button to 27,000 and Alexander Jager defended his big blind.

Flop: [c]

Jager check-raised Kudlicka and he moved all-in and Jager called.






Romanello Gets a Bluff Through

Roberto Romanello raised from the small blind and his big blind combatant Lubomir Kublicka made the call.


Romanello bet 22,000, Kublicka three-bet to 57,000 and Romanello four-bet to 133,000. Kublicka had a lot of thinking to do and he took his time.

“Call” Said Kublicka.

The call left Kublicka with 300,000 behind.


Again Romanello bet and it was 153,000 and Kublicka made the fold.

Romanello turned around and showed us (but not the players) a cheeky



A Strong Move By Kudlicka

Lubomir Kudlicka opened to 27,000 from early position and Alexander Jager three-bet to 65,000 two seats to his left. The action came back around to the Kudlicka who four-bet to 112,000 and Jager folded.



The First Hand – Three Barrel Bluff

This could be the sign of things to come and we sincerely hope so. Jesper Hoog has just fired three huge bullets into Mayu Roca and he has caught them all in the palm of his hand just like the man from Krypton.

Hoog raised to 26,000 and three people called so we had four seeing a flop of . Hoog bet 41,000 and only Roca called the bet. The turn was the and Hoog thought it would be a good card to continue bluffing and bet 95,000 and Roca called.

On the river we had the and Hoog bet 110,000. Roca thought long and hard before making the call – and it was a tough one.


Roca winning the hand but hats off to Hoog for trying the three barrel bluff.


Meet our finalists:



The Thoughts of The Chingster

I have watched these guys throw their cards and chips about all week. I have drank with them, ate with them and traveled with them – so what do I think of the players here today?

Roberto Romanello

“Do not bluff the Romanello!”

Poker players use every trick in the trade at their disposal to gain an edge. Romanello is one of the few players who actually winds his opponents up in order to lure them into making mistakes against him. His destruction of Marek Blasko yesterday was a fine example of that. This behavior can gain him a few enemies of the felt but luckily away from it he is the nicest guy around. But with all people with mercurial talent comes an edge and his decision to move all-in against Simon Charette whilst holding [jx][4x] proves he can still make mistakes that can be exploited. 1.8 million chips and the experience of capturing an EPT crown just might be enough for him today.

Marek Tatar

I have not seen the guy play many hands throughout the tournament. He is extremely solid and I was told this is his second consecutive WPT Bratislava final table. He is the short stack at the table and his only move is going to be all-in or fold.

Lubomir Kublicka

On Day 1b I saw this get all of his chips into the middle in a display of awful decision. After the hand he called himself a lucky fish and at the time I decided not to note his name because I thought that he would disappear into the ether. Since then he has not got out of line and has played some really solid stuff.

Frank Dollinger

Frank has had the flu all week. I have not seen anyone down so many peppermint teas with honey than him. He is a very confident player who took on Marek Blasko several times when Blasko was dominating things. He qualified in the same satellite as Alexander Jager playing on Party Poker and I expect him to do well today.

Alexander Jager

Alexander has been very active. He will open a wide range from all positions and defends his blinds very actively. He is a very deliberate player and takes a very long time when making a decision. He is not afraid to call of large amounts of his chips on marginal decisions as he showed in a hand with Romanello where he called a 132,000 river bet with second pair.

Jesper Hoog

Jesper has played really well this week but he has also run well. Generally his timing has been spot on and even when it hasn’t he has won his flips. A very talented player who could make it to the final three today.

Bodo Sbrzesny

Bodo had a difficult time yesterday. He had a short stack throughout with really tough aggressive players with big stacks to his left. He was extremely patient throughout but I feel it all depends how his stack fluctuates today.

Mayu Roca

This guy just seems to always make the right decision. He quietly grew his stack during the Blasko lead and eventually became the first person to take the chip lead from his yesterday. I believe this guy will be in the top two.

Chris Williamson

Has used the three-bet in position very effectively this week. He has always had a decent size stack and played very well but I have not covered too much of his play so he remains a mystery to me.

So in recap Romanello and Roca for me with the Romanello experience coming through in the end.


We have two PartyPoker qualifiers on the final table – Frank Dollinger and Alexander Jager. You could also achieve what they have – we are running WPT Barcelona qualifiers now and you can qualify for free and maybe reach the final table!


Final Table Chip Counts, Seat Draw and profiles:

  1. Roberto Romanello 1,803,000 Seat 2
  2. Jesper Hoog 1,042,000 Seat 6
  3. Mayu Roca 899,000 Seat 8
  4. Alexander Jager 594,000 Seat 5
  5. Bodo Sbrzesny 594,000 Seat 7
  6. Christopher Williamsson 564,000 Seat 9
  7. Frank Dollinger 549,000 Seat 4
  8. Lubomir Kudlicka 406,000 Seat 3
  9. Marek Tatar 105,000 Seat 1


When you think about a poker player, you sure do not think about fish and chips. But, next time you are in town and ordering mushy peas, look behind the counter – Roberto might be serving your dinner. This bubbly Brit has amazing results behind him – already cashed for over half a million, he started playing poker after a broken leg during his soccer career.

He has plenty of final table experience at the WSOPE, GUKPT – 5 times, EPT – 2. Every hand is his favorite if he is winning and his lucky numbers are 5 and 7. Sometimes he will wear a hat because he is superstitious and when he is not in Wales, where he resides, he will be hopping around Prague and looking for pasta.


This will be an interesting final table to watch – Frank will be clashing with his role model. When asked who is his favourite player, he answered it was Romanello so we cannot wait to see that action take place. Frank has been playing poker for 4 years and already entered WPT 3 times, So far he has not managed to cash big but that will change tonight – he is ready for all or nothing here at the WPT Bratislava and he even shipped some friends from Germany to rail him.


Still water runs deep and so does Jespers stack – he was rather under average during day 2 and most of day 3 but things have changed. Jesper, who loves to play PLO 8 and has been playing poker for 5 years, bought in himself for this event after joining us from Vienna where he was a part of the fun crew that will be supporting him on the rail today – Kevin Stani, Michael Tureniec, Jeff Sarwer…He will be hoping for some 9-10 suited hands and if he catches time, watch some Entourage on his iPad.


What is a final table without a local player? At the age of 37, Marek from Slovakia is in the perfect shape to take this title down. Playing poker for 5 years after being an ice hockey player, Trto, has already cashed for 20,000 euro. We can not wait to see what tricks he has up his sleeve when he sits down today.


Another local player who did not want to say much about himself but rather let his skills do the talking – Aged 45 and very focused, Kudlicka is married, has 2 children and his favourite game is NLH. When he is not at the table, you can catch him watching Gus Hansen playing and analysing his hands in order to improve his game. His favourite hand is J-9 and his lucky number is 9.


Party Poker Team Pro has been sweating during the end of day 3 – he was the shortest stack at one point but he managed to double up and survive. One of the biggest affiliates in Germany, Bodo has been traveling the world and playing poker for years. Born in the 1979 in Germany, he decided to devote himself to the thing he knows the best and he sure is doing great at it – it is a matter of time before he takes home a bracelet.


It is not very often we get players from the States but even less often we get them from Latin America. We think that is a shame as they are obviously good players – Roca is a pure example. Born in Bogota, Mayu has already cashed for almost 10,000 USD but this time he has bigger fish to fry.


Germans are taking over the poker world! Bodo, Dragan, Ingo…and now Alexander. Aged 39 with a wife and a kid, Jaeger has started playing poker almost 2 years ago and is a real master – he satellited into this event for only 4 USD on PartyPoker. His favourite game is MTT NLH and he loves to watch Gus Hansen play. Gus has been on a pretty good run recently, can Alex do the same?


And what kind of final table is it if there ares no Swedish players? That is why we have a pretty solid one – Chris has been playing poker for 5 years and his favourite game is PLO. He bought in himself and if he hits, it will be his biggest cash – so far he has managed to get to 25,000 EUR. He will be hoping to get pocket 8’s as that is his favourite hand but also his favourite number. His friends that are here will also come and rail him so don’t be surprised if you run into Samuel Chartier, Martin Jacobson or Pascal Lefrancois on the rail. Sam will be yelling: ‘Go, go, my boy!’

WPT Bratislava Images

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