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This weekend’s partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday ended in a three-way chop that saw PantyShart crowned champion with MehIFold and gortatleva finishing in second and third respectively. What makes this result remarkable is the fact both MehIFold and gortatleva reached last week’s final table, finishing in sixth ($3,900) and second place! ($16,500)

The $200 buy-in for this week’s flagship tournament was ponied up by 1,192 players, who in turn created a guarantee-busting prize pool of $221,712. Those 1,192 hopefuls took to the virtual felt of partypoker at 7:00pm UK time and were whittled down to the nine-handed final table over the course of the next 9.5 hours.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table (March 2, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 MehIFold 497,874
2 crom31 1,132,667
3 gortatleva 315,795
4 peter_jane 960,884
5 TurtleManeyeye 378,137
6 PantyShart 1,297,801
7 Andreich_SPB 471,52
8 gijaporo 554,624
9 k0elh 337,196

It took more than three full orbits of the table before a player lost their entire stack and busted from the tournament. Andreich_SPV got the ball rolling by min-raising to 40,000 from early position, a bet that gijaporo in the next seat along flat-called. To gijaporo’s immediate left was k0ehl and he squeezed all-in for 190,696 chips in total, prompting each of the active players to muck their hands in turn – including the original raiser. However, gijaporo snap-called because he had initially flat-called with the monster hand that is , so k0ehl’s were in big trouble. The board failed to come to k0ehl’s rescue and he crashed out in ninth place, good for just under $2,130.

Eleven more hands played out before peter_jane found himself in a world of pain against PantyShart. From the cutoff seat, peter_jane shipped in his 300,497 stack with in an attempt to pick up the blinds and antes (12,500/25,000/2,500a). Unfortunately for peter_jane, PantyShart opted to call from the small blind with the and had his all-in opponent dominated. The flop left peter_jane drawing to running queens, s when the turn brought the into view it was all over for him. The inconsequential completed the board and peter_jane’s demise.

Two hands later and the table officially became short-handed as Andreich_SPB lost a crucial coinflip, and his stack, to gortatleva. It was all “standard” as the cool kids say, gortatleva opened to 50,000 from early position and then called with when Andreich_SPB three-bet all-in with for 279,522 chips from the button. The flop gave gortatleva a whole host of outs, one of which – the – fell on the turn. Gortatleva improved to an unnecessary heart-flush when the completed the board and Andreich_SPB crashed out of the tournament.

Only six hands later and another finalist fell by the wayside when crom31 raised to twice the big blind (50,000 in total) from under-the-gun and the excellently named TurtleManeyeye opted to three-bet all-in to 504,950 from the cutoff. TurtleManeyeye made this move with so was in bad shape against crom31’s [Ad when crom31 tossed in the extra chips and made the call. Neither player improved their hand by the river of the board, crom31 winning the pot by virtue of his ace-queen kicker.

Five became four when a short-stacked gijaporo moved all-in for 241,166 (eight big blinds) from the cutoff with and gortatleva looked him up from the big blind with . The flop had something for both players with gijaporo pairing his ace and gortatleva flopping a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. The turn stretched gijaporo’s lead and he was a 75% favourite to double up. That was until the completed gortatleva’s flush to dash the hopes of his now busted opponent.

That turned out to be the final elimination for a staggering 99 hands, and indeed the final bust out of this week’s tournament. MehIFold clicked it open to 100,000 chips, crom31 three-bet all in for 654,632 with only to see gortatleva cold four-bet all-in over the top with . MehIfold folded – reports of him saying “Meh” beforehand were not confirmed – and when the five community cards fell the dream was over for crom71.

Only one hand of three-handed play took place before the last three players used the in-built deal making software to chop the remaining prize pool by chip counts. For a full breakdown of the final table results, check out the table below.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (March 2, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 PantyShart $21,444.00*
2 MehIFold $20,000.00*
3 gortatleva $18,086.58*
4 crom31 $8,203.34
5 gijapporo $5,875.36
6 TurtleManeyeye $4,323.38
7 Andreich_SPB $3,214.82
8 peter_jane $2,660.54
9 k0elh $2,128.43

*reflects a three-handed deal.

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