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Starting today, June 20, and running through to August 14, 2016, is the awesome Summer of Grind promotion where you can win up to $2,500 cash for playing fastforward cash games and Sit & Go tournaments.

After starting the relevant mission, shown in the table below, head to the fastforward cash game tables, sit down at one where the blinds are $0.05/$0.10 or above, and begin your grind to win up to $1,500 in cash.

Play 30,000 fastforward hands and we’ll give you $150. Log a total of 60,000 fastforward hands during the promotional period for another $150 cash, for a total of $300.

Keep your foot firmly on the gas and play a total of 100,000 fastforward hands, and we’ll add $300 more in cash to your account, with anyone managing to hit 250,000 fastforward hands receiving an additional $900 in cash for a total of $1,500!

Please be aware that play on fastforward heads-up tables does not count for the Summer of Grind promotion.

Mission Total hands played Instant reward Cumulative reward
Fast Work 30,000 fastforward hands $150 cash $150 cash
Fast Cash 60,000 fastforward hands $150 cash $300 cash
Fast and Loose 100,000 fastforward hands $300 cash $600 cash
Fast and Furious 250,000 fastforward hands $900 cash $1,500 cash

Sit & Go players are also catered for, including the exciting Sit & Go Hero tournaments where you can win $170,000 in a matter of minutes.

Start the relevant mission then play 400 Sit & Go tournaments for a $100 cash reward. Up this to 750 Sit & Go tournaments for another $100, then keep grinding to 1,250 Sit & Go tournaments for $150 more.

If you manage to play 3,000 Sit & Go tournaments during the promotional period, we’ll give you an instant $650 cash reward for a total of $1,000!

Please be aware that only play on Sit & Go tournaments with a buy-in of at least $10 count towards the Summer of Grind promotion, and play on heads-up tables does not count.

Mission Total Tournaments played Instant reward Cumulative reward
Easy Money 400 Sit & Go tournaments $100 cash $100 cash
The Daily Grind 750 Sit & Go tournaments $100 cash $200 cash
Working 9 to 5 1,250 Sit & Go tournaments $150 cash $350 cash
Overtime 3,000 Sit & Go tournaments $650 cash $1,000 cash

Those of you who are really getting your grind on can try to earn $2,500 by completing both the fastforward and Sit & Go aspects of the Summer of Grind. As you can only have one mission running at once, you will need to pause one mission and start the next each time you swap disciplines.

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