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Tatjana Pasalic Women's World Open pokerHello guys and girls,

for all the new ones, please do not ‘hendonmob’ me – I am still a rookie. Presenting and blogging is my major, but poker is my true love so with a little luck, I will be presenting myself to the final table tomorrow.

I know it will sound like an absolute cliche but Party Poker is completely treating me like a diva since I got to London. Receiving a call two weeks ago from them asking me to present Women’s World Open was like a dream come true – I became one of the big girls – presenting on real TV!

All the good things come in twins

As we say it in Croatia – all the good things come in twins, my luck did not stop there – I also got staked to play the same event.  3k buy in, get to hang out with some of the finest poker ladies, exchange experiences and tips and, my favorite, catching up with Kara Scott.

Haven’t seen her since Vegas last year when I railed her during the WSOP. Times change, now I might play her at the same table, which is a bit scary. She was teaching me how to play over the past few months when she had time, gave me tons of tips and I am so nervous thinking that all of this will be shown on TV and potentially the teacher could be playing the student.

It’s not easy, last tournament I played was the one in Prague – I cashed using my uberskills – smiles. Guys were folding blind to me and doing everything they could to keep me at the table. I seriously doubt that will happen tomorrow. Also, Annette Obrestad, who busted earlier, will be doing the commentary for my heat…Talk about pressure!

Party Poker also decided to change the structure this year – three heats with deeper stacks – 200k, blinds going up every 30 minutes and $72,000 to fight for – final table will be 6 handed (top two players from each heat make it further) and there is not much time for juggling, big decisions will be made under stress. I wonder how that will go.

Here are the ladies from the three heats – heat 1 sent Caroline Renaut and Helen Firth to the final table. Aisling Collins unfortunately did not get any connecting hands and didn’t manage to go for her back to back win.

See all the pictures from Women’s World Open Day 1 here.

Women’s World Open IV Heats

Heat 1 – Tue 23rd March AM

  • Pro Lynne Beaumont
  • Pro Laurence Grondin
  • Pro Helen Firth
  • Pro Annette Obrestad
  • Pro Claire Renaut
  • Pro Aisling Collins (Winner of Women’s World Open III)
  • Pro Karen Frank
  • Qualifier Hanh Nguyen

Heat 2 – Tue 23rd March PM

  • Pro Jackie Meecham
  • Pro Eliza Burnett
  • Pro Tina Abery
  • Pro Kelly Jackson
  • Pro Natasha Ellis
  • Pro Maria Demetriou
  • Pro Caroline Cove
  • Pro Kara Scott

Heat 3 – Wed 24th March AM

  • Pro Christiane Klecz
  • Pro Pippa Flanders
  • Pro Soraya Homam
  • Pro Michelle Bricknell
  • Pro Kim Wooka
  • Pro Cheryl Routledge
  • Pro Tatjana Pasalic
  • Pro Lise Vigezzi

Well, keep ur fingers crossed and don’t be too harsh!


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