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”weakwire1” may have to change his name to “high-tensile steel cable” after showing no signs on weakness on his way to taking down this weekend’s partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday tournament.

This week’s final table started with only eight players instead of the usual nine after weakwire1 found pocket aces to eliminated both D.O.G.S and HUSitNGo in the same hand on the final table bubble. That hand not only set the final table, but left weakwire1 holding more than 1.6 million in chips and the title of chip leader.

April 6, 2014 partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 *empty*
2 anjali1986 297,075
3 Over-god 377,935
4 trucking_67 54,617
5 weakwire1 1,644,078
6 VytenisN 442,090
7 m0nkeyman77 812,815
8 midein87 1,157,548
9 ocnits 594,272

The final table had only been running for a couple of minutes when VytenisN crashed out in eighth place. The action folded to VytenisN in the cutoff and he min-raised to 30,000 with the . The button folded and midein87 three-bet to 72,500 from the small blind, prompting a fold from the big blind. With the action back on VytenisN, he moved all-in for 411,190 in total and midein87 called the bet with his .

Any hopes of a suckout for VytenisN were dashed as the flop came. The turn locked up the hand for midein87, with the inconsequential completing the board and confirming VytenisN’s exit.

Nine hands later and Iver-god was eliminated from the final table. Having had his kings cracked by the ace-trey of anjali1986, Iver-god was in desperate need of chips, so wen ocnits opened with a raise to 30,000 from the button, Iver-god re-raised al-in for 118,234 in total with his . ocnits called with the inferior holding of , but it only stayed inferior as far as the [9h flop. That flop was followed onto the virtual felt by the and to send Iver-god to the sidelines.

You may have noticed that trucking_67 started the final table as a tiny stack and was probably the favourite to bust first. As it happens, he staged a superb comeback and found himself back in contention for the win. His stack was boosted almost 900,000 when anjali1986 min-raised to 30,000 when second to act and trucking_67 raised to 64,400 from the next seat along. The other active players got out of the way, anjali1986 four-bet all-in for 335,711 in total and trucking_67 called.


Trucking_67 was a 75% favourite to add anjali1986’s chips to his own stack, and that increased to 85% on the arrival of the flop. The turn gave trucking_67 a staggering 93% equity and the river saw the chips slide to trucking_67’s stack.

Five-handed play only last 15 hands and ended with the exit of trucking_67. It would have been a great story had trucking_67 come back from less than four big blinds to win, but when you four-bet your into it is hardly ever going to end well. The ace-jack belonged to weakwire1 and he saw his stack swell passed the 2.3 million mark when the five community fell .

Weakwire continued to chip-up when he sent midein87 to the rail in fourth place. By this stage the blinds were 12,500/25,000/5,000a and midein87 moved all-in for 369,804 from the button with what turned out to be . It was a move that would have most likely won the blinds and antes had weakwire1 not been sat in the big blind with . Call. . Game over for midein87.

Chip Counts Three-Handed

  • weakwire1 – 3,160,078
  • m0nkeyman77 – 1,160,186
  • ocnits – 1,062,266

The final three players upped the aggression factor and it made for compelling viewing for those on the rail watching from the outside in. Three-handed play spanned 55 hands and ended when ocnits opened to 60,000 from the button and weakwire1 raised to 141,111 from the small blind. Ocnits responded with an all-in bet of 611,660 and weakwire1 instantly called, as would you had you been dealt . Those “cowboys” where up against the meaning they had to dodge a bullet to prevent ocnits from doubling. They did exactly that as the board ran to bust ocnits and send the tie into the heads-up stage.

m0nkeyman77 was the chip leader going into the one-on-one battle with weakwire1, and by a substantial 700,000 to boot. The chip lead exchanged hands several times over the next 40 or so hands, with neither player being able to seal the deal. Eventually, with the time rapidly approaching 6:00am BST, the last standing pair decided to strike a deal that locked $21,000 up for m0nkeyman77 and $20,000 for weakwire1, with an additional $3,012.35 going to the winner.

That winner turned out to be weakwire1 who went on a mini-heater to first regain the lead, then pull in front and then when m0nkeyman77 four-bet all-in with pocket fives, weakwire1 was sat waiting with . A final board reading busted monkeyman77 from the tournament and left weakwire1 to revel in the glory of winning partypoker’ flagship weekly tournament.

April 6, 2014 partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 weakwire1 $23,012.35
2 m0nkeyman77 $21,000
3 ocnits $9,824.89
4 midein87 $7,418.79
5 trucking_67 $5,313.46
6 anjali1986 $3,909.90
7 Iver-god $2,907.36
8 VytenisN $2,406.09
9 HUSitNGo $1,924.87

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