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If you’re new to PartyPoker you might have not known this but we offer more tournaments and bigger prize pools than any other poker site out there.

Now if you’ve never played in a poker tournament before then trust us you’re in for a real treat! And here’s grounding in everything you need to know!

So what’s a tournament?

Well first up let’s get the lesson in slang out of the way shall we? You might have heard some people talking about ‘tourneys’ well that’s one and the same thing.

So what is one? Well it’s a game of poker where each player begins with the same amount of chips. The game continues until only one player is left with all of the chips and hence declared the winner. Simple huh?

Well now the numbers.

10+1, 20+2, 30+3 don’t worry that’s not a math quiz, there’s time for that later. You see there’s two parts to getting your action on. First up is the buy-in and then the fee which is kept by the organizers for their efforts. The buy-in gets put into the prize pool which is ultimately what you’re playing your best game of poker for.

So how big is the prize pool? Well that all depends on how many players enter of course, but the prize pool is always fully paid out to the winners.

So how’s it all start?

At the begging of each tournament a single card is dealt to all players. And the player with the highest card begins as the dealer.

What’s the point of the game?

To get your hands on all the chips of course, remember the one who has all the chips at the end is the winner. Lost all your chips? Then you’re out of the tournament, GG (Good Game) you’ll see as the tournament progresses more and more players are knocked out and those mandatory bad beat stories begin. Eventually only one player will remain and that person is crowned the tournament winner! [Insert mandatory applause here.]

Scheduled Tournaments

With a fixed starting time and pre-announced scheduled tournaments are good if you want to plan your poker life a bit. Remember though you need to register before the registration period closes and this will change from tournament to tournament, best bet is to keep one eye on the lobby and learn the rules.

Sit & Go Tournaments

Love poker? Can’t wait for the action to start? Then these should quench your thirst, they play around the clock, day in day out. Once a specific number of players are reached the action begins!

Need More?

There’s of course lot’s more to learn about tournaments, and you learn a lot more on our dedicated tournament page on PartyPoker. Did we mention that we’re official bigger and better? And offer more tournaments and bigger prize pools than any other poker site out there? Ohh we did, well just thought we’d remind you. Good Luck!


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