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phil-laakWith the battle in Heat 1 proving to be a monumental tussle play in the second heat only got underway at 9:30 last night.  Meaning that the game would have to reconvene early (for poker players) this morning.

The few hours that we did see of Heat 2 last evening were dominated by American pro Phil Laak.  With his poker playing partner Jennifer Tilly keeping a close eye on his play Phil began to boss the table making agressive pre-flop raises and some superb calls.

One hand in particular epitomised why Phil is consider one of the best players in the world.

Up against English WSOP bracelet winner Praz Bansi, Phil made a superb call to rake in a huge 150k pot – after hitting two pair on the flop with K3 a Ten and then an Ace turned up, no help to Phil but it made the community cards look very dangerous.  Bansi looked to capitalise by making a big bet after the river sending Laak into a headspin.

After working through the hand sequence and giving some chat to Bansi, The Unabomber made the call.  Bansi mucked his hand, he had been bluffing with Queen high, and Laak scooped up the 150k worth of chips.

At the end of the evening session the chips stacked looked like this;

Phil Laak 478,000

Andy Greekfish 389,000

Patrick Funke 311,000

Wayne O’ Brien 267,000

Remy Biechel 253,000

JP Kelly 247,000

Simon Zach 247,000

Praz Bansi 208,000

After taking such a big hit late last night Praz will be looking to make quick gains early in the piece.  You can keep informed with the action as it happens over at our twitter feed @partypokernews.


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