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Tom Sigmond WPTIt is still not too late to win the Pick Your Own WPT package promotion. We are running the satellites every Sunday until May 30th.

One of the recent winners is TomSigmond and here is what he had to say about his $15,000 WPT package win.

What route did you take to the final WPT Satellite?

I bought three times into the subqualifier of $88, and the third time I won a ticket for the big satellite of $800. There I won the main package (one of three).

Tell me how the final WPT Satellite went. What were the key moments?

The most exiting part was when we were down to four players and there where three packages to win. There was a big stack who was a very good player and was bullying the other three.

One of the three had come up with the best strategy against him and that was going all-in preflop when he raised. By going all-in, it would cost the big stack too much of his stack if he called, about 30%.

He was almost certain of a package so it wouldn’t be smart to make a preflop call unless he had kings or aces (which come by very sparingly).

I adapted that strategy with cards as low as unsuited connectors like 87o. It was all preflop game. Of course there was risk to it if the big stack did wake up with kings or aces but I had to take that risk because there was no time to wait for the other two to go out the tournament. The blinds where too high and I needed to keep folding equity so I took this approach which worked.

The final hand was my hand 44 in the sb against JJ in the bb. I knew if I completed the sb or would raise it up, the bb would probably go all-in. A raise did cost too much of my stack so the best choice was to go all-in.

I didn’t expect the bb to wake up with the JJ’s! Fortunately for me I turned a 4 and the BB was eliminated and I (together with the other two) won the package. This last hand turned out to be lucky for me but sometimes you just need a little bit of luck. I did play the whole tournament very well and had my far share of bad beats so I guess when you get lucky sometimes, you deserve it.

Tell me about your PartyPoker story. How did you get started playing with us?

I started playing at Party almost three years ago. I had no online experience and wanted to try it. Actually, a girl who I was in love with was playing there and I tried to look her up, playing against her and try to get conversation and who knows something more.

I deposited $300 and started playing but I couldn’t find her. I didn’t know here nickname. As my bankroll slowly decreased a pop up for a satellite appeared in my screen. It would cost $23 to participate in a satellite to win a ticket for the 300 gtd.

I had only about $27 left so I took the change. I did win the ticket of $215 and that same day, I came in third in the big tournament taking down a price of $20.700. Now if I didn’t fall in love with that girl…

What do you think about WPT?

I think the WPT is, along the EPT, the most important tournament circuit of the world. Big names, big money, television and maybe big sponsors; it’s all there. I have never played a WPT event (I did play EPT) so I’m looking forward to it. I also like to watch the WPT on television if I get the chance.

Which WPT tournament will you choose to play and why?

I choose the WPT in Romania. The reason for that is because its relatively nearby (I live in The Netherlands) for me and I want to play as much WPT’s as possible this year so I start with this one and hope to win some more packages for future WPT’s this year.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against on at WPT? And why?

Not particularly. I’m not someone who is fan of somebody. I also don’t have the need to compete against other pros and see who is best.

You need a lot more than one tournament to be able to make a statement like that. For me the most important thing is to play the best I can against (well known) pros and amateurs.

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