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Weichhart of Waldkraiburg, Germany has warmed up perfectly for the upcoming Pokerfest by taking down the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday tournament for a bankroll-boosting $28,362.45.

1,113 players exchanged $200 for the chance to become a Sunday Majors champion, creating a guarantee-busting $207,018 prize pool, of which $28,362.45 was kept to one side for the eventual champion. We already know weichhart was that champion so let’s discover how he turned his $200 investment into over $28,300.

Partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (February 16, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 Criiistiano.R7 1,543,607
2 stee1989 341,248
3 No1Juicyplayer 124,126
4 grigorq77 351,197
5 mubarakhalal 486,570
6 cocicoli 57,812
7 DR.WALTZ 795,163
8 Play2Party 389,586
9 weichhart 1,464,891

cocicoli went into the final table armed with less than four big blinds and looked odds on to be the first player to bust out. That was the case, despite him doubling on Hand #5 of the final table, when No1Juicyplayer min-raised to 30,000 from early position and then called when the short-stacked cocicoli three-bet all-in for 85,536 in total. No1Juicyplayer showed and had cocicoli’s crushed. The boad kept the pocket nines of No1Juicyplayer in front and the final table lost its first player.

A couple of orbits of the table later and Play2Party joined the list of bust outs when stee1989 opened the preflop betting with a raise to 30,000 from early position with and the action folded around to Play2Party in the big blind. He looked down at and his 232,174 stack and decided it was a good spot to three-bet jam all-in, which is what he did. Stee1989 didn’t believe Play2Party’s story and he looked him up. By the river the board read and stee1989’s ace-high was enough to win the pot and bust Play2Party.

While no eliminations happened during the next 30 hands, it was not for a lack of trying! There were all-ins everywhere but the somehow nobody lost their stacks and play remained seven handed. That was until grigorq77 raised twice the big blind to 40,000 from his seat in the cutoff. The button folded, but DR.WALTZ — the Netherlands’ Joris Ruys – moved all-in from the small blind for 497,832. Grigorq77 was covered by 25,000 chips and would be eliminated if he lost the hand. Usually this would be a difficult decision to make, but not when you have staring back at you. A quick click of the call button allowed grigorq77 to see he was facing and was an 80% favourite to double up to almost 1 million chips. The flop was harmless enough, although the turn was as deadly as a King Cobra, well to grigorq77 at least. The on the river was one pip away from saving grigorz77’s bacon and he busted in seventh place for $3,001.76. Hopefully grigorq77 will have better luck in the Pokerfest series that kicks off March 2.

Next to go was stee1989 who was in the big blind with and saw weichhart open to 40,000 from the button and Lukas “Criiistiano.R7” Berglund call from the small blind. Getting almost 6-to-1 on his money, stee1989 called. The trio watched on as the flop came into view. Criiistiano.R7 checked, stee1989 shoved all-in for 188,309 into the 132,000 pot and only weichhart called. Stee1989 had caught a small piece of the flop, but weichhart’s had caught an even larger piece. The turn and river were of no help to stee1989 and he became the sixth place finisher.

In bingo circles the caller often says: “unlucky for some, 13” and that was definitely the case for No1Juicyplayer who crashed out of the $200K guaranteed event 13 hands after stee1989 had lost his stack. Weichhart min-raised under-the-gun to 40,000 with and then called when No1Juicyplayer pushed his entire 196,438 chips across the virtual betting line. He had made this all-in bet with a dominated saw was in a lot worse shape than he would have hoped for. He did pick up a straight draw on the turn of the board, but as you can see the king-queen of weichhart remained the best hand and the tournament found itself down to for players. “Seat Open!”

Four became three with the exit of DR.WALTZ who had lost all but five big blinds when he six-bet shoved with and ran into the of mubarakhalal. DR.WALTZ caught two kings on the flop and looked set to bust mubarakhalal in the most unfortunate of circumstances. That was until the turn card came into view, the to leave Dr.WALTZ drawing to the case king! It failed to arrive and DR.WALTZ was left nursing a decimated stack.

The rest of DR.WALTZ’s stack went into the middle with and weichhart took a gamble with the . It was a gamble that paid off because he flopped two pair and improved to a full house on the river. DR.WALTZ danced out of the tournament area wondering what could have been.

Almost 100 hands were required to see the tournament progress to the heads-up stage, Criiistiano.R7 being thr man who finally busted in third place. His 14 big blind shove from the button with was called by mubarakhalal in the small blind who held the . The five community cards fell to improve mubarakhalal to a flush and leave Criiistiano.R7 with no chips in front of him. Good game, sir.

Mubarakhalal had an extra 1.1 million chips then weichhart in his stack going into the final stages of the tournament, yet weichhart kept his cool and over the next hour of intense one-on-one action, weichhart clawed himself back level and then the following hand occurred.

With the blinds at 40,000/80,000/8,000a, weichhart open-jammed with from the button. By this stage he held almost 4.3m chips to his opponent’s 1.272 million so the effective bet sizes was around 16 big blinds. Mubarakhalal opted to call with his and the community cards started to come into view, first the then the , which was followed onto the table by the . weichhart was only two cards away from victory. The left mubarakhalal needing one of the three remaining aces in the deck……. Boom! Weichhart’s victory was confirmed as the river completed the board, bringing the tournament to a thrilling end.

Partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (February 16, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 weichhart $28,362.45
2 mubarakhalal $17,078.98
3 Criiistiano.R7 $10,143.88
4 DR.WALTZ $7,659.66
5 No1Juicyplayer $5,485.97
6 stee1989 $4,036.85
7 grigorq77 $3,001.76
8 Play2Party $2,484.21
9 cocicoli $1,987.37

A superb victory for weichhart, one worth over $28,300 and one that gives him plenty of buy-ins for the latest installment of Pokerfest that guarantees over $1 million in prizes across 67 events.


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